Lazy Writing 101

I went to a screening of The Internship a few weeks back. The film is out today, so I figured I should probably give you a review right? The trouble is, I'm not sure how to arrange my thoughts on this film into a coherently written review. But I suppose that makes a lot of sense since this film is really all over the place; pretty much the definition of a mixed bag. So, I can already tell this "review" is gonna be a mini one! This film wasn't truly awful though it had many moments that were. But it also had moments of genuine humor (I pretty much lost it at any and every Flashdance reference, also the food handouts, bad dates and seeing a real life game of quidditch were pretty amusing too.)

Those clever moments, however, were many times undone by the pull out your hair moments of awkward horror that went on and on and on. Really, there were a few moments in this film that were downright painful, while others were just perplexing (we're really gonna spend that big chunk of a film at a strip club...? uh okay.) But mostly the whole thing was just so predictable, which I mean is fine because the film doesn't really aim too high...but some of it's structuring and what happens next could be spotted a mile away, and that gets tiring. I guess since Facebook got their movie, Google felt like they should pay someone to make one for them (and oddly enough features one of the guys from The Social Network!) One that doesn't have the sophistication or social commentary as the previous film....merely a film that would get people to think "wow it'd be SOOOOOO cool to work for google!" The Internship gets a passing grade from me...and by that I mean you should pass on it. But if you're wondering if you want an internship at google and scattered moments of hilarity (coupled with too many moments of forced unfunny humor) are your cup of tea then by all means see it! EMILY RATING: 5/10.


Sarah said...

Maybe I will wait until this comes out on DVD and watch it with you. You can fast forward through the bad/dumb stuff, and just show me the funny stuff. :)

Emily said...

Haha that'd probably be a 15 minute movie!

Johanna said...

Yeah, this one didn't pull me in.