The Blah Factor

 As a followup to my list last Friday HERE regarding a few choice actors and actresses who manage to brighten up the screen in every movie they're in through their sheer likability, I've decided now to spotlight a few who do just the opposite. Here are just a few stars that I just can't seem to figure out their appeal.  There are probably far more that can fit into this category than into the last...but once again I've chosen to keep it short. Since I mentioned her as the shining example in the last blog, we might as well start off with her again here.

KRISTEN STEWART - Has there ever been such a sourpuss as this in Hollywood? I can't imagine that there has. I admit I haven't seen her in any of the Twilight films...but I don't really need to since she plays the same angsty moody brooding girl in everything she has ever been in. The only thing I even remotely liked her in was Adventureland...and even that I felt like it was somehow mostly due to being paired with a likable Jesse Eisenberg. She even made the character of Snow White someone you could root for the Queen (who was far fairer than snow btw...) killing.

ASHTON KUTCHER -I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. Does anyone really like Ashton Kutcher besides Mila Kunis? (Why Mila?? She must have awful taste in men...) The guy's range goes from bumbling idiot to loud-mouthed jerk yet supposedly romantic leading man. Recently I read a quote of his saying something to the effect of he knows which movies of his suck. The question is which films does he actually think were good!?

KATIE HOLMES - Well...in case you didn't know about my feelings regarding her Batman Begins character you can read a whole blog dedicated to it HERE. Her ex-husband doesn't fair too well either...but lately seems to have bounced back in picking some good roles. There's something about Katie though that just seems so unconvincing in almost everything she plays. Every now and then she surprises (Pieces of April) but often she seems to be the weak link in an otherwise good film (Thank You For Smoking and Batman Begins.) Maybe now that things in her personal life has changed her work will improve ...but that remains to be seen.

MILEY CYRUS - All right. I admit the only work of her's I've seen is The Last Song...but trust me that was enough to make me want to steer clear of anything she makes for the rest of her life! Her performance in that movie was absolutely ghastly and somehow she landed her hunky co-star in the film and turned him into her fiancé in REAL LIFE. What is going on here!? It's not right I tell you. Every time I see them together I can't help but think "her?"And I know she can't possibly be funny...

NICOLAS CAGE - I can count on one hand the roles that I have loved or at the very least, didn't mind Nicolas Cage in. 1. Raising Arizona 2. Adaptation 3. Kick-Ass 4. Moonstruck. That is all. But for each one of those four movies there's a Wicker Man, Knowing, Season of the Witch and Ghost Rider to make you forget all about that. It's come to a point now where if you see that Nicolas Cage is in it, you can expect the film's quality to be pretty low. Why? Because as this video illustrates below, Nicolas Cage will say YES to anything. (Warning, some of the movie titles and descriptions get pretty crude..) But at least the video HERE shows Nic is a good sport about it all.


ADAM SANDLER - At first I was going to include Matthew McConaughey, but then I thought, "Nah I finally really liked a performance of his in Bernie." My next thought was the mimbo Channing Tatum. But after playing differently than his norm roles in 21 Jump Street and 10 Years I find myself coming around to him. So instead I went with Adam Sandler, a man who isn't always 100% guaranteed to be unlikable in his films (to be honest, he has quite a few roles that I really do like him in...) but as of late is pretty much guaranteed to be in awful unlikable film itself....and as a result probably doesn't fare too well either.

Well, that's all for now. I know there are many more that were quite worthy of this list....so tell me in the comments below who you can't stand in film (or television.) Also be sure on Friday to look for my review of Oz: The Great and Powerful.


Johanna said...

I think that the unlikeabilty factor should grow exponentially if they have some talent and choose such bad things that you can't stand them.

But maybe I can't really call any of these talented. I liked Adam Sandler in "Spanglish," but I think anybody could have played that part. The strong storyline was the mother and daughter.

You want to see bad Nicholas Cage, watch "Peggy Sue Got Married." I understand that Kathleen Turner screamed at him once, "You're ruining this movie." He is so jarring in it. That doesn't even express it. The rest of the movie is so sweet and thoughtful and he's this cartoon character. It must depend on the director.

But two of my all time, beyond-blah, can't stand are very similar to each other....Jerry Lewis and Jim Carrey. Ugh. To his credit, Jim Carry can do the serious thing, but his comedy is cringe worthy.

I would also add Eddie Murphy, who was great in Beverly Hills Cop and the sidekick in Shrek, but can't seem to do much else...and yet he still gets parts.

Kudos on the K-Stew. Sourpuss....ha ha.

Emily said...

Haha. Well Jim Carrey gets a free pass for life due to Eternal Sunshine and The Truman Show.

Sarah said...

You didn't put my pick, Mr. Smarmy--Bradley Cooper!

I definitely agree about Miley Cyrus and Ashton Kutcher--more than anything because they just seem so full of themselves.

However, I think you are giving Mae Whitman a bad rap (the meme right below the Miley Cyrus picture). I have nothing against her. :)

Emily said...

Sarah Sarah SARAH. When was the last time you watched Arrested Development? I didn't give her that wrap. She's had it for almost ten years now! I decided to hold off on Bradley Cooper since I heard he was great in Silver Linings. So I'm reserving judgement.

Sarah said...

I need to catch up on Arrested Development. I have only seen a handful of episodes...I just don't have much time to watch TV or movies these days!

Brittany said...

I need to see Anne Hathaway and Scarlet Johannsen up here. The first is a decent actress but so obnoxious that it makes any movie she is hurt just a little bit. Like ripping of a band aid and then reapplying it when you just don't want to deal with the sore. And ScarJo, well... The Island. He's Just not that Into you. Vicky Christina Barcelona. GAG ME. Can she do anything other than talk in a deep voice whilst removing her shirt? The rage may be a little undeserved. Maybe they're fine people. Or maybe they aren't. For the sake of my irrational dislike, I will go with deserved.

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