Viva Las Vegas!

Sorry readers for the neglect! Unfortunately, I have had a bad case of blogger's block! I came up too late with the idea of a movie genre March Madness...so I think that on Friday I will simplify it to just doing Sports movies. But, unfortunately, there are still a few I feel like I should see before making that post! So instead I have decided to give you a little recap of my trip to Las Vegas earlier in the month and how it compares to some famous cinematic trips to Sin City. This wasn't my first time in the city (nor likely my last since it's a reasonably close destination) and I basically was only there a day...but I did do a few movie-related things that I felt like were worth sharing. But what does Hollywood think can and does happen in Vegas?

WIN A FORTUNE - gambling gambling gambling. You can't go anywhere in Vegas without going through a casino first. And in the movies, that always means someone is gonna hit the jackpot. Realistically though people sit there for hours on end either losing everything they came with or otherwise barely making a profit. Me? I thought about putting a buck in, but I actually completely forgot! AS SEEN IN: Vegas Vacation, The Hangover, 21, What Happens in Vegas. And if you can't win the fortune by luck...you steal it in an elaborate heist or just cheat.. (So we'll add Ocean's 11 to the list....as well as Jane Austen's Mafia haha)

QUICKIE MARRIAGES AND FINDING UNEXPECTED LOVE - Very often in film and especially tv, people wind up married on accident whenever they spend time in Vegas...and somehow whether it was a stranger or someone they already had hidden feelings for, it almost always was "meant to be" Or else they are just a couple that wants a no fuss, no muss quick marriage! OR they are a couple who the audience does not root for and someone must search through every casino until they're stopped! Me? Yeah...nothing. The closest thing I found to love was admiring the wax version of Ben Affleck. AS SEEN IN: What Happens In Vegas, The Hangover, The Wedding Singer, Pride & Prejudice 2003, Fools Rush In, Friends, Saved By The Bell, Full House.

TOTAL COMPLETE UTTER MAYHEM AND CHAOS - In Vegas ANYTHING can happen. This is basically the entire plot of the Hangover and the best example of it. The fortune and quickie marriage tropes come into play here, but really it's just so much more than that! This is cinema and television's way of portraying Vegas as such a magical and mystical place? But...in my opinion it's just a tacky playground trying to copy the class of other cities for "fun" There certainly is a lot to see and do, but I'll be honest it isn't my favorite city by a long shot. But hey I like shopping, going crazy in candy stores, visiting wax museums and admiring the Bellagio interior, as well as its fountains! Oh and I did manage to win an oscar...or three. But that other stuff is just a little too crazy for my tastes. Someday though I really would like to go to a show...say...the Blue Man group? AS SEEN IN: The Hangover, Vegas Vacation, Honeymoon In Vegas, Knocked Up, How I Met Your Mother (even though it was Atlantic City...), Friends, and basically everything else that was ever set in Las Vegas.

Well, I can think of a few more tropes like the gambler addict, crimes spree and being a part of the show...but none seem to warrant their own category. Anything I missed let me know!


Sarah said...

You know, I will always love National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation. That Rusty is awesome! Also, I will never fail to get a kick out of Jane Austen's Mafia! It looks like you fit a lot into a very short trip!

Johanna said...

I didn't see the picture of you dancing on top of the sign a la Vegas Vacation.

I don't get the thrill of Vegas. We've gone because it's close, but it's a little too much show for me. However, Dad and I went once to see Rich Little and I liked that. You probably don't even know who he is!

Love the pics and you fit very, very well with Ben. If he and Jennifer ever break up, you'd be great together. However, he only appears to date women named Jennifer, so it might be a no-go.