25 Days of Christmas Movies Day 17: Play Ball!!!

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: This movie has plenty of laughs, however if you've seen it all before countless times, at least for myself, it loses a bit of its luster. Slapstick humor doesn't hold up as well over time as much as clever dialogue does, and while there is some of the latter there is far more of the former. But still I can't deny that it is a pretty good time and my favorite part for sure is the yuppie couple next door featuring Elaine Benes...I mean Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (who did not star in a Seinfeld spin-off called Elaine in case you were wondering). My least favorite part would be the slutty sales associate Clark flirts with and later fantasizes about...oh yeah he's SOME family man!
UP NEXT: Mickey's Christmas Carol


Sarah said...

I DO love the yuppie next door neighbors. They always make me laugh. Plus, I always get a kick out of Audrey and Russ (no matter who is playing them). But yeah, why is Clark ALWAYS fantasizing about another woman? I think the only vacation movie that he doesn't is Vegas Vacation...and then it is his wife's turn to fantasize about Wayne Newton.

Johanna said...

That's sweet revenge in Vegas Vacation. She's not really fantasizing so much about Wayne Newton as he is fantasizing about her. :) Hate that Clark is a womanizer when he has this beautiful woman who puts up with all of his stuff. He, of all people, should not have wandering eyes.

I still like watching this one. It's the type of movie that you laugh because you know what's coming. Love Audrey & Russ, although my favorite Audrey is in European Vacation. And it's hilarious that they change as to which one is oldest depending upon the casting whim.

Other favorite characters....well, of course, the real life kind of nutty Randy Quaid. Hilarious.

Howard said...

Gotta be in the right mood to watch a Vacation movie, and this one's no different.

I wonder if men would find Clark's infidelity so funny if we realized the writers are poking fun at us.

Johanna said...

Well, this is sitcom-men-are-stupid-and-dads-are-the-worst humor. That is it's downside. No Ward Cleaver here.