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And now my friends, it is time for a blog that I should have written a long, long time ago. No....not my New Zealand blog...ha! But that might have to be forthcoming as well now that I don't have Christmas posts every day and can be a little more free with my content...THIS post is dedicated to the fictional films I'd love to see  that came from other movies and t.v. shows. There's actually a lot more than you may think, and to be honest.....I'm kinda surprised some hack screenwriters haven't stolen these ideas yet! Haha I guess just give it time....  But anyway, let's take a look at the best of the best!

We can't begin anywhere else but with the fake films featured in Seinfed....their fake movies were almost an art. My favorite of them all has to be Sack Lunch...probably because of Elaine's fascination with it and clear preference for it against the likes of The English Patient. How exactly could an hour and a half (minimum) be devoted to a sack lunch? And like Elaine I must wonder " Don't you wanna know how they got in there? You think they got shrunk down, or is it just a giant sack?" That is the question indeed Elaine. She enjoyed it enough to be happy when it came on again during her flight to Tunisia...so it must not have been completely terrible! But Sack Lunch wasn't the only film with an intriguing plot! Chunnel, Death Blow and Firestorm were sure to be the perfect popcorn action packed thrillers. Plus the direct to video release of The Other Side of Darkness about a woman who wakes up from a coma (and feels so refreshed, the first thing she asks for is a toothbrush..) sounds like it'd be worth a watch...on a really boring day! Then there's Vincent's picks! The Pain and the Yearning: A 192 minute film about "an old woman experiences pain and yearning." and of course Betrayed. Sometimes really all I need is the title to crack me up. Like Blame it On the RainBrown Eyed Girl, and The Muted Heart. Kramer reading the titles is an additional plus! For more read THIS ARTICLE it gave me a good laugh. And check out the full list of fake Seinfeld films HERE

Sorry about the subtitles, couldn't find one without.

My other favorite sitcom, Arrested Development had a few fake movies as well that I would have loved to see. Maeby Bluth had a few that she had her hand in as a big time Hollywood Producer, including The Young Man and the Beach (a much needed remake of The Old Man and the Sea) which may have featured a few unexpected cameos by a bunch of cats invading the shot, The Oceanwalker (a film about a couple who defy all odds to be with each other...including walking across the ocean) and the horror film Gangee with Lucille as the inspiration for the monster "I'm thirssssty" But my favorite has to be Homeless Dad. Why? You know why. For the catchy tagline: "I just want my kids back!"  I heard that Thomas Jane did some really great method acting in the film to get into character. Some people say this was the inspiration for Inception. I can see the similarities.

But those aren't the only t.v. shows to do it. Another favorie t.v. show Community also has their spoofs (Kickpuncher comes to mind,) and How I Met Your Mother dedicated a very hilarious episode (in my opinion....but haters gonna hate) to a fictitious film written by a former romantic rival of Ted Mosby....making him look like the villain. This rom-com got rave reviews and was a box-office smash! Plus it's good to see Chris Kattan in anything these days, even if it is in a very odd pairing with Malin Akerman (that of course is doomed to fail.) Check out the trailer below! Oh and while we're still on the topic of t.v. shows, The Office had a fake film portraying a December-June relationship between Jack Black and Cloris Leachman. Not sure I could stomach that one!

Many movies about movies, or movies that feature an actor or actress as a main character are bound to have fake films in them as well. Notting Hill, Win a Date With Tad Hamilton and America's Sweethearts (blech) come to mind. I remember Julia's character Anna Scott taking some pretty outlandish roles in Notting Hill....that the editor of Horse & Hound had trouble trying to relate with, which I guess leads her to take on some period piece towards the end of the film. Make sense. I have a soft spot for the ones in Win a Date, the war romance seems just delightful and a remake with Tad Hamilton in The Grapes of Wrath? Sign me up. Haha kidding! I'm aware of the blasphemy! Other rom-coms seem to make use of it as well. Friends with Benefits poked fun at the rom-com tropes by having their characters watch a pretty generic chick flick starring Jason Segel and Rashida Jones. Then of course there's the movie trailers that Cameron Diaz' character Amanda in The Holiday conjures up in both her imagination (looking at her own life) and that she works on for her professional career. LiLo pre meltdown teaming up with James Franco for an action flick? Who wouldn't want to see that? Haha okay the answer is probably a lot of people...But here's the clip from Friends with Benefits and the LilLo James Franco t.v. spot!

But the BEST fake movies? You want to know theeeeeeee BESSSSST fake movies? Look no further than below.

Han Solo or Indiana Jones! I do declare! What's a girl to do?

And my all-time favorite:

The Greatest Love Story of All-Time.

Thanks Amelia for the first poster, and Courtney for the second :) Well that ought to do it this time. Which fictional movie would YOU pay to see? 


courtney wightman said...

SACK LUNCH! hahaha. i dying. love those seinfeld fake movies.

courtney wightman said...


Kenny D said...

You are starting to show your delusion a little too much. The best movie within a movie is Action Doctor. The good news is, you're going to live. The bad news is...he's going to kill you.

Emily said...

Haha what with the posters? Meh. My blog I'll do what I want! Plus since I saw Ruby Sparks last night I felt the desire to be delusional! What's Action Doctor from?? And Courtney I could have done a whole post on Seinfeld ones :)

Kenny D said...

Scott Pilgrim!

Emily said...

Oh yeahhhhhh! How could I forget Scott Pilgrim!? *Hangs head in shame*

Allison said...

I'm afraid you forgot 'Hail to the Chimp'.

Sarah said...

I haven't watched How I Met Your Mother in Awhile. Did Stella really write a movie like that? I wouldn't have pegged her for the catty type. :)

And what happened to Topher Grace? He's so cute. He should be in something.

And heck, they DID make that Lindsay Lohan/James Franco movie look like a hit! Ha ha!

Emily said...

@ Allison. My mistake! I forgot how great the fake movies are in the Simpsons. I also love the rom-com with Julia Roberts, Richard Gere and Bill Pullman. "One groom? TWO GROOMS? But he can't but you can't.....ohhhhh my medication!" *faints into wedding cake*
Here's the Hail to the Chimp clip though :)


@ Sarah. I guess the guy she left Ted for wrote it to try and make money off the story. Pretty jerky move! Agreed about Topher and it's funny they show the science of making trailers to a tee. With that last moment "I didn't think two guns would be enough!"

Amelia said...

Haha the Seinfeld ones are probably my favorite but the Himym one is pretty great too!

Johanna said...

I always think of Rochelle, Rochelle because they talk about it so much. Love that the How I Met Your Mother one gives the whole story. Maybe I've watched too many rom coms, but I saw every bit of it coming. :)

This was a great post!