Live Long and Prosper

Move over Frodo & Sam and Luke & Han...there's a new (well..revived, rebooted...whatever you wanna call it) bromance in town! The long-awaited sequel to 2009's Star Trek is finally in theaters and what is the relationship front and center in the film? No, not Quinto/Saldana or even Pine/Eve. None other than the Kirk/Spock love fest (platonic of course) takes center stage in this film. And that's a very good thing. Star Trek: Into Darkness as a whole is wonderful entertaining fun...but it definitely wouldn't work half as well without these two and the bond between them. Their back and forth arguments and discussions of logic vs. passion just work! I'm not gonna lie, there was some pretty great dialogue in their spats (took me back to the ol Star Wars days!)

They, along with pretty much everyone from the first film reprise their roles in Into Darkness. It's great seeing all these characters (as well as their admittedly awesome technology) again and you can tell that everyone seems to be having a grand time. The most important edition to the cast is Benedict Cumberbatch who plays...well a really shady "guy." I won't say much else because I don't want to spoil anything...but he is fabulous in this role. The guy can convey so much with just the tone of his voice! And I guess his dead eyes don't hurt too much either! The story is always good, but once he enters the picture it really picks up. 

Not that this film ever drags. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish and was amazed at how great the pacing in this film is for one whose length is almost 2.5 hours! It just breezes by! A lot of that is probably due to the fact that it has some REALLY well-executed action sequences. Into Darkness always kept me on the edge of my seat and with a smile on my face. I thought this was far superior a summer blockbuster than Iron Man 3 (Gatsby meanwhile isn't really comparable to either and great for what it is,) so if you're looking for some really good popcorn thrills Star Trek is just the ticket. 

And can I just say hooray for JJ Abrams?! Really. I love this guy. He made me, a girl who was previously incredibly biased against Star Trek, now a big fan who hopes for its success. And I cannot WAIT to see what he does with Star Wars. Kathleen Kennedy, you couldn't have picked anyone better. JJ brought a great touch to his first Star Trek film and does the same with its sequel. Even though it may be impossible (and, of course, my loyalty is always gonna be to Star Wars if I have to pick,) somehow I hope maybe he will be able to do a third film because Into Darkness sets things up a sequel really nicely.  In short: go see Star Trek. It's fun. It's good. EMILY RATING: 8.5


Johanna said...

I still don't want to see it. :)

Sarah said...

I saw the tail end of the first movie (I still need to see the whole thing), and what I saw was awesome. So, I'm sure this one is good too! I need to do some catch up!