Popcorn & Kids

The screening of Oz was one of the more memorable theater experiences in recent memory and not just because of the movie. Being a theater rewards member, I earned a free candy....so long as I bought a large popcorn. I was perfectly fine with that since I was utterly craving popcorn and left plenty of room in my stomach to have said popcorn be my dinner. But since it was a screening. I had to be searched and...wanded. So I put down my popcorn, handed over my cell phone and then went to the theater to find my seat. Hey, where'd my popcorn go!? I must have left it at the search station....so I went out, saw the popcorn still there and was very relieved. But...I also had to pee. Since I didn't want to make two trips back to the theater I decided to run to the restroom realllllly quick (because who wants to take popcorn to the bathroom? gross). I made record time but when I came back??? SOMEONE STOLE MY POPCORN! A huge tub of popcorn and someone stole it. I asked the people at the search station if they'd seen it...and they played dumb. "There was popcorn here?! Maybe your friend took it." No. My friend did not. I wanted to interrogate every dang person in the theater holding a huge tub. If I had it would have gone a little something like this:

Then Courtney felt bad and bought us a replacement popcorn. But when she was looking for her 3D glasses....something like this happened.

No...not that...THIS:

Actually, we only lost maybe a fourth or third of it....but being as hungry as we were....it was a great loss. But that wasn't the only noteworthy experience. Let me just say this. Parents...please don't bring kids to a theater that can't sit still. To a SCREENING. Yes, I know it's a free movie....but have some courtesy to the people around you. This kid behind me kept trying to play peek-a-boo by pushing my seat and sticking his head in between the space....then of course he'd scream and cry at the drop of a hat. I like kids just fine and have no problem playing with them (I like a good game of peek-a-boo as much as the next person)....but during a first run screening? I felt much like Buster here at about :19 seconds in.

What's the craziest or most annoying thing that's ever happened to you during a movie?


Johanna said...

I don't think I've ever had those kinds of things happen to me. :(

My crazy things have been positive. Mostly.

But do you feel better for having purged?

Sarah said...

That kid sitting behind us when we saw King Kong was pretty bad. He asked about 12 billion questions throughout the course of the movie.

I had about 3 eight year old boys sitting in front of me when I saw Titanic. When the "artistic" scene came up, my friend and I put our heads down because we didn't want to see it, and we proceeded to kick the chairs of the eight year olds in front of us. The maturation program doesn't happen until 6th grade people! Even then, they shouldn't be seeing on-screen nudity!

Amelia said...

I've also had kids asking questions in movies before, but I think the most annoying thing that happened to me before was I had a bunch of preteens who kept running up and down the theater aisle(we were the only other people there)... in a pack..giggling. It was like a herd of hyenas wearing Hollister :/ But other than that I feel like I get pretty good crowds when I go to movies, the occasional loud person is usually also funny so most of the time I'm ok with it, haha.