A Monster Good Time

So I've already given you my thoughts about one of today's wide releases HERE, now it's time for the other. I've been a fan of Pixar for a very long time now. For proof of that fact visit my post HERE. Almost twelve years ago (seriously I can't even believe it's been that long...) Pixar's fourth film, Monsters Inc was released, and I absolutely adored it. Everything about it was perfect. The world they created was fun and adorable. The attention to detail was fantastic and the characters were endearing. It is possible that Inc. was the film that really made me love Pixar and realize how consistent it was. A few years ago though it seemed that Pixar might not have that same stamina or originality they once had when it was announced they'd finally be resorting to gasp...SEQUELS (or, in this case, a prequel.) Sure one of their first few films WAS a sequel, but it was actually a well done one. Having more sequels forced couldn't be good though right? Luckily they defied the odds and Toy Story 3 was a success and a very strong film in its own right. And then came Cars 2. Okay okay, I didn't"t actually see it but from what I've heard it was awful. So basically, I was pretty terrified at the prospect of Monsters Inc's legacy being tainted.

Happily I can say the legacy has not been tainted! Monsters University is an adorable, chuckle-filled film, that though doesn't quite live up to the big shoes of the original (which is NOT a fair comparison since that film has Boo in it), the film is nevertheless a very delightful and worthy installment in this new little franchise. I'll be honest, the film's plot isn't quite as clever as its predecessor... and in fact actually shared quite a few similarities with The Internship (it has almost the same plot structure completely! [ie SPOILER highlight to read] a group of leftover misfits join together to prove their worth and win challenges that will allow them a special spot in their respective programs. [/end spoiler] But the reason that works here as opposed to The Internship, is the setting is far more interesting and creative....and the characters are actually lovable. Plus similar to Inc, the attention to detail in this world is unbelievable. This layeredness is what sets it apart from the types of films it competes with. In almost every second, if you're looking you can spot an incredibly clever little joke whether it's in the forefront or the background. Basically as usual, children and adults of all ages can enjoy.

When it comes down to it, the setting and the characters are what make all the difference in the long run and allow for more creativity than films with similar plots. And getting a further glimpse into this world I adored in Inc. was priceless. Also I must say the new voice cast additions were all top notch (though it wasn't in there long, I could recognize the always reliable John Krasinski's voice anywhere!) and everyone seemed to be having a ball. In short, I find this movie to be absolutely adorable (but hey I may be pretty biased.) The magic is still there and this world of monsters, thankfully remains to be full of fresh ideas for Pixar. Oh and make sure you stay after the credits for a special surprise! EMILY RATING: 8.5/10


Sarah said...

Thanks for the heads up about the credits. We are taking the boys to see it tomorrow morning. They have been asking to watch the previews for weeks now! I'm looking forward to it!

Emily said...

You'll have to let me know what you think of it!

Johanna said...

Well, it's just nice to see a lot of movies out there for children.