It Ain't Easy Being Green

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! Here's a list of ten movie characters and creatures who don't ever have to worry about being pinched!


We have to start with the one whose song made my title possible (and a knock off song by Franklin from Arrested Development as well...) Kermit is such a lovable guy  frog! Seriously. Who doesn't like Kermit? He's practically always positive and extremely good hearted. I certainly can't imagine any of the Muppet movies without him....because well, there probably wouldn't be Muppet movies without him! Not only did he come first, but he's the glue that holds them all together!


Who else could I put next but Yoda!? This little green um....thing is indispensable to the Star Wars Saga. Making his mystical debut in The Empire Strikes Back, he helped make the scenes in Dagobah some of the most magical in the whole series...which instantly made him quite the unforgettable little Jedi Master. Technically he doesn't really always give the best advice....but he just delivers it with such style that who really cares!? He just seems so wise so let's just go with it!


In the last ten years, the Hulk has seen the big screen 3 different times....and each played by 3 different actors! First in 2003, there was Ang Lee's Hulk starring Eric Bana which was critically reviled. Now....I might get stoned for saying this, but...I never really got the hate for this movie. In fact...I kinda liked it! Haha! I never did see the 2008 reboot The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, (can't see them as a couple!) but I've mostly heard positive things about it. For me though, I adored Mark Ruffalo's take on the character in The Avengers. On repeated viewings, I'm not sure the film holds up quite as well, but his take on Bruce Banner does remain a highlight for me.


Most famous for her part in the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz, you can see her again in theaters now in Oz: The Great and Powerful. Having recently watched both films, I must say that particularly in the original, Margaret Hamilton does such a great job playing cinema's most iconic witch. The look of her certainly was incredibly influential...but it's definitely her acting that makes her memorable. Who could forget that cackle!? Her performance is definitely nearly impossible...so it's best not to try and compare when it comes to the new film.


Who can forget Slimer? His appearance in Ghostbusters was very brief but the anxiety he caused the ghostbusters searching for him was all too memorable. That sequence is probably one of the funniest parts of Ghostbusters (but really there are far too many moments to count.) Slimer is just a good solid, green ghost ripe with hilarity! I mean....just look at that FACE! He sure is an ugly little thing! I think he can hear you, Ray...


 It seems to me that there are endless Green people in comic book lore! Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Green Goblin....I know there are more! But I'm gonna go with Gobbie since his performance has been the most lasting and memorable. Willem Dafoe must have had a blast with this role because you can just tell he's eating it up. His villainous turn almost feels like it's straight out of a comic strip...in a good way. In my opinion, he's a large part of the success of the first Spider-man film.

SHREK - Oh Shrek. The definition of too much success can be a bad thing. The first two Shrek films were fun and entertaining enough...but the need to churn out more and more films really hurt this franchise with the last couple films. Shrek himself was probably one of my lesser favorite characters from his own series, but hey it's an ode to green guys and he is a green guy. He has his moments to be sure, but as for a computer animated green guy I've always more preferred the next guy on the list.....


This silly little monster voiced by Billy Crystal in Pixar's Monster's Inc. is just so much fun. I can't wait to see him reprise his role in Monster's University because I just had such a good time with the characters in the original! Mike & Sully make a great team, but Mike's antics are certainly the more amusing of the pair. This little curmudgeon who secretly is a softie deep down acts as the much-needed relief in Inc. and more often than not steals the show. From the looks of University, it seems as though he is poised to do the same.


Classically, this is a pretty fun monster and truly inspired the creature destroying a city genre. The 1998 one is pretty silly....I don't know when the last time was I watched that. Maybe I should watch it again for kicks. Film execs apparently think it's time to resurrect the "character" once more. In 2014, a new Godzilla film is due to appear. So far, the cast is all only in the "rumored" stage. But you can check it out HERE. My favorite incarnation of Godzilla? Probably this:


The squeeze toy aliens from Toy Story are a lovable group of naive followers. They'll worship anything different from them and....well they're good for quite a few laughs. They certainly serve as another way of influencing the preconceived notion of aliens since they are almost the perfect definition of "little green men"

That's all folks! I know I missed a few, so let me know in the comments which green guys or gals got slighted!


Sarah said...

I think this is a pretty good, comprehensive list. The only ones who are coming to me off the top of my head that you missed would be the Gremlins.

By the way, I got a kick out of how you accidentally misspelled Eric Bana's name. You might want to check that out and fix it. :)

Also, I just noticed this today, but have you ever noticed the adorable logo on the Toy Story aliens' spacesuits? It's a pizza planet. Get it? The planet has little mushrooms and pepperoni all over it. Great little detail.

Johanna said...

Ha ha! Unbelievable that you could come up with a list like this! Now, on to great Irish characters....Scarlett O'Hara's father. Or Irish actors: Maureen O'Hara.

Amelia said...

I never realized how many green characters there are! And a lot of truly lovable ones at that. I really do like Mike Wazowski, and of course, who doesn't like Kermit??