And Then He Kissed Me...

A few months back I wrote a blog on the top ten most repulsive kisses HERE (and at the time had thankfully not yet seen Gentlemen Broncos...which renders the whole list moot now,) but now it's time for its counterpart! I couldn't decide between including iconic movie kisses or including favorite movie kisses...so it's got a bit of both. I couldn't narrow it down to ten... So instead I have 12 and I'm leaving them unranked. But let me know which YOU'D choose for #1!


This has to be one of the most iconic kisses in film history. Many other films and likely numerous real life couples have tried to recreate the magic for themselves...but no one can quite replicate it. This film most definitely belongs to the melodramas of the 1950's where everything is the hugest tragedy ever. The movie is one giant soap opera, but I must admit this kiss is fantastic and incredibly memorable.


To be honest, I'm not entirely sure which kiss I'm even choosing....I just knew that one from this movie needed to make an appearance on this list. Every time Clark Gable kisses Vivien Leigh, you can just feel the passion. Their chemistry is just always about to burst through the screen at any moment...it's too bad Scarlett couldn't sense that! Whether it's their first kiss, the stair kiss or the one where she's in the black dress (from probably the most famous still of the movie...) Clark Gable's Rhett never fails to impress and secretly Scarlett knows it.


The most iconic of all pooch smooches (but to be fair, I'm not really sure how many of those there actually are...and who would care to even see them anyway.) I'm not a dog person at all... but their little spaghetti date is sweet and the moment is hugely memorable. I can't pretend this has the same weight as any of the other kisses on this list, but I definitely acknowledge its lasting impression.


I know I've talked about this one before...but this has to be my all time favorite movie kiss. The rain coupled with the orange cat are both beyond wonderful...but it's set up even better by the speech Paul gives her in the cab. I'll talk about this moment more in one of my next blogs...but it's absolutely crucial and makes the kiss so much more meaningful than the half a dozen shallow rain kiss wannabes.


This kiss is so good it ensured that Marty and his two siblings will all be conceived one day! Whoa. It is no secret my love for this movie, so I am not even gonna hesitate to say that George and Lorraine's kiss on the dance floor is perfect and a wonderful moment for cinema altogether. The music, the anticipation, the look... Everything was simply calculated to perfection.

If you for some reason HAVEN'T seen this film...don't watch the clip to spoil yourself!

Here is one of those shallow rain ripoffs I was mentioning earlier! But I won't argue that this kiss isn't memorable or effective. The hanging upside down factor with identity concealed is very cool. I just wish Kirsten Dunst had a wardrobe change...or at the very least wore a bra in that scene...

BONUS I guess...you get the kiss at the end since I couldn't find one without that!


I had to put this film on here since it seems that it was made for the sheer purpose of celebrating the movie kiss (well and movies in general :) ) Since I already have two rain kisses on the list, (and this one is great too...blows The Notebook out of the water,) I'll instead mention the first kiss of Elena and Salvatore in the projection room. Sweet, passionate and memorable. And if you want even more kisses there's a huge montage at the end...but it's better to catch edited.

Starts at about 1:40 in.


- Once again, the speech that precedes the kiss is what really makes this moment. Lifelong family friend Mr. Knightley confesses to Emma that he's in love with her in one of the most beautiful proposals known to man. Their established friendship makes this moment a truly beautiful one, so their kiss has a lot of sweetness to it...but there's still plenty of passion. The beautiful English setting doesn't hurt either...


Tone wise this kiss is pretty similar to Emma's. Once again, we have a long time friend putting himself on the line to see if the feelings are mutual. Before Faye leaves Guy just wants to know when the last time was (prior to her jerk boyfriend) that she was decently kissed...and then tries (successfully I'm sure) to blow that kiss out of the water. I just love this one. Their performances are just so fresh and genuine and it makes this scene very worthwhile. This definitely isn't quite so well known as the others in this list...but in my opinion it's fantastic.

Sorry for the quality, this was the only one I could find.


Did I mention in my other post about them how much crazy chemistry Leo and Claire have??? Every kiss they share in this film has the tendency to make one say "wow..." But their first kiss in the elevator has to be my favorite. The way it's all filmed and framed is just beautiful. You can feel their excitement at finding each other and how they can't wait to discover more about the other person. Plus I love their costume party outfits. This is just a fun scene.


Okay here is another scene that only works because of the insane amount of chemistry between the movie's leads. The whole movie you can just feel the romantic tension between George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. They love nothing more to argue, but we all secretly know that they just want to be making out...and they finally prove that at the end of the movie with a fantastic kiss. The lead up to this one is half of the fun as they yell at each other "What would you do if I kissed you right now!?!?" "You're NOT gonna kiss me right now....do you want to kiss me right now?!" Too bad those darn kids had to interrupt it. (Ann? Her?)


All right Sarah, I dedicate this one to you. It took almost TWO four hour films for Anne to realize that the love of her life has been standing in front of her the whole time (maybe Scarlett and Rhett just needed another 4 hours...) But you've got to hand it to her, she picks a very beautiful setting to reveal her revelation and also carefully, as always chooses the rhetoric to win him over (but really he was always hers to win.) I always loved watching this moment with my sister because I knew it was her favorite but it never failed to make me happy either :)

Well that's it! I know there are many more great ones, so tell me what they are below!


Joey said...

Good choices! I'd forgotten about Lady and the Tramp. It is sweet.

One Fine Day was really good. George Clooney knows how to do the build up. That little smile. Ah.

I've never seen Romeo & Juliet. Maybe I'll have to check it out.

Glad you added That Thing You Do. Love how he asks her and then the look on both of their faces. So sweet.

And I didn't know you'd seen From Here to Eternity. You constantly surprise me. You're well filmcated. :)

Joey said...

Oh and I think it's funny that in That Thing You Do, she has the answer to the question already. No thinking about it. The music adds a lot.

Emily said...

Haha I actually just watched it for purposes of this blog...but I kind of fell asleep. It was too soapy! And as for R + J, if that Great Gatsby trailer drove you nuts you probably wouldn't like this one either haha.

Joey said...

Oh, and it's especially sweet for her to be able to close her eyes after what she said to Jimmy.

Sarah said...

Good list, as always. Thanks for the Anne of Green Gables shout out. :) You know I love Gilbert Blythe. :) I think I need to watch That Thing You Do again.

Sarah said...

Oh, but since you mentioned "And then he kissed me..." how about the kiss at the end of Adventures in Babysitting? It has that song playing in the background and everything! That guy was cute. :)

Emily said...

And I titled this blog to make you make that comment hehe :)

Laurie & Clint said...

pretty sure mom wouldn't like Romeo and Juliet. Good list! Very well rounded. I am glad the Back to the Future made it, I wouldn't have thought of that because its not a romance film, but it is a great kiss and a great movie moment

Laurie & Clint said...

hey but you should have put adventures in babysitting since you used that song that is a good kiss

Howard said...

I don't know how you can beat a kiss at Fenway Park during a Red Sox victory over the Yankees (Fever Pitch), but my wife would probably say the best screen kiss ever was actually the non-kiss between Dermot Mulroney and Debra Messing in The Wedding Date.