25 Days of Christmas Day 8: Christmastime is Here

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: A Charlie Brown Christmas
TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: I never remember particularly LOVING Charlie Brown cartoons...I just always remember feeling it was kind of "take it or leave it" pleasant....but it really wasn't my thing. However lately with the re-watches of both this and the Thanksgiving special, Charlie Brown is speaking to me. Is it bad I can relate with Charlie Brown (the character)? Probably. But the message in this short film about remembering the true meaning of Christmas is wonderful....I'm glad it has stood the test of time because we need what it has to say now more than ever. I just hope it can stay untouched.
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Johanna said...

I wonder if the same message could be presented today without it becoming schmaltzy. I think some sweetness in society has been lost.

Nothing beats Linus's theme, though.

Emily said...

Yeah I don't think there's anyway this could have been made today. Firstly it wouldn't be allowed, and secondly like you said.....that same sweetness doesn't really seem to exist anymore.

Sarah said...

I love this one. It is definitely a Christmas classic!

Howard said...

I'm a Peanuts fan, so I would have liked it regardless, but Linus' speech is what makes this movie so great.

Teea Lamb said...

We watched this one over and over and over last year. Not sure what the kid loved about it, probably the music? Even still, I still enjoy watching it. It really is a classic.