Well...I've now given you plenty of rental options for any mood you might be in this Valentine's Day, but I haven't given you any advice what to see if you're going out. If you missed it, here's my review of Warm Bodies...so you could always see that...but 3 new movies came out today! Unfortunately, I only went to a screening of one out of the three films opening today...so even though I can't give you reviews on A Good Day to Die Hard or Stupid Haven Safe Haven....I can tell you my thoughts on Beautiful Creatures.

Recently we saw a take on a Hollywood zombie/human romance....and now it's time for the witches to have a turn I guess. This film is somewhat of a mixed bag...but I have to assume it's a step up again from Vampire/human/werewolf relations!!! The biggest thing this film has going for it (besides Emma Thompson...but we'll get to her,) is this film's would be Bella. This time it's the boy who is the uninitiated one...and I have to admit, this southern fella is quite the charmer. You won't think so by the start of the film, but by the end he is unquestionably the best character this movie has to offer. He definitely carries the majority of the film...and it does help that it has some cool mythology to fall back on.

The female lead is probably the less interesting of the two...which is a little backwards since she has the powers and we should be very curious about her....but really she's kind of an open book. Alice Englert gives a decent enough performance...but it isn't too memorable. Her coupling with Alden Ehrenreich is nice...but after awhile they're basically just making out instead of building a believable relationship with the audience.

Jeremy Irons and Emmy Rossum turn in fine performances as well...but like I said, the real noteworthy performance is Emma Thompson. My goodness, this woman will never cease to impress me with her range! It is called upon her to play two very different roles and she plays both marvelously...especially the darker side. I felt like there was one scene, in particular, where I'm sure my jaw was left open by her talents. Seriously...I can't praise her enough.

Beautiful Creatures is a fun film, but admittedly a kind of long one. I also feel that this film, like Mama (but not nearly to the same extent...) is let down by a few cheesy, kitschy over the top moments and some less than impressive special effects. There were a few moments of unintentional comedy to be sure...so I guess I found myself enjoying the negative aspects as well! So this ain't some masterpiece, but hey...for a February film it ain't that bad. I'd say this is a perfect dollar theater or Redbox movie.



courtney wightman said...

i really liked this (helped that i didn't have a single expectation for it) ... i'd even say if you're DYING to go to a movie tonight, see this.

Joey said...

Niel thinks he should be able to talk me into this one since we saw "Warm Bodies." My question is where were these movies at Halloween?

Emily said...

I'm surprised Niel would even want to see it! And yeah it's weird they wouldn't be released in October.

Sarah said...

I love Emma Thompson. She is seriously amazing. Plus, she still looks dang awesome!