Beating the Blizzard

Another day, another blizzard. Sigh. Unfortunately, unlike last year I don't have an über warm trip planned to New Zealand and/or Tahiti to look forward to, as well as to break up this snow monotony (oh man I STILL need to do a blog on that....) My friend Amelia posted a great blog HERE with suggestions to keep your cool during winter madness. I liked the idea so much I came up with my own cinematically alternative list of films (and a couple of tv series) that just might sustain you through this dreadful weather.


Arrested Development - Who wants to go out at a time like this? Plop yourself on the couch and rewatch (or heaven forbid discover) the majesties of this hilarious television show in marathon fashion. And what better way to prepare for the long awaited return in May by revisiting the series now. I've been doing that same thing and I must say it never gets old. There is a new joke to be found every time you watch it and laughter is the best thing to get you out of winter gloom (seriously, it's done wonders for me.) Plus being set in California, the closest thing to snow you'll find here is a frozen banana...and that is A okay with me.

King Kong (2005) - Unfortunately this one does have snow when they end up in a snowy New York City towards  the end of the film. Thankfully though the first two hours or so (well...who is counting...) are instead set on a nice, presumably sunny and warm, albeit dangerous island. This film presents a great opportunity for a viewer to become one with nature and witness some very unique wildlife. If you really love monkeys I suggest you go with this title....or there's always Planet of the Apes.. I put it in this category because sitting through it sometimes feels like watching a whole t.v. series, but it could easily fit into the next category as well...


Jurassic Park - Okay, basically you get the exact same thing out of this one as you do in King Kong. But what do I know? Maybe you're more of a strictly dinosaur person than a monkeys and dinosaur person. Plus at Jurassic Park you've got better amenities (minus when the power goes out.) You don't have to tough it out as much as you do at Skull island (read: you don't have to sleep next to a monkey....instead you get a tree with "veggiesauruses" surrounding you.) The scenery is great and you can admire it from the comfort of a car....well until the power goes out, but even then you could have stayed in the car.

Jaws - Okay, I didn't really intend for this to be a full on monster movie post, so this will be my last one. I actually put this one on the list more because out of all of these "vacations" this one is without a doubt some place warm. The weather here is fabulous. Have you ever seen it rain in this movie? The skies are sunny and bright. Sure the water is infested with a murderous shark who happens to be very intelligent...so instead of swimming you can just work on your tan at the beach.

Castaway/Lost/Gilligan's Island - So maybe a Martha's vineyard type place isn't really your scene and you'd prefer to go somewhere more tropical, less crowded and without dinosaurs or giant apes. If you want alone time, go with Cast Away. If you want company, have got tons of time and want to be confused a lot (while also getting your fair share of Star Wars references...) go with Lost. If you want something less contemporary and you want something a little more mind numbing, Gilligan's Island is your best bet. If you pay close enough attention, you might even learn some valuable survival skills from all three (including but not limited to: making a radio out of a coconut)


North - So I know a lot of people REALLY hate this movie....I mean REALLY hate it. But...it's always been a childhood favorite for me for the idea alone that a kid gets to see anywhere in the world he desires to see. From Hawaii, Paris, New York City, Alaska, Africa, and China...the world is North's suitcase. Yes it's a suitcase full of racist stereotypes....but it's best not to take anything in life too seriously. Besides, why not enjoy this free world tour....AND this weird alternate reality that shows what would happen if Elaine and George from Seinfeld ever got together and had Elijah Wood as a child... But if kids movies aren't your thing, you can go for the adult version of having the ability to go anywhere with Up In the Air

Star Wars Saga - Why limit the vacation options to earth? There are endlessly cool places to visit in the GFFA (that's nerd speak for the galaxy far, far away.) If you want unbearably hot, there are volcano planets or desert planets to serve your needs. If you need some place with more moisture, there's planets made of water, swamps or just a cool island-y planet full of Wookiees. Forests, jungles, or just Italian like paradises....there's a planet for that. Or if for some reason you're a masochist, and to escape winter you want to watch scenes of torturous cold.........well the Empire Strikes Back is the one for you. Basically any type of place you want to go you can find here. Unless you want a place with hobbit holes...see Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Back to the Future - If you don't want to limit your vacation options to merely space, let's go for a destination anywhere in time. Unfortunately though your only options are 2 years from now, 1985, 1955 and 1985. Oh and you only get to stay in the same city too. But hey, your company is so delightful that it doesn't matter much at all....and hey you might even bump into your parents and threaten your entire existence! That sounds like a memorable trip if ever I've heard one! But if you want more time options, and still hilarious company (albeit far less intelligent..) you could always go for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.


Better off Dead - Okay, let's face it. This snow isn't going anywhere. So I guess it's time to think of things you can do with it....Well we know what Charles de Mar suggests doing with it, but I wouldn't recommend that. Personally, eating snow ice cream is a much better way to get snow in your system. I say take the Lane Meyer approach (aside from trying to kill yourself a few times...) and use the snow to your advantage: the K12. Unfortunately though skiing isn't really my thing....so the next entry has even MORE suggestions besides just skiing and snorting snow.

Groundhog Day - Learn how to make the most of a horrible snow day with a man who has spent presumably years in the same horrible snow day over and over and OVER. (Coincidentally that day is coming up on Saturday FYI...) Become an ice sculpture artist, master the piano, learn a new language, become a pro at throwing cards into hats (not really my first choice but hey...) perform acts of service and try every type of food imaginable. If there's any movie to help you beat the blizzard it's this one. Besides helping inspire you for things you could be doing, it also serves as a fantastic example of "it could be worse." Sure winter FEELS like Groundhog Day. lasting an eternity....but at least we know it WILL end and we won't have to spend as long in the snow as Phil Connors.

Well that's it for now. Hopefully some of my suggestions will help distract from this utterly drab weather, (can you tell that I may or may not have seasonal depression disorder?) and before we know it summer will return to us once more! Let me know what you think of my list and if there's any I missed in the comments below!


courtney wightman said...

i find myself REALLY wanting to watch gilligan's island.

Joey said...

I love Gilligan's Island. Just never thought of it as a snow day filler. :) I can't watch cold movies when I'm already cold. So I'll opt for the tropical.

Emily said...

Blast! I forgot I was going to include Mamma Mia on the list too. Haha oh well! And now I'm in the mood to watch Gilligan's Island too

Sarah said...

Great list! I feel like it has been too long since you posted something! Thanks for the shout out with the snow ice cream (everyone, scroll down below the picture of gazpacho to find the recipe for snow ice cream).

Good movies. I need to watch Groundhog Day this weekend. It has been too long! I love that movie!

Emily said...

Whaaaa??? I've been posting, you just haven't been commenting haha! And yeah I really have been crazing some snow ice cream.