25 Days of Christmas Movies Day 13: Elves With Attitude

TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: I always have enjoyed this film....it's very much akin to Hocus Pocus: fun and magical when you're a kid, and full of sarcastic silly humor when you watch it as an adult. Now that I think of it, quite a few things must have flown over my head as a kid....but being distracted by the magic at the North Pole, (their interpretation was close to how I always pictured it) I focused my intentions entirely and only on the story at hand. Like Satna Claus is Comin' to Town this movie has got all the answers for curious kids ha. Plus Judge Reinhold is kinda a hoot.
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Johanna said...

You know, I really do like this one and it's one of the few that have come out in the last 15 or so years that has become a real classic.

The divorced child coming to grips with losing his father as he was is kind of sad, but there is enough humor to really offset it.

Tim Allen really did well in this. He's limited in his scope, but this was a good fit.

And, yes, Judge Reinhold is so funny.

And amazingly, the what could be a major plot hole (that there is not just one Santa forever and ever) becomes believable.

Emily said...

All good points. I completely agree, especially about Tim Allen. His sarcastic brand of humor really worked well here.

Sarah said...

We have already watched this one a number of times this year. We have the whole trilogy. The best is, of course, the first one. That is the one Peter has watched repeatedly. It really is a sweet movie with a lot of sass. It is also a good movie to watch to fight the battle against those skeptics out there who don't believe in Santa Claus and teach their kids not to believe too (and of course, those kids just love to blab it to the world).

Howard said...

I had to Google this one, because the movie I remembered didn't sound like the descriptions I read here. Turns out I was thinking of Christmas With The Kranks, which also stars Tim Allen.

Now I've got my mind right. (Do we get more extra points for using movie quotes in our comments?)

I only saw the first Santa Clause, and I enjoyed it. Allen may be limited, but his timing is great. He makes me laugh.

Oh, and Sarah: You talkin' to me? (That's 2). That's right, Santa doesn't exist, and I'm gonna tell your kids the truth. Bwahahaha!

Emily said...

I should mention there is a disqualification on the contest for any Scrooges who spoil Santa for kids. ;) Heh heh heh.

Teea Lamb said...

Love this show! This has been a family favorite for many years. So quoteable and so funny! I do think Charlie is a little too whiny at times, but it really is a classic.

Emily said...

Hahaha yeah I'll agree re: his whininess.

StevenHamilton said...

This should be a ten!

Sarah said...

Howard, Santa DOES exist. :) And stay away from my children. :)

Howard said...

I'm the guy who went out in the middle of one Christmas Eve night to throw rocks up on the roof of my house above my daughters' bedroom to make them believe reindeer were landing. Honestly, you have no worries that I'll spoil anybody's fun.

And don't give Scrooge a bad rap, Emily. He never objected to Santa Clause. His beef was in people wanting to get a day off from work. :)

Unknown said...

Favorite Character: Bernard the Elf. :D