Dad Dad Daddy-o

Happy Belated Father's Day to all you Dads out there! As with mother's day, I've presented a list of memorable movie and t.v. dads. If the list isn't enough and you're still feeling like you have daddy issues here's some films I suggest: The Shining, Pretty in Pink (if your dad is perfect and YOU'RE the one that's an ungrateful brat...), Field of Dreams and Big Fish to name a few. Now let's get to the list!

DARTH VADER - Uh...spoiler alert. But here's the greatest cinematic father there is. Well....actually he's a pretty terrible dad....possibly the worst. Always trying to either kill you or turn you evil and all. Oh and accidentally killing your mom in a domestic dispute is always kind of a touchy subject. So probably not the best patriarchal example to strive to be like. But the important thing to remember is that there's still good in him deep deep down (and that's all that matters even if you're responsible for countless people's deaths.)


Here is where I'd post my Simpsons video I edited for HumorUs that appeared on Buzzfeed of all of Homer's hilariously terrible advice....but unfortunately it got taken down. It summed up the greatness of the character of Homer in the first 10 seasons of the show. Everything the man said was preposterous but at the same time really clever in its stupidity haha. Sure he'd rather drink a beer than win father of the year, but he's happy just the way he is.


While he may be a little overprotective, you can't really blame the guy when he lost all of his other baby fishes AND his wife to a rude sea monster or eel or whatever that was. As a result of that traumatic experience, he's absolutely devoted to his son and will swim across the entire ocean to find him. That's nothing to sneeze at!

TED MOSBY - What a dedicated dad to spend ten years telling his kids a story about all the conquests he had before he met their mom. Haha! Okay some of the details he may or may not tell his kids probably should be up for debate, but he's a good guy who has always wanted to be a dad and clearly loves his kids before he even has them...so I'm sure when he finally does he'll be a great dad. Besides he makes his children watch Star Wars at a young age so he MUST be good. And for every questionable thing he says, he always has a nugget of valuable advice to even it out.


Not only is Atticus a pretty amazing individual all the way around, but he's a good dad to his kids too. He loves them and wants them to understand the real truths regarding life and humanity. He teaches by example the way to treat others, and for these kids the value of that lesson is immeasurable.

MIKE BRADY - If you want a father with all the answers all the time, look no further than the father of the Brady clan. Yeah, I know I used Carol in the last list, but Mike Brady's know-it-all-ness had to make an appearance in this list. He pretty much perfected the Dad guilt trip lecture speech!

DANNY TANNER - Raising 3 girls on your own is tough to do! That's why you ask your brother-in-law and weird friend to move in to help lighten your load. If you have a dad per/child you can't go wrong right?? Well, don't underestimate how crazy those Tanner girls can be!

CLARK GRISWOLD - Let's celebrate the Dad who always has unrealistic expectations of his kids and the vacations he plans for them. He always fantasizes about cheating on his beautiful perfect wife all the time but cut him some slack! He's the perfect American dad!

MICHAEL BLUTH - We'll just completely ignore everything that happened in the fourth season and just talk about the good dad he was in seasons 1-3. Sure he was secretly kinda manipulative...but he's always just looking out for his son's best interests. Who can blame him for wanting to save him from a girl like Ann (her?) He wasn't perfect (like having a hard time listening to his son when he'd talk about loving his cousin for example,) but he almost always tried to put his son's needs before his own.

JOR-EL - If for some reason you foresee that you won't be able to be in your son's life (on another planet,) make sure you leaving a floating A.I. hologram of yourself to be able to guide him and teach him about his heritage. That's the considerate thing to do, after all, just don't take the time to make one of your wife or anything.

Honorable Mentions: Frank Costanza, George McFly, Mufasa, George Sr. Bluth and Professor Henry Jones

And that's a wrap! I hope everyone had a great father's day yesterday. Hooray for Dad's! Hip Hip Hooray. The end. And be sure to check out HumorUs' youtube video page for other funny dad's!


Sarah said...

Good list! I vote for Atticus Finch! Oh, and I'm pretty sure it was a barracuda that got Marlin's wife and kids.

Emily said...

You're like the Finding Nemo expert now aren't you?

Joey said...

Atticus Finch for sure. I like Mike Heck, but you've never seen the show.

In movies...my least favorite ever is probably the one from "I Am Sam."

I like George Clooney in "One Fine Day."

And from books I wanted Uncle Alec from "Eight Cousins."