Small Screen Love: Memorable TV Couples

Okay so now that we've covered a lot of cinema's most famous big screen couples (my personal favorites will be making an appearance on Courtney's blog tomorrow,) I felt it was only right to pay tribute to the various love stories that have graced (or are currently still gracing,) the smaller screen in the last 20 years.

JIM & PAM - Their will-they-won't-they romance had to be one of my favorites I ever witnessed on television. However....unfortunately, once they got together the show took a nose dive in quality. I understand that the writers really couldn't have kept them apart any longer than they did without making the characters seem really unlikable....so basically I just wish the show could have ended at their wedding. Dragging the story on and on seemed pointless and only now in the end are they adding some spice to it. But I swear to you if these two separate by the end of this series it will be absolutely unacceptable.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Really so many to choose from....but I have to go with Jim finally admitting his feelings to, and later kissing Pam during Casino Night.

ZACK & KELLY - Who is ever lucky enough to meet the love of their life in high school? The next two couples on the list apparently. It also helps if you're the coolest (or at least preppiest) kid in school OR the head cheerleader. Sure these two had more on-again off-again moments than I can count (seriously though....what DIDN'T break them up!?) But they always found their way back to each other....and I don't care what "Zack Morris" says, they're still married.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Eh....they're all pretty similar to be honest. But Zack & Kelly sharing their last dance at Bayside.

COREY & TOPANGA - Okay. I'm calling BS on this entire relationship. Throughout the last half of the series (and perhaps even earlier) Corey utters time and time again "I've loved Topanga ever since I was 4 years old" and weaves some tale about him meeting her on the playground and it was love at first blah blah blah. How convenient of you Corey and the writers to forget the freak version of Topanga that existed in the first few seasons of the show. You know the one that was as nerdy as Minkus, that Corey and Shawn always tried to avoid. Yeah. THAT ONE. The real Topanga was replaced with a robot: the sexy Topanga reboot. When this happened, they replaced Corey Matthews' memories and the rest is history. That's my theory anyway. I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this....but I always found their relationship to be kinda melodramatic...but it definitely had it's moments.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Topanga arrives at Corey's door drenched from the rain and announces she will not move away from Corey.

CLARK & LOIS - I love all t.v. versions of this couple! I absolutely loved watching Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher, as well as Tom Welling & Erica Durance discovering their feelings for each other. Smallville definitely had more bumps along the way, while it was always smooth sailing on Lois & Clark minus the more unsatisfactory ending, unfortunately...since it was prematurely canceled. Both couples had a fun and playful relationship and chemistry to spare.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: The same! Dancing whilst floating.

GEORGE MICHAEL AND MAEBY - This coupling is so wrong it's...wrong. But you can't deny it is so hilariously entertaining and awkward seeing these two hormonal cousins interact. There's no way around it this show is dysfunctional....but if it makes you feel any better [SPOILER] they aren't actually biological cousins [/SPOILER] I can't deny I have a soft spot for George Michael, and I just want him to be awkwardly happy....with anyone but Ann (her?)

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Maeby suggests how to "teach their parents a lesson" to George Michael.

TED & THE FUTURE MRS. MOSBY/MARSHALL & LILY - Okay so this is a story that's still being told...but I have a feeling we're about to get the best stuff (....or so freaking help me.) Ted has given us 8 years of backstory, so this girl must be pretty fabulous to warrant all of that. As for Marshall & Lily, they are one of the solidest couples on t.v. Though it hasn't always been kittens and rainbows (pretty close though....) they constantly strive to do their best and make their relationship work.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT(S): Waiting at a train station after Barney and Robin's wedding.... And for Marshall & Lily: Greeting Lily at the airport accompanied by a marching band.

ROSS & RACHEL/MONICA & CHANDLER - Well you can't have a t.v. couples list without Ross & Rachel. Friends certainly isn't my favorite sitcom to ever air on television, but I must admit it knew a thing or two about the art of keeping couples apart while keeping it interesting, as well as letting another couple get together relatively early and keeping them together! Few other t.v. shows have been able to replicate this success! Chandler and Monica, in particular, were a really fun pair and handled very well.


PUDDY & ELAINE - Elaine sure dated her fair share of mimboes, but no one suited her quite like David Puddy. This has to be one of my favorite comedic couplings ever (though Tobias and Lindsay sure give it a run for their money..) Jerry described it best when he said "Clearly no one can stand to be with either one of you." That pretty much seals it. Puddy with Elaine was just absolute gold. Their weird attraction and their hilarious fights....they always kept it interesting, entertaining and hilarious.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Okay this one is definitely debatable....but I think I'll go with their breakups/reunions over the course of a plane trip from Europe to New York...with interference from Vegetable Lasagne.

JESS & RORY - As far as Gilmore Girls goes, I've always been a fan of the couplings most people are against. I abhor Luke/Lorelai and rooted for Christopher up til the very end (I like to pretend the series ends a little bit earlier in the last season... ) On Rory's end, I always felt that Jess was the most appealing of all her options. Sure he was trouble....but he was a lot LESS trouble than that jerk Logan, and far more interesting than Dean. It's a shame their relationship wasn't handled more properly, yet it was still probably my favorite relationship to come from that show.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Surprised to see Jess back in town, Rory kisses him at Sookie's wedding.

NED & CHUCK - Ned and Chuck's chemistry BURNED up the screen on Pushing Daisies. Their relationship was made all the more interesting by the obstacle of you know, not ever being able to touch one another or else Chuck dies. That little impediment always keeps things interesting...because otherwise these two would just be too darn blissfully happy all the time. Not every coupling works this well, but you could just FEEL it between these two.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: Chuck surprises Ned with a kiss.....with the aide of saran wrap.

OTHER MENTIONABLES I WOULD WRITE ABOUT BUT I JUST DON'T HAVE ANY TIME: Rob & Laura Petrie, Chuck & Blair, Jack & Kate, Jeff & Annie, Ricky & Lucy, Nick & Jess


Joey said...

Er, Rob and Laurie Petrie if you don't mind! They were the best tv couple ever. What chemistry. They looked like they enjoyed being married. And their arguments were hilarious. It's a pretty real show....joining in to be mad at their friends, feeling left out sometimes by Jerry and Millie (another great couple, by the way).

Ann Marie and Donald Hollinger. He was so doggone cute with her. I loved how he always took care of her.

An oldie that is overlooked is Ward and June Cleaver. All the cliches can abound but they are usually said by people who never watched the series. They were involved parents, she wasn't afraid to call him on things, and there is a real and natural affection between the two of them. It's actually very un-50's like.

Liked Meathead and Gloria and didn't like that they made them get divorced at the end. One episode where Gloria wore a brunette wig and Mike was ahem....extra interested is hilarious.

Loved Monica and Chandler didn't buy Rachel & Ross after "the break." The fact that they had a child together from a hook up is a turn off. And I don't buy that they will make it together to the end. How do you turn off all that history and knowing every partner your partner ever slept with.

Can't weigh in on the kiddie programs.

A lot of couples not to like because the guy plays a buffoon and the woman a shrew: Tim and Jill from Tim Allen Show, Ray and Debra from Everyone Love Raymond, the couple on King of Queens.

For the same reason in reverse, guys jerks, women take it: Fred & Wilma Flintstone, Ralph & Alice Kramden (is it ever funny when a guy tells his wife that he's gonna hit her to the moon), Archie & Edith Bunker and finally......

Samantha & Darren (especially Darren #2) Stevens. Talk about oppression. He spent 90% of the time yelling at her and it would end with her kissing him to appease him, but keeping her eyes open in case other family came around to mess up the delicate balance of their oh so mortal lives. What a waste for someone as beautiful as Elizabeth Montgomery. Yuck. Just Yuck.

Joey said...

Oh, and I really like Mike and Frankie Heck from "The Middle" but I don't think a lot of people watch that show. Very funny and very real. But in the end, you know they love each other and are in it for the long haul.

Sarah said...

Ahhhhh. I need to watch Lois and Clark again sometime soon. Ahhhhh. I would add Booth and Bones from...Bones. Mostly because it is one of the only TV shows I have ever taken the time to watch all the episodes of. :)

Joey said...

Oh, yes. Pam and Jim. One of the best done weddings in the history of TV. Favorite moment is when he cuts his tie to match her veil and she snaps the picture with her pretend camera. Also, the way that they look at each other when everyone else is making a fool of themselves dancing down the aisle. Love the communication without words that they have. If they break them up, they will have ruined the whole series because they were the best part.

Laurie & Clint said...

Are they making Jim and Pam break up? I'm out of the loop. That is really dumb. That is funny that mom referred to some of those shows as kiddie programs! ha ha. Of course I agree with Jess & Rory. I think it is dumb they ended their romance. And I actually think the majority of GG fans like them together best, not Logan. But yes, most like Lorelei and luke.

Amelia said...

Some great couples on this list. I seriously couldn't get enough of Rory/Jess and was so sad when that ended!!!!

Howard said...

David & Maddie from Moonlighting, and Mork & Mindy from, well...

Emily said...

Yeah I know Dave & Maddie are famous....never seen the show though.