Movie Resolutions

The new year is still young. Haven't made any new years resolutions yet? Never fear! To get you inspired I chose 10 movies, that to be honest are really random, with some good resolutions to get you inspired....
  • Make a goal to....make more goals.
    Stop bad habits and work on improving your physical appearance. Does she ever get around to that though? I forget.
  • Well....you can find that ugly duckling montage in a half dozen other movies so we'll also add find someone who loves you "just as you are", and learn to love yourself that way too.

  • Give other romantic prospects a chance, besides the one you've been obsessing over. 
  • Realize that suicide is never the answer, little trooper. 
  • Pay old debts (even as small as $2) before they come back to haunt you.
    Become more appreciative of your mother's cooking.
  • Attempt the impossible (the K12 man!) and learn that success suits you.

  • Be open to making new friends (even if it's not the type with whom you normally associate!) 
  • Try not to be a hermit....after all no man is an island. 
  • Be more truthful, honest and open.
  • Be less shallow and superficial. Sing with your eyes closed.


  • Don't stand for corrupt office politics, sort out your priorities! 
  • Wear less mascara if you're in love with a married man
  • (on a related note, don't be in love with a married man.)
  • Be sure to stick up for yourself and your property....
    And shut up and deal.


  • Stick to the goals you DO make.
  • Cook more often and learn to make something new entirely! (French cuisine is a good place to start...)
  • Be patient with your spouse....they might be on the verge of doing something incredible (be it becoming a famous chef or.....writing a blog. Hey I relate! Except the husband bit....) 
  • Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something or that your dreams aren't feasible. 

  • Travel more! (A trip to Greece should probably be in order...) 
  • Find clothes that express who you are (and simultaneously, who your friends are.) 
  • Step outside of your comfort zone!
    Befriend dying children, it might cheer them up. 
  • If your Dad doesn't love you as much as his new children get over it, that doesn't mean he doesn't want you in his wedding!


  • Don't romanticize the past, be content with the now. 
  • Find people that have the same interests as you, 
  • and don't waste your time with people that think walking in the rain in Paris is a dumb idea. 
  • In fact, spend more time in Paris and try to be more cultured in general.

  • Find God and discover your faith.
  • Try new foods. 
  • Learn how to be more resourceful. 
  • Visit the ocean. 
  • Spend more time with animals.
  • Remember to take many moments to look at the beautiful things that surround you.

  • Learn to forgive others and reconcile your past. 
  • Try to understand that even though some people my appear to be (and in some cases are) extremely idiotic, they have their strengths too.
  • A family vacation to Hawaii never hurt anyone (okay yes they lived there....but they did take a trip to a different island than the one they lived on!)

  • Live each day to the fullest!
  • Get a new hairdo.....but think very seriously before you do.
  •  Distinguish between the people who really care about you and the ones who don't.
  • Spend more time with your family and discover that your mom only worries about you because she loves you.

Well hopefully now you're all ready to tear up the new year! I'm sure I missed many more from these movies, and countless others. So if you think of some more feel free to share them in the comments section below!


Johanna said...

This was a wonderful blog!!!!

Now which resolutions do you need to live up to and which do I?

Good job, Em!

courtney wightman said...

i was loling all through this; life of pi: try new foods. hahahaha!

Sarah said...

Very good resolutions! My resolutions are very basic...

Emily said...

Haha uh....these aren't MY resolutions. Just general resolution suggestions!

miahwashburn said...

Some of them are my resolutions. But my get in shape non ugly duckling montage will just be me be awesome and then getting more awesome:)

Amelia said...

Haha loved all of these. Very nice. But now I want to rewatch a bunch of these!