25 Days of Christmas Movies Day 1: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Welcome to both the first day of December, as well as the first day of my 25 Day's of Christmas Movies Blog Series! Each day I'll be doing a short post sharing my thoughts on different holiday classics. A different film every day leading up to Christmas. Pay attention to all the films and let me know which ones are your favorites. There coullllllllld be a contest coming up. Details to follow later :)

LAST FILM WATCHED: A Christmas Story
TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: It's been a family tradition for as long as I can remember in the Mackay household that this film is the bridge between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It isn't Christmas time without it. But besides my own tradition, it's a hilarious masterpiece that completely captures the childlike wonder felt throughout the whole season and it's great for the whole family to watch.


Sarah said...

It's definitely one of my favorites. The thing I love about it is that it speaks to both children and adults. As a child, I could totally relate to the magic of the Christmas season and the anticipation that came with it. Now, as an adult, I TOTALLY relate to the parents. :)

Johanna said...

And I've never had a warm meal in over 15 years either. Sarah is right. The subtle humor between the couple about the lamp, the furnace, etc.; the magnification of events from the child's point of view....both are magnificent. Hasn't EVERY child imagined how sorry his parents would someday be for punishing him? I know I did.

Very quotable movie.

Howard said...

Haven't seen this one. Probably should.

Teea Lamb said...

This is a classic in my husband's family, but we never watched it growing up. I just recently sat down and watched the entire thing for the first time. The best part was watching it with my father in law. He laughed through the whole thing (even though he's seen it a thousand times) and told us so many stories of how it was just like his childhood. I loved it. I probably still don't appreciate it like I should, but my husband is working on that. :)

Johanna said...

Howard, your whole family would love this one. I can't think of another movie that does such a good job of taking you back to childhood. We grew up a full generation later and, yet, I watch it and think, "I thought that!" "I felt that way." "We used to do that."

I wonder if today's kids will feel the same.