25 Days of Christmas Movies Day 3: All You Need is Love

TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: This charming star-filled, holiday themed rom-com is great....but unfortunately inspired quite a few mediocre wannabes (I'm looking at you New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day.) Ah well.....at least it lead to the hilarious parody below as well.

But this film is the exception...and does the multiple storylines and characters thing right. Honestly, I'd watch the film just for Emma Thompson's performance. What she accomplishes in just a few scenes worth of screentime is pretty impressive. So why should you watch it around Christmas? Well because apparently Christmas is the one day a year where you can truly be honest with people (is that really a thing??) Don't ask me why the other 364 days in the year won't work....so you better watch it during the holiday season.
UP NEXT: The Muppet Christmas Carol.


Sarah Washburn said...

That "preview" made me chuckle to myself repeatedly. I love all of the stars--especially that the late Charleton Heston was able to make an appearance. :)

Johanna said...

Ha ha! That was really funny. However, you should note that you have only seen edited versions of Love Actually and have never seen the porn stars storyline.

Emma Thompson is amazing and there are a lot of story lines to really, really love. Although the Laura Linney one makes me mad. But you knew that.

Amelia said...

Emma Thompson is crazy good in this movie. But my favorite story is still Colin Firth's bit :) I love that you included this parody!!! Everytime I notice somebody new haha.

Howard said...

The multi-storyline movies, especially the ones where parallel lines intersect at the end for some "you never saw this coming because we are smarter than our audience" finish usually bore me to tears, but this one is quite good. I need to watch it again.