Isn't It Romantic?

So now that we've covered rom-coms, rom-drams, tv couples AND movie couples what else is there to talk about? Plenty. I've got quite a few more blogs in me all leading up to Valentines (and maybe even one or two post Single Awareness Day.) Today's subject? 10 Great Romantic Moments in Film. Now, I won't be placing these in any particular order....just listing off a few of my favorites, so you'll have to be sure to tell me which ones are YOUR favorite, and always which ones I left off the list. Let's get started.

SIXTEEN CANDLES - Okay truth be told, I debated whether to include this on today's list or tomorrow's (which will be best cinema kisses...), but I felt it best belonged here....simply because you never really get that great of a view of the kiss before it freeze frames....and besides the moment begins LONG before the kiss. Okay well not that long. But the buildup to this moment lasts pretty much the entire movie as Sam has had the WORST birthday known to man, and the day after wasn't so great either....UNTIL: the crowds part and her longtime crush, Jake Ryan is found to be standing next to his sporty red car with a hopeful smirk on his face followed by a shy, yet flirty wave. I first saw this film as a teen, and every time this part sent chills down my spine. If only we were all so lucky to have a Jake Ryan in our lives. 

SAY ANYTHING - There's not too many more romantic gestures in a film that are more iconic than this one. Even though they're broken up and their relationship seems impossible at this point, Lloyd Dobbler shows his faith that he knows he can make things work with his love Diane by standing outside her window holding a boom box over his head, playing THEIR song. With all hope lost, this is his last chance but he does it because being with her is what he's good at....and gestures such as this show that he's not just whistling dixie. Since I'm pretty sure everyone and their dog have seen this scene before....I'm instead including the SNL version....JGL style!

PRIDE & PREJUDICE - If there's one thing we learned from Pride & Prejudice it's that Mr. Darcy sure knows how to walk across a field. Oh yeah and something about not letting our pride and prejudices cause you to judge someone too harshly and get in the way of true love...It's kind of hard not to swoon in this scene as Darcy declares to Elizabeth that "you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on." I know a few liberties were taken with this moment, but um, with that delivery....with that moment....I was 100% okay with that. All the scenes after that, I love as well, but there's something really great about seeing Darcy realize that FINALLY Elizabeth feels the same way...it just makes a heart feel happy. 

BIG FISH - I have many favorite moments in this film (I believe I mentioned in another blog how much I adored the scene where Edward Bloom first sees Sandra Templeton.) But the one that REALLY makes a girl weak in the knees has to be when Sandra opens her window to find the place COVERED in daffodils, her favorite flower, as far as the eye can see. Sure he doesn't really knowwww her that well yet, but sometimes you just know (in movie world only of course.) Besides he's Ewan McGregor he can get away with that kind of nonsense....especially when he sweet talks like that and comes with a billion flowers in tow. 

Feel free to end the clip at :30 before poor Ewan takes a pummeling.

TANGLED - So I'll admit it, the first time I saw this movie....and particularly this scene, my heart pretty much melted. I love the trend of the last few Disney films that really try to establish a friendship between the leads before they fall in love and this one leads to an absolutely adorable moment. Rapunzel's life desire has been to find out what the deal is with these floating lanterns that are released once every year, coincidentally on her birthday (seriously, you think the witch would have been smart enough to celebrate her birthday on a different day than the princess' but whatever...) After bargaining with Flynn Rider to take her there and later getting really close to him, he finds her the best seat in the house for the lantern show, and well....it's simply precious. Way better than giving her some stupid library! Who wants to read all those books anyway! Haha just kidding.

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER - So many great moments in this movie. It's a toss-up between this and the IKEA scene and while I believe that scene is very important since it allows them to play like a couple....the bench scene is a lot more impacting and truly romantic for the character of Tom. In this scene, Tom takes Summer to his favorite spot in the whole city and he talks to her about architecture....even giving her a little tattoo doodle on her arm. It sounds simple enough, but it's a lot more important than that. I believe this is the moment that really does him in, as it would anyone. This is the moment where it seems to him that she wants to know everything there is to know about him and she's loving it just as much as he is....and to him that's addicting. He's free to be himself and tell her everything he finds interesting, and she wants nothing more than to hear it. Besides that step up in emotional intimacy, the moment is romantic too because the location really is beautiful and the arm tattoo he gives her is just wonderful. How could you ever want to wash that off?

THE WEDDING SINGER - To stop the love of his life from marrying a complete jerk, Robbie Hart finally writes the perfect song to reveal his true feelings...and performs it over the loudspeaker of the airplane they all happen to be on. This scene really works for two reasons: the adorable lyrics as sung very sweetly by Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore's tearful reactions when hearing it. I'm not the biggest Drew Barrymore fan, but she really sells this moment as you can see how touched she is by this perfect song, and it really makes a perfect ending. 

10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU - Let's continue this serenading theme shall we? Oh Heath Ledger....you were so utterly charming. This moment like many others on the list, is indeed a grand gesture and probably the best moment in the entire film. It's one thing to serenade someone by yourself, but it's quite another to get a whole marching band to accompany you. Also add to the fact that he's got killer dance/run moves when people try to detain him, and not even a shrew like Julia Stiles can resist his charms. 

ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND - There are sooooo many moments in this movie as well and I'm really having a hard time narrowing it down to 1! I'll quickly mention how much I love the scene where Clementine confides in Joel that as a child she thought she was ugly and he kisses her and repeats "you're pretty.....you're pretty....you're pretty" until his memory of that moment disappears. Such a beautiful moment. My other favorite has to be Joel's declaration as they lie on the frozen lake to Clementine "I could die right now, Clem. I'm just... happy. I've never felt that before. I'm just exactly where I want to be."  You can't get much better than that.

SENSE & SENSIBILITY - The ever strong Elinor finally breaks down into uncontrollable sobs when she learns her true love DIDN'T marry the annoying chick he was engaged to. Like all Austen, the speech he gives is great, but my favorite part is seeing the emotion finally flow out of the usually guarded Elinor, coupled with her family's sheer happiness at discovering the happy news of their proposal. After all the pain that comes before in this film....this might sound silly, but to get to this point it is truly earned and unbelievably worthwhile. Kinda like life. Austen really was brilliant in knowing the most rewarding way to get her characters together and this story is proof of that.

That ought to do it. If some of your favorites are missing....save your breath  finger strokes, because they might be appearing on my movie kisses blog tomorrow! And if all those moments STILL aren't enough for you....check out this animated Disney short that is pretty darn sweet as well.


Joey said...

Oh, some really good ones here. Love Sense and Sensibility. I can't imagine how hard that was for Emma Thompson to film.

10 Things I Hate About You: that is such a great moment. Who wouldn't want a guy to do that for you?

Funny, enough, Love Actually has some of my favorite moments. The trombones playing at the wedding "All You Need is Love" but it's the wrong guy serenading her.

The marriage proposal from Colin Firth when he's learned Portuguese and the girl learned English.

The little boy finally catching up to the girl he loves.

Okay, a pet peeve here. Love Mr. Darcy's speech, but when Elizabeth takes his hand and starts kissing the knuckles while keeping eye contact, it's kind of creepy.

Don't know if you were doing proposals, but Mr. Knightley's ranks up there. I'll have to think of a few more of those.

Joey said...

Oh, and I can't believe you left off "Picnic" again. I defy you to find a more romantic moment in any movie!

I need to watch "A Big Fish."

Emily said...

I was saving Emma for my next list :) And I also forgot to include West Side Story! I mentioned my favorite moment of their's in other blogs though. Haha I still like P & P. And I DID consider including the Love Actually scenes.....Keira's storyline was filled with some great ones. But....like you said, wrong guy.

Sarah said...

Good moments. Oh, and that Disney cartoon short that you have posted on the very bottom was at the beginning of Wreck-it Ralph. I thought it was such a sweet little film! Very romantic. I would add the moment that Maria and Tony meet each other in West Side Story. Also, you know me, I love Anne of Green Gables. The end of that movie and Anne of Avonlea are very romantic. How about The Ghost and Mrs. Muir at the very end? Ooooh. That is one romantic movie. By the way, your warning for Big Fish should have been bigger. The romantic moment was pretty short compared to Ewan getting pummeled, and how the other guy ultimately met his own end. Ouch! I'll have to think of some more and comment later. I am being called by my children!

Sarah said...

Oh, and I already mentioned it once, but I love when Superman looks at Lois with his blue eyes and says, "I like pink very much, Lois."

Emily said...

I was hoping you would have heeded my warning! Don't spoil the movie for yourself! There's a montage that precedes that moment in Big Fish that is really great too and it really builds up that moment so it feels longer than it seems int he clip if that makes sense.