The Power of Editing: The Re-cut Trailer

Can we just take a moment and hand it to the trailer editors of Hollywood? Like really. What a fabulous job they have crafting trailers that fool the whole world into thinking a movie is good. Sometimes it makes me wonder why they're not the ones actually editing the movies when they do a lot better job of creating something compelling from the pile of garbage they're given. I firmly believe that editing can be your greatest ally or biggest adversary when making a film. So much power comes from editing and the way a story is told; the editor should have ultimate control in how the audience perceives everything. Really, how incredible is that? I'm not gonna lie, the power to manipulate and shape a story, is what inspired me to be an editor, and even though the road of my career hasn't always been bump free, I still love the role that I play more than anything. Great editing is seamless and helps tell your story with ease. But bad editing can just bring down and ruin an entire film. And TRAILER editing? It can change how you perceive a movie before you even see it....and giving you that thing called expectations.

So as an editing loving individual (and who knows maybe this played into my career decision too...,) I discovered long ago the joy in a REALLY well-made re-cut trailer. I have not personally dabbled in the making of these...but I have found much joy in watching the efforts of people who have. What is a re-cut trailer you people unfamiliar with youtube ask? Why it's a movie trailer remade to tell a very different story than what the existing film actually is....usually an entirely different genre. I was reminded of my love of re-cut trailers recently when we went to the Tower Theaters's sing-along production of West Side Story (they do these every couple of months and they're fabulously fun....and while I'm on the subject of editing, I gotta say that West Side Story's use of it is perfection.) You see...a long time ago, someone made an outrageously funny re-cut trailer of the 1960's epic love story musical....and they turned it into a flesh-eating-virus-zombie story!  Some of the shots the individual found who made the ahem...darker version of West Side Story were completely brilliant and honestly kind of make me laugh every time I see them now! They took a harmless image that I now can't NOT see as being ridiculously creepy. That there is power in editing. So I thought it'd be fun to celebrate my love of editing by presenting something of a best of re-cut trailer list. We'll start with the aforementioned West Side Story re-dux!

West Side Story. My favorite part? Hands down the girl drawing the creepy "ring" like the circle with the chalk. Also.. "make it not be true!!!"

The Shining. This trailer really picks up around the :45 second mark when Salsbury Hill starts playing. Seriously how inspirational and heartwarming does this movie look? The shot of him...making out with...well...that person, in particular, cracks me up here!

The Wicker Man. Okay...it really couldn't have been THAT hard for the person who edited this to make this film into a comedy! All the trailer really happens to be is a collection of the greatest moments in the film....and that, of course, makes it HILARIOUS.

Psycho. Have you ever wondered what Psycho would be like if it were a 1950's/1960's rom-com? Look no further than the link above to find out how Norman Bates would fare as a leading man. Sarah, this one is for you!

Harry Potter. Take out all the good vs. evil and defeating Voldemort plot lines and what do you get? An outrageous (yet still magical I guess...) teen comedy. Harry Potter Lite!

The Notebook. I have not made it a secret of the fact that I'm not really the biggest fan of The Notebook. Therefore when I found a portrayal of the romance that I felt a little bit more accurately described Noah's stalkerish behavior (even if he does look like Ryan Gosling...,) I was pretty happy about it.

Matilda. Speaking of people finally portraying a movie the way it really should be seen...check out this trailer where it's clear that Matilda fits the "creepy kid" trope all too well!

The Karate Kid. The other all too common type of re-cut trailer is to turn a film with a platonic friendship into a gay drama. But I have a special place in my heart for this one. And if you like that, be sure to check out their other pretty funny trailer...the long awaited prequel to the Mighty Ducks. Check that one out HERE

The Ring. It seems to me that it's a lot easier to make any movie look scary, but it's a bit more challenging to make a scary movie look like an inspiring one. This version of The Ring definitely looks like a weepie! Also, I've never seen the film Cabin Fever, but knowing that it's a horror flick made THIS trailer pretty funny too. "Sometimes dying teaches you to live." What a great tagline! Haha

Mary Poppins. And finally we'll leave you with one of the best! This version of Mary Poppins looks like an absolutely terrifying classic (not unlike the way it was for me when I read the book and saw how evil the character actually was!)
That's all for this edition! Feel free to link any other good re-cut trailers I may have missed in the comments!


Sarah said...

Ha ha ha! I love these, and you included all of my favorites. Thanks! Here is a new one I recently found. It isn't exactly a recut trailer because it is a fake trailer for a fake movie sequel. Titanic Two. My favorite parts are when Jack Dawson attends a showing of Titanic the Musical and checks out Rose's gravestone (with all of her many names listed on the stone). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD4OnHCRd_4

Johanna said...

It really is all in the music and editing. Lot of power that these "salesman" er editors have. :) Creators in their own right.

Emily said...

Hahaha! Where did you find that Titanic one??? That is pretty brilliant and very creative!!

courtney wightman said...

that shining one ... gets me every time.

Emily said...

And might I add seems to feature an all-star cast!

#savemildred said...

What a wonderful post.