You're Killing Me Smalls!

Hello, readers! I'm dreadfully sorry about the lack of posts as of late, I'm afraid I've been very much swamped in my editing duties at work. It's not that I don't have reviews for you (I did see The Wolverine which was decently entertaining,) but if I'm going to take the time to write about anything, it would be about something that happened a little over a week ago. The time I got my friends and I into the biggest pickle ANY of us had ever been through. Of what do I speak? Well you see...last week I celebrated in a very incredibly cool way, the 20th Anniversary of a film that holds a special place in my heart (and undoubtedly a spot on my Top 100 favorites, coming soon to moviesnmayhem.) The movie? None other than the 1993 classic: The Sandlot.

How exactly did my home state, where the movie happened to be filmed, decide to celebrate the big anniversary? By flying out the cast and having a big celebration that culminated in a screening of the film on the actual lot where the movie was filmed. The celebration was open to all, but the screening was only available to a precious few....half of whom were waiting in an autograph line throughout the entire course of the film just to get their memorabilia signed. But this girl never for a minute stood in line, and yet her baseball was the second one of anything to be signed. What can I say? It pays to have friends of the Utah Film Commission (Thanks Tom!) Other highlights included a brief chat with the director (I got to touch his replica Marlins hat from the movie!) and Patrick Renna AKA Hamilton Porter giving me a friendly acknowledgement. Oh and the Q & A was quite fabulous too. I loved hearing all of the casts' favorite lines, especially that squints' was the underrated pinched shut line! And no, there weren't really any pickles I got my friends into at the event, other than them almost dying of allergy attacks caused by the Sandlot herself...but hey we all had fun regardless! And let me say thank you right now to Laura for letting me raid a few choice pics to be able to share with you!

Seeing the film like this was an absolute joy for me. The whole time I watched the film, I couldn't help but think I was sitting on the spot where twenty years ago magic was created... and I don't say that lightly. To me, The Sandlot has always been a classic from the first time I saw it to fiftieth. One of the biggest reasons for this is that the film is able to appeal to people of all ages no matter what stage they're in when they see it. This is because the film successfully portrays both the wonder you feel when you ARE a kid, and the nostalgia you feel as an adult looking back. Few films are able to do so with such precision, and as such are all the more special for it. At the event, it was quoted that in his initial review of The Sandlot, Roger Ebert likened the film to the Christmas Story of summer movies. What an incredible compliment! And yet a truer comparison I cannot think of. Both films have the truly impressive ability to take me back to how I felt as a child.

Now I'll admit, I certainly have a bias as this film is very much intertwined with my childhood...but even as an adult I know it's not just nostalgia that makes me love this movie. It's a magic that can never be bottled twice. It's the script, it's the cast and it's the union of the two under the influence of this director. It's what happened 20 years ago on a field I was very lucky to visit. Heaven knows that if 7-year-old Emily had known that the location of the Sandlot was so close to my house I would have been there every day of every summer of my childhood. What can I say? I loved it then, and I love it now. The Sandlot is always worth revisiting. 


Johanna said...

Well, I wouldn't have driven you there every day. :) Love the side by sides! And Squints does just look the same. I wonder if he wears those glasses all of the time or just for fan events.

Sarah said...

So cool. I'm glad you got to go. It really is such a great movie. One that thankfully wasn't forgotten and lost among the other movies of its generation.

Amelia said...

Soooo much fun (even if all that dust almost killed me, haha)! I think my favorite part was the Q&A. I loved hearing everyone's favorite lines too. I also thought it was funny that basically every other question was about Wendy Peffercorn!

josez davis said...
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