Third Time's the Charm?

Last night I unexpectedly got to start the summer movie season a day early by attending a screening of its very first blockbuster: Iron Man 3 (thanks Jen!) So was this installment featuring a new director to the series, Shane Black, the best of the bunch in its franchise? Well...it all depends on what type of viewer you are. Let's definitely just say right now that it is a huge improvement over the second film...I think that's a given. You may even think it's better than the first. To be honest, I'm still undecided...and there's a big reason for that. Before we get into the meat of this review let's get one thing straight right now: whether I'm telling you that you should see and will likely enjoy Iron Man 3 (which I am) is not the same thing as me telling you that it is an amazingly great superhero film for the ages (it's not.)

Iron Man 3 is entertaining and fun, there's no denying that. Once again, it's full of enough wisecracks to have an audience slapping their knees in delight throughout the whole run-time. There's a good portion of the film where Tony Stark interacts with your average kid character with hilarious and quotable results. But wisecracks aren't your concern! Action is! Yes there is plenty of action to spare....unfortunately for me this is kind of where most of my problems come in because there is an awful lot of it that is pretty head scratching and kinda made me feel like the filmmakers didn't respect their audience and felt like they could get away with anything. And they do get away. With. Everything. Sure every now and then, we as an audience are required to roll with the punches and take a leap of faith....but there are quite a few outrageous leaps we are expected to take in this movie. Obviously it becomes apparent that this kinda the type of movie to just shut your brain off and enjoy the ride. That works for the most part, yet still....there are just a few moments when it kinda becomes too much and you're just like REALLY??

As for the cast, all the returning regulars are good as usual. I gotta say though, I unexpectedly loved Ben Kingsley in his role. He had so much overexposure in the previews that it was nice to see a big surprise in store with his character that I truly did not see coming and found to be one of the best parts of the film. Rebecca Hall and Guy Pearce had much bigger roles than I was expecting, yet somehow still kind of seemed a bit wasted.I[SPOILER highlight to read] I must say I wish I'd seen more depth in Pearce's character. It kinda felt like the EXACT villain story from The Incredibles...that story worked there because that was a cartoon. And Hall's motivation was way too unclear. [/SPOILER]

The finale is quite grand (albeit full of those previously mentioned WHAT THE moments), but can I just say I much prefer seeing only ONE Iron Man suit in action? You don't get multiple Batmen, Supermen or Spider-men clones in their movies and they always manage to pull off grand finales on their own! When it gets to multiple Iron Men...it kinda starts to feel like I'm watching Transformers. I guess when it comes down to it, Iron Man isn't really a hero or a franchise that I deeply love or that truly resonates with me. It's all fun and games...but kind of shallow. Still, it's blockbuster season and it's just the fun you're looking for! This film is outrageously action packed and perhaps surpasses the original...but there were probably too many leaps in logic for me to prefer it. I guess once The Avengers happened there was a no holds barred in the things that could happen in the Iron Man series. So no I don't love Iron Man 3 and think it's the greatest thing in the world, but yes it is worth seeing and is a good time. My rating: 7.0

Now. Bring on GATSBY!!!


Johanna said...

Not too keen on action. Do you want to go see Hava Nagila with me? :)

Sarah said...

I've never really loved this series either. I really liked Robert Downey Jr.'s contribution as Iron Man in The Avengers. However, while I enjoyed the first Iron Man movie, I felt a little let down by it because everyone had raved and raved about it before I got to see it, and for me, it didn't really live up to the hype. However, this looks like a fun popcorn flick!

Emily said...

Hava Nagila????