25 Days of Christmas Movies Day 12: A Day To Celebrate the Light

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: The Star Wars Holiday Special
TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: Have you ever wondered if there were holidays in the Star Wars universe? Or cooking shows? Or perhaps you wondered if old Chewbacca ever had a wife and kid. Or maybe you wondered what it'd be like if Princess Leia burst into song. Well....the answers are found in this mind numbingly horrible and unintentionally hilarious t.v. special. I don't know howwwww this movie got made, and even more shocking is how the entire cast (sans Alec Guiness which makes sense) agreed to be in it. Oh and Bea Arthur. She's in it too. As a singing bar tender. This movie is absolutely horrible....but it must be seen to be believed. As the unwanted and unforgotten sibling of the Star Wars saga.....I would never say DON'T watch it. But if you haven't noticed I'm incredibly biased. Is it a waste of time? Well yes, absolutely. But you may find a laugh or two :) Unless you're George Lucas

EMILY RATING: a loving 2/10 
UP NEXT: The Santa Clause


Sarah said...

Ha ha! I like that you saved this one for your birthday. With each point of description you shared, it just seemed more and more unbelievable. Bea Arthur? Really?! Ha ha! I HAVE to see this.

Johanna said...

How have I not known about this? Sounds better than Hardware Wars!

Howard said...

I cannot imagine why I need to see this one.

courtney wightman said...

now that you've made me watch this one, i can say with confidence that ONE AND ALL should have the opportunity to see this, it is ... just something you have to experience for yourself in this lifetime.