Anticipation! Anticipaaationnn

Okay so I know that I already posted my preview for 2013 a few posts ago, but for the monthly post at Courtney's blog I've now made a list of the Top Ten films for 2013. These are the films of the new year that I'm MOST excited to see. And actually.............there's a few on the list that weren't on my preview so check it out at the link below!! And as always, the hints are below that :) Enjoy! Apologies for the mini post here, but stay tuned to the blog! I've got some more good posts coming! Even though I'm not anywhere close to giving you a Top Ten for 2012 (as usual) if all goes well next week you can expect my list for the top 10 worst of 2012 as well as the top 10 unwatchables from 2012. But until then, enjoy once more looking ahead to what's in store for 2013.


Johanna said...

I think the movie industry is passing me by, with the exception of the Oscar push in the Autumn and indies.

Sarah said...

I don't know what I think about Superman. I guess we'll have to see. Christopher Reeve did it best in the film arena and part of me wonders if he can even be matched. The preview looks good though.

Emily said...

I'm shocked you had nothing to say about The Snow Queen!