25 Days of Christmas Movies Day 18: God Bless Us! Everyone!

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: Mickey's Christmas Carol
TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: This short little film is a delight. Again, along with The Muppet Christmas Carol, this is one of my favorite adaptations (and YES, I've read the book in case you're wondering.) Sure it skips out on a few important scenes here and there, but it still manages to get the spirit of the story despite being only 20 minutes long or so. There's a simple sweetness and humor that just isn't captured every other time this story gets retold. As a child, this was always one of my favorites, and it still owns a soft spot in my heart to this day.
UP NEXT: The Nativity Story


Sarah said...

This is one of my favorites. It still makes me tear up!

Johanna said...

You know, The Christmas Carol has been done and redone by everyone from Jim Carrey to Mr. MaGoo. (Look it up). This is definitely one of the sweetest. Love the gentle humor.

Favorite line is when he talks about Marley leaving money for the funeral and he says, "And I had him buried at sea!"

courtney wightman said...

just DVRed this, i'm excited.

seanmackay.net said...

Dickens is neat.

Howard said...

Disney is a master story-teller, so it should be no surprise that Mickey and Crew can play Dickens. Again, I prefer the original story, but this is fun.