An Ideal (Themed) World

Sometimes, objectively speaking, you know something isn't reallllly good, but you just like it anyway. You could see how someone else would tear it apart, but somehow though you see its flaws it just doesn't matter to you and you can't help but like (or even love it.) Such is the case with the film Austenland. I've been wanting to see this since Sundance and last night I finally got my chance. It took awhile to get its footing, but eventually the film was just a ball...a ball that would never be just anyone's cup of tea (Jane Austen world puns intended.) What do I mean? Well I would only ever recommend it to fluffy rom-com loving females (the rom-coms being fluffy, not the females.) My advice to men: it's best to stay far far away. [Example: Courtney told me her Dad's review was something akin to.. "Meh, I was kind of hoping that Austenland was more like Dollywood, where there would be rides like "Mr. Darcy's Wild Ride" or"Haunted Pemberly" but no."] That would definitely be an interesting twist!

What I loved about the film contains spoilers...but basically I really liked how I couldn't quite tell which way they were leaning the whole time and I legitimately felt that the movie could have ended in several ways; there wasn't just one destination they had to take. Be patient with the film. Once it stops relying on Jennifer Coolidge for all the entertainment (who I must admit did get quite a few laughs from me...though others fell flat,) it really picks up and becomes much more well rounded. To be honest, it's just nice to see a romantic comedy at all these days! They've almost become extinct in the last 2 years! 

EMILY RATING: As a critic I'd probably say 6/10...but as a Jane Austen loving girl with a silly sense of humor I'd bump it up to 7/10 and I can't admit I didn't love it...even if moments made me shudder.

But the film got me pondering...what WOULD be a movie or book experience that you'd pay to recreate? The fantasy films are the easiest to think of: Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are all pretty obvious contenders (and even have some real life counterparts.) So let's think a little outside the box. What about Lost? Dump you and a bunch of people on an island and let's all pretend we're survivors of a plane crash and learn survival tactics! What about a Hitchcock world that wherever you turned something sinister was about? Or a Twilight Zone land where you woke up and you were the same but everyone else was different (they were all like that right Jerry?) What about a Mamma Mia? Set in Greece you enter a contest to try and figure out which one of 3 strangers is your Dad? Or John Hughes' land. Travel back to the 80's and come of age...complete with teenage romance! Or just get left Home Alone with a house full of burglars if you're not looking for love and want to get some aggression out. Maybe a weekend stay on Shutter Island would be mind-numbingly (pun intended) relaxing?? And finally, become head of the mafia if you play your cards right in Godfatherville. The possibilities are endless. A special thanks to Courtney for helping me come up with so many! Now give me some of yours!


courtney wightman said...

LET'S BUILD GODFATHERVILLE! cause i wanna go. baddabeep baddaboop.

Emily said...

I wonder how many people would wanna go...so many people would have hits ordered on them!!

Sarah said...

I think this movie looks really fun. I'm excited to see it. The last land I would ever want to visit would be Godfatherville!

Johanna said...

Well, back in the day I always thought that I would want to go to "Gone With the Wind." Love those hoop skirts, but political correctness and empathy would not allow me to be where there were slaves. So would I be safer with Little Women? But they were poor and their dresses weren't as cool as Scarlett's and Jo doesn't end up with Laurie and there is no Rhett Butler. So I guess it wouldn't scratch my itch.

What about Ben Hur or The 10 Commandments. Love some of those costumes in the former, but is Charlton Heston there or some dumb knock off guy? And it seems to be a lot of dirt if you're not in some marble palace...and marble's pretty cold and I'm always cold.

I'll have to think about that one. And ha ha! Loved Courtney's dad's take!

Amelia said...

Haha I would go to Godfatherville and John Hughes ville for sure. I can't help but think of what the worst immersive experiences would be like a horror movie or a gimmicky movie like Speed ( I spent my whole life savings to stay on a smelly bus and a Keanu Reeves impersonator, oops).