25 Days Of Christmas Movies Day 7: We don't want to scare the DICKENS out of people!

TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: This film is incredibly and unfortunately uneven. It has moments where it works, largely due to Bill Murray and the flashes of likableness he gives his Scrooge-esque character (kind of against the point I know, but still...you definitely need to find something redeeming so that you actually root for the character to change..) but the writing is too bi-polar for even him to carry off. The scenes where it gets slapsticky (AKA the entire segment of the Ghost of Christmas Present played by Carol Kane) are practically unbearable. You want the ghosts to move you to change, not to make you feel murderous towards them! But it's still a version of Dickens, and for that it's not a waste. But my advice would be unless you're a die hard Murray fan, go for another adaptation. 
NEXT FILM ON THE LIST: A Charlie Brown Christmas


Johanna said...

I never liked this movie. It was a huge disappointment when it came out.

Emily said...

Yeah. Definitely a lot of wasted potential.

Sarah said...

I never have seen this from beginning to end. I've only seen very short snippets. Maybe if it is on TV, I will catch it. Otherwise, I won't go out of my way to see it. :)

Emily said...

That sounds about right ;)

Howard said...

Love Bill Murray, but not this movie.

Johanna said...

Totally agree with Howard. Usually his sarcasm works really well and you would think it would have been a good fit for a funny movie about Scrooge. I blame the writing. And talk about your couple mismatches, Karen Allen? Really?

I read an article once that said she must have had one of the worst agents ever to have not fielded better offers which must have come her way after Raiders of the Lost Ark. You would have thought that could have spun into a great career, but no.