The Moment of Bluth

Well nothing that really interests me comes out this weekend. I have no desire to see the so far poorly reviewed threequel to The Hangover OR the MILLIONTH sequel to Fast and the Furious (seriously...does it blow anyone's mind that this franchise has more movies than Lord of the Rings, the same amount now as Star Wars and just a couple shy of Harry Potter??? How is it still alive???) I already saw Before Midnight months ago at Sundance (original review HERE) and Epic? That looks a little too Thumbelina meets A Bug's Life meets Ferngully meets Honey I Shrunk the Kids for my taste! No, I'm pretty sure I will spend most of my Memorial Day weekend, starting late late Saturday night early Sunday morning in front of the small screen as I watch something SEVEN YEARS in the making. After this weekend...there's no going back.

Okay yes, I know it sounds a little dramatic speaking of the return of Arrested Development in this way but um...it's kind of a big deal. (Taste the happy!!!) Rarely do television shows come back from the dead...let alone ones that have been off the air for SEVEN years. Or one that contained a huge ensemble cast that are now each pretty successful! For years, I wanted nothing more than to see the continuing adventures of the Bluth Family, a family who was taken from the tv world far before they were ready. Now that it is finally here and ACTUALLY about to happen I have this mixture of uncontrollable excitement and at the same time worry! I've actually had a few dreams here and there in the last few months that the show comes back and is TERRIBLE. Is the prospect of having more Arrested Development enough even if it happens to ruin its untarnished legacy? Well in a few short days we'll know....and when we know, that knowledge can never be forgotten (unless we take a forget-me-now...) We'll never be able to go back to NOT KNOWING. Arrested Development, for good or bad, is about to be unleashed on the world once more. Here are three things we're about to have answered....whether we really want them answered or not.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Looking back on it, the writers gave us as decent of a finale to the show as they could have back in 2006...yet at the same time it set up a whole new world of possibilities for what happened next. It served as a clean and satisfactory enough (as could be had anyway..) ending to a show. But still you can't help but wonder what happened to these characters after the finale's events and throughout the last few years. One of the biggest strengths of Arrested Development, along with its writing, was its wonderful characters. Through watching and re-watching I've come to love them all, and can't help but have curiosity on what they're fictionally up to now! Soon we'll know...but will it live up to expectations? Well, that takes us to question 2.

CAN MAGIC STRIKE TWICE? Will that writing be on par with the episodes that made us fall in love with the show in the first place? Can it be?? What about the actors? Can they slip into these roles so effortlessly again? Or has too much time gone by? I certainly don't have enough evidence to judge so far, but some of it looks hit and miss in both the acting and writing department. It's still way too soon to tell, and the word of mouth despite what the advertising portrays HAS been good. One interviewer told Portia De Rossi and David Cross that he felt the show INSTANTLY felt like its old self. I'm REALLY hoping the guy wasn't just kissing up. And can I just say that Lindsay doesn't even look like the same person??? I'm hoping that's intentional by the makeup department!

For years in our household, we are always trying to determine who was the all-time funniest sitcom champ. The results have always been too close to call. Both had fantastic characters and sharp dialogue. Arrested Development probably provided the bigger laughs altogether but was hurt by the fact that it only had three seasons worth of material to compare to Seinfeld's nine. Seinfeld won in my book, but always by the clause that we didn't have enough Arrested Development to make it a fair competition. If this season tanks, Seinfeld will finally become the undisputed champion (knowing to go out in their prime was truly a brilliant move...Arrested didn't have that option, but if they came back past their prime with mediocre episodes...then it's kinda the same thing.) However, if AD can accomplish the feat of being as awesome as it was before....well then that makes things even more interesting!

Soon we will know and there will be no turning back. I'll have my frozen bananas, chicken fingers with spicy club sauce and a spare bowl of candy beans ready! Oh... and juice.

Happy A.D. weekend to all!!!


Sarah said...

I can't wait to hear what you think about it. Happy Memorial Day weekend to you! Happy marathon-ing!

Amelia said...

Woohoo! Can't wait. I'm keeping my hopes high hopefully I'm not disappointed !!!

Scottfunkel said...

Doesn't AD have too many overarching story lines to be considered a sitcom?

Emily said...

That may be Sco-Jo, but I think it still is considered a sitcom.

Johanna said...

Well, the proof is in the pudding. I know you have to see the whole season before you judge. Can't wait.