Relocation Relocation Relocation

And now the story of a (somewhat) wealthy Emily, whose living situation abruptly changed when her apartment flooded, and now had no choice but to keep herself together. Yep. On the night of the 4th of July, a whole bunch of water made its way through my window and made my room unrecognizable. Luckily there was minimal damage to my personal belongings... but I was rendered "homeless." Yes, I was planning on moving out in a month anyway, but the surprise move out still happened to be quite stressful. So I decided to turn lemons into a LIST. First I thought flood movies (The Impossible and Big Fish came to mind..) but then decided on the funner topic of movies where a characters living situation abruptly changes (and you guessed it, Arrested Development came to mind, though I've written enough about that lately)....in hopes to find just a few circumstances worse than mine.

SEINFELD -  One character and his living misfortunes instantly came to mind: George Costanza. "My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents." The silver lining here is that anyone in a similar situation CAN'T have it nearly as bad as George because there is no way anyone's parents are worse than his.

SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON - Say it's not financial woes that change your abode....but rather you find yourself stranded on a desert island. I thought of Lost and Castaway, but Swiss Family Robinson is the REAL master of this scenario. If you lose your normal cushy way of life, might as well build a GIANT treehouse(s) and ride wild animals for fun!

HOUSESITTER - Goldie Hawn is the PRO of changing living situations with this and Overboard. Both films have their cons that come with her new situations though. One involves a debatable rape and living in squalor with a carpenter and his obnoxious children....and the other involves living rent free in a spacious house but having to pretend that Steve Martin is your husband. I honestly can't decide which situation would be worse! Haha. But at least her nonstop lies in Housesitter wins her a loot of free stuff....so this one probably gets the edge of more tolerable.

GHOSTBUSTERS - This is the ultimate scenario to make me feel better about my life. Sure my apartment flooded....but at least it wasn't taken over by a demon named Zuul. It would be an awful nuisance to have my eggs boil on the counter, open my fridge and find a demon world, or get possessed while watching a t.v. show. Life could be worse!!

BRIDESMAIDS - "We'd like to invite you to no longer live with us." That has to be one of my absolute favorite lines from this movie...one that makes me laugh just thinking about this. I definitely have thought about saying that before to roommates I've lived with, but being told that? Ouch.  And coming from HER roommates??/ Even worse. Basically, this movie is a good one to watch if you need a pick me up in ANY area of life because Kristen Wiig's character probably has it worse than you.

STAR WARS -  Well....I didn't have my house burned to the ground with all my remaining relatives in it (that I know of anyway.) So that's a plus! Or you could have it like Princess Leia and have your whole planet destroyed. Who knew she had so much in common with Superman... or Spock for that matter! But I guess homes destroyed is a small price to pay for saving the galaxy?

ZOMBIELAND - After the destroyed home/world scenario, there's the destroyed RACE scenario. So I guess I should just be glad that it wasn't a zombie apocalypse that forced me out of my place. I'd be super depressed if all my friends started eating each other and I had to band together with a bunch of strangers to stay alive and all...

BEETLEJUICE - Or I could be dead. And forced to share my house that I worked so hard to get just the way I wanted (even if their's is WAY ugly...) with a crazy eccentric artist (been there done THAT...that's Clint's problem now! haha!) who wants to change EVERYTHING and her moody gothic stepdaughter (who I weirdly get along with?) Yeah...it could definitely be worse.

JUST LIKE HEAVEN - Take the last scenario, change it to that I'm in a coma...and instead of an artist, a depressed slob moves in....and we find love once we overcome our issues together. Wait that's not so bad!

RATATOUILLE - Like the last one, they couldn't ALL be bad scenarios. This time, we'll make our way out of the gutter and into a PARISIAN apartment with a magnificent view. Yeah. That's the life.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that RANDOM list. It definitely made me feel a little better...minus the fact that I'm not moving to Paris again anytime soon. Any other crazy living situation movies I missed? Believe it or not...there are actually quite a few!


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I removed my prior comment because I worded it badly. I'm sick. My brain isn't all here today.

There's always The Odd Couple. Living with a roommate who is your complete opposite is not easy. At least you will be roommate free for awhile. Having to share a kitchen or bathroom with another single gal around your age is always much worse than having a kitchen and bathroom all to yourself.

Laurie & Clint said...

Hey! I'm not that eccentric!

Emily said...

Yeah I thought about the Odd Couple, but didn't really remember it well enough to write about it. But yes, agreed. I'm excited to have all rooms to myself :)

Johanna said...

I am amazed that you came up with this many stories about relocating. Really surprised.

Good blog.