25 Days of Christmas Movies Day 16: Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men

TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: Sometimes I get really tired of seeing the ugly side of mankind represented so often in film....because let's be honest, it's bad enough in real life. So when a movie comes along that highlights the good found in humanity it is so refreshing....and even inspiring. War movies aren't what you would typically associate with a great Christmas story, but this World War I tale completely nails the wonderful influence the Christmas spirit can have in bringing people together and seeing them as they really are. It takes awhile to get going, but once the ceasefire begins I was pretty much captivated. FYI there is a quick sex scene near the beginning you might wanna skip if you are watching with the fam...and also there's a moment when another guy has a hard time leaving a corpse...and it gets weird. Otherwise the film is absolutely clean as a whistle and very much worth your time.
EMILY RATING: 9/10 (For the scene in the picture above alone!)
UP NEXT: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation


Sarah said...

I was just reading about this ceasefire the other day. One of those beautiful reminders that we are all humans, and no matter what, we have things in common and we can show goodwill towards our fellow men.

Johanna said...

I'm going to have to check this out while I'm sewing away. :)

Howard said...

This is a story worthy of recognition, but I can't really get over the hypocrisy of having a ceasefire to honor Christmas (Christ?) and then returning to battle.