Greater Than Gravity

A few weeks ago, I got to attend a 3D screening of the Alfonso Cuaron film Gravity. First and foremost I gotta say, no matter what your stance is on 3D...SEE THIS FILM IN 3D!! The 3D was spectacular and made the film a total experience! Gravity is an amazing film; both beautiful and intense. Truly this is a visually stunning film, and as a person that loves visual films, I definitely ate it up!

But I have to be honest...there is something that kept me from LOVING this film...and that would be that I don't quite think Sandra Bullock is a capable enough actress to truly make this part memorable. Don't get me wrong...she carries the film well enough, but she doesn't CARRY the film. The problem is, she doesn't make you feel for her.

The best example I can give is of Castaway Yes I think Gravity is the superior film, but it does not contain the superior performance. Bullock maybe had one or two scenes that made us see what makes her character tick...and to be honest... it's not all that interesting and has been done before. Tom Hanks? He made viewers care about a volleyball! When he screams WILSON, you scream Wilson!! Many critics are throwing around the word "masterpiece"... but few mention Bullock in their immediate words of praise, and there's a reason for that: it's forgettable. The movie and its imagery certainly aren't though! The film is absolutely mind blowing...but Sandra is just no powerhouse.

To be honest, I wish the film had included a lot more of George Clooney's terrific performance. Yes, I know Sandra is supposed to be more relatable to the audience since she's not an expert and is supposed to be the "everywoman... But Clooney was far warmer, more likable and interesting in his short time on screen. Call me a Sandra hater if you like...but as much as I was wowed and impressed by this film, I think it would have been truly incredible had a more talented actress taken the helm (my picks? Amy Adams, Kate Winslet, or Cate Blanchett would have done just fine.) 

So yeah... My apologies for that rant, because I really did think the film was great. As a film and as a 3D experience, Gravity is absolutely worth your time. It is breathtaking and very solid as a whole, it just could have been better. That said, I'm sure the average movie goer won't notice and they'll be just fine. EMILY RATING: 8/10


Johanna said...

I really think I will see it even though it's outside of my usual radar. I've heard such good things about it. But I'm not a Sandra hater. :)

Sarah said...

The preview that I saw definitely looked visually stunning. So, disasters in space...does this film win or Apollo 13?

Johanna said...

Apollo 13 definitely. This felt like a ride, not a movie. There was no deep character development or plot. It was "Girl gets lost in space. Girl gets back."