The Madness of March!!

Happy belated Easter everyone! No, I don't have an Easter themed post ahead (my bad... but if you want a late recommendation just go watch Ben-Hur.) What I have today for you....will sadly be my last post ever on the blog. I just don't have the same passion or interest in films anymore. Or the time to write about them even if I did. It was a fun ride while it lasted, but I figure it's best to go out on top. I hope you'll all understand.....that this is an April Fool's Day joke. Gotcha! I did consider the idea of doing a movie prank post but didn't have enough time. Maybe next year. But you can check out HERE for a good post on the subject. What I really have today, I should have posted far earlier in the previous month.... a blog to celebrate March Madness and to let my readers determine the best Sports film of all time!

I'll be honest, sports movies are pretty much among my least favorites of film genres (right along with the inspirational teacher movies that help troubled kids....and often the two even intersect! Gasp!) even though I happen to really enjoy sports. I don't know....it's just one of the genres that too often falls back on the formula to create generic "inspiration." But occasionally, there happen to be some real gems....the ones that were so good that they created the mold that all the inferior sports movies try to follow. This blog is a celebration of the greats, and you as the reader get to choose which one is THE greatest. We've got a little bit of everything, from the moving to the zany (see Space Jam) Unfortunately since I started with the Sweet 16 I didn't get to include any from the sports rom-com....Sorry Fever Pitch, I do love you though. So let's get started shall we? Below is the bracket. Fill it out and maybe....just MAYBE, if someone predicts it all 100% correctly, or realllllly close....maybe I'll consider a prize. So either email me your brackets or post them in the comments below. Now let's get voting...


One of (if not the greatest) movies about basketball vs. the childhood classic about the love of baseball. Which one will prevail?

The powerful story of two track teammates in the Olympics and what motivated each of them vs. the cinematic take on the black sox scandal. Take your pick!

If you vote for it, it will win? Well...if you build it he will come! This beloved baseball classic vs. the 80's karate classic. Who will come out on top?

One a portrait of a boxer's life, another a portrait of one of the greatest baseball players in the history of the sport. Which will it be?

One of the definitive sports movies ever made vs. one of the silliest? Pick your winner!

The little walk-on football player who could vs. math, baseball, and Brad Pitt. How will this one turn out?

The story of a struggling boxer trying to provide for his family during the great depression or how a football team helped people embrace civil rights? What's your preference?

The story of one man's complex battle and training (with the help of his addict brother) in becoming a boxer vs. the baseball tale of an average Joe becoming a legend. Who will be the winner winner chicken dinner??
All right guys that's a wrap! A special thanks to Courtney for the wonderful graphics as always! I'll keep the polls open indefinitely, BUT if you want your movie to move on to the next round make sure to vote by Wednesday at 10:00 AM MST to make your vote actually count. Good luck everyone!


caitlinbeth said...

You matched up all my favorite movies. I had a hard time picking the winners. You can never make me choose between Sandlot or Hoosiers ever again. Just don't do it.

Emily said...

Haha! Well make sure you fill out a bracket so you can get entered into the contest! You can email it to me or message me on FB. Whatever is easiest!

Johanna said...

Caitlin, I felt the same way. Argh! Two movies that I love for very different reasons!!!

Sarah said...

I'm picking Field of Dreams to win it all!

Some of these were very hard to choose between!

seanmackay.net said...

Hoosiers, Chariots of Fire, Field of Dreams, Pride of the Yankees, Rocky, Rudy, Cinderella Man, and The Natural in the Elite Eight.

Hoosiers, Field of Dreams, Rocky, and Cinderella Man in the Final Four.

Field of Dreams over Cinderella Man in the championship. Now please give me $15 dollars.

Howard said...

Baseball, being the best sport, naturally makes the best sports movies. I also prefer true stories to fictionalized ones when it comes to inspiration. Some of the match-ups were really tough (Chariots vs. Eight Men, and Rudy vs. Moneyball).

Space Jam? How did that get in there? Where's Secretariat?

Emily said...

Well I hate horse movies so it was automatically disqualified.

Laurie & Clint said...

so its the readers who decide? I am going to say round one:

Hoosiers, Chariots of Fire, Field of Dreams, Pride of the Yankees

Rocky, Rudy, Cinderella Man, Natural

Round 2: Hoosiers, Field of Dreams
Rocky, Cinderella Man (Although The Natural is probably the better movie)
Championship: Field of Dreams vs Rocky

Winner: Field of Dreams (Mainly because most of our family would vote for it. I think I'd go with Rocky)

Johanna said...

Hoosiers, Chariots of Fire, Field of Dreams, Raging Bull, Rocky, Moneyball, Cinderella Man, The Natural

Hoosiers, Field of Dreams, Rocky, The Natural

Rocky, Field of Dreams with Field of Dreams being The Winner!

I'm not sure that this was entirely fair. Sandlot and Chariots of Fire would have gone further in another bracket. I'm think I'm going to sue the BCS.