Terrorthon 2013 Part Deux

Tomorrow's the big day, and while I might watch a couple more horror movies before the end of the season, I wanted to do a recap of the awesome ones I've been watching since the last time I posted.

THE CONJURING - I finally got around to seeing the most talked about horror film of the year (and one I'd been wanting to see from the moment I was haunted by its trailer..) And yeah, it was pretty terrifying. At first it kind of seems like your standard haunted house fare, but once the story gets rolling, the tension never lets up. The thing that makes it even more disturbing is that this is an allegedly true story, based on the files of the famous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. There's plenty of scares to be had here, and a few might be too much for some people. [SPOILER HIGHLIGHT TO READ] A possession takes place in this film, and it's pretty disturbing. [/SPOILER]

SINISTER - I've been wanting to watch this one all horror season as well, and time was running out. So instead of waiting until next Halloween and watching it with my friends, I opted to watch it in the middle of the night, alone. Not the smartest decision I've ever made...especially when my apartment is decorated with a vintage projector (the main character has a few run-ins with a similar projector is all I'll say...) This film was very effective, and pretty good considering the horror films in the last little while had been going through somewhat of a slump (maybe it's revived??) I really loved the music and the plot, though I will say it isn't perfect. I'm not completely sure how satisfied I am with the way things went in the second half, but that doesn't keep me from loving it as a whole.

BURNT OFFERINGS - This little-known gem was one of my favorite discoveries of the season. The film gives off a very Shining vibe which I love, even though it actually came out before! Karen Black is terrific as the enthusiastic matriarch, who along with her family, inherits the caretaking duties of a beautiful mansion. A mansion, that, of course, has a spooky secret: it rejuvenates itself based on the amount of deaths that occur on its premises...meaning the house is pretty much has got it out for anyone who lives there. Horror ensues!

THE OMEN (1976) - Each year I try and include a true horror classic (last year: Rosemary's Baby,) and this year was time for the original The Omen. Let this be a lesson to you not to take mysterious children into your care...even if you think it would be a good idea to trick your wife into thinking that the real baby she gave birth to didn't die and the replacement is just as good. You don't know where that thing came from! In this case...you just took in the Anti-Christ. Oops. However, he's not even the scariest person in the movie! His Satan-worshiping nanny is actually far creepier in my opinion, and I felt myself more unsettled when I didn't know HER whereabouts.

CARRIE (1976) - In honor of the remake, which I'll actually save for next year... I decided also to add the original Carrie to my viewing. This really is a very straightforward film. Not a lot of it (AKA no real jump scares here), but the classic prom scene is pretty fantastic. As is everything that follows. Plus it's definitely quotable. "They're all gonna laugh at you!!" Too bad it couldn't have ended halfway through and been a heartwarming teen romance about an ugly duckling finding herself. Instead, it just HAD to go and be a horror classic. Sheesh.

INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1978) - This film features perhaps my favorite ending to all of the horror films I watched all season. Seriously. It's fantastic and kind of haunted me. The plot is the one you've heard countless times before, (aliens come to earth, infect us and take over our bodies. repeat) but the way it is executed in this film is very well done. But I think we can all agree that it could have used more Jeff Goldblum.

FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) - Yama hama it's Fright Night! Last year I watched the remake, so this year I figured I'd give the original a shot. It was loads of fun to be sure, but I actually think I preferred the remake's take. Still, it wouldn't exist without the original...so credit where credit is due. I had fun with the original Fright Night though, and there's definitely something fun about movies that revel in their 80'sness.

THE MONSTER SQUAD - Speaking of which, so too does The Monster Squad own its era. This movie is basically the Halloween version of The Goonies...(only with saltier language) so really how can you go wrong with that?? The Halloween part that is, not NECESSARILY the language part...though I must admit I was dying at some of the lines in this film. It's just a fun little film with all the famous film monsters in one package. Plus they're facing off against silly 12-year-olds! You can't get much better than that.

VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED (1960) - Creepy kids are a classic horror movie staple...as I wrote about last year HERE. But if somehow ONE kid per movie isn't enough for you, check out the 1960 creeper Village of the Damned. Here the kids have glowing eyes, speak in British accents and can read your thoughts. There is no escape. Ha! This one was a little slow moving for me, but pretty chilling once it got going.

SALEM'S LOT (1979) - This made for TV movie has been on must see Halloween lists everywhere I've looked. So I made it a higher priority and rented it from the library to give it a view. I read that there were a few different cuts of the film, and I really wish I'd watched a different one than the one I had. What's the difference you ask? AN HOUR give or take (meaning the film goes on for over 3 hours...when 90 minutes would have been MORE than sufficient.) As an editor who likes thing as nice and concise as they can be, this uncut edit has a lot of unneeded content (trust me I didn't even know which cut I was putting on when I started it...) Shame, because the scary moments are fantastic...and the makeup is a lot of fun. These aren't your Twilight vampires! Well...maybe they are. I guess I've never seen it to truly make the comparison haha.

Well that's all for the recaps, but come back tomorrow and I'll have one more Halloween post!


Sarah said...

I haven't even heard of some of these. Way to hunt down some spooky movies to celebrate Halloween!

Emily said...

Ha I was waiting for a comment about Monster Squad!