25 Days of Christmas Movies Day 4: Wherever You Find Love, It Feels Like Christmas

LAST MOVIE WATCHED: The Muppet Christmas Carol
TO WATCH OR NOT TO WATCH: The Muppet rendition of this cherished tale is very well done...a film full of heart that the whole family can enjoy (unless for some reason you hate the Muppets and are a total scrooge.) Michael Cain joins the Muppet clan as Scrooge, and gives a surprisingly fantastic performance. The Muppets all take on a role in the story, but still remain themselves...which is part of the fun for both kids and adults. And the music is fantastic. I always find myself humming the songs throughout the season (and let's be honest.....throughout the whole year.) Personally, I think it's one of the best adaptations of the story (though I'm quite fond of Mickey's Christmas Carol as well....but we'll get to that) because it can appeal to both young and old without sacrificing the heart of the story.
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Johanna said...

And it is a most amazing story that has been stolen and overdone by hundreds of avenues of art. And, yes, this is one of the better adaptations.

Nothing competes with Scrooge's rebirth. It truly is a carol (by definition, a song of joy). It reminds me of an old Negro spiritual song about the gospel and sitting down in His kingdom called "Ain't That Good News." Gospel = Good News. Scrooge experiences the ultimate good news, a second chance due to the Atonement of Christ.

By the way, Ebenezer is derived from Hebrew meaning stone of help. In the scriptures, the rock is Jesus Christ or the word. Ebenezer becomes a stone, or a disciple of Jesus Christ at the end when he learns to help his fellow man.

Dickens is deep.

Sarah said...

I just love the Muppets. This is one of my favorites. Honestly, I think the Muppets and Mickey Mouse are the only ones who have fully captured the story of A Christmas Carol with all of its heart and magic.

Laurie & Clint said...

The book is the best version! You should read it if you haven't. But I do like me the muppets. Too bad Clint has a zero muppets tolerance.

Amelia said...

You really can't beat the muppets :)

Howard said...

I love the Muppets, but I feel sorry for anyone who has only seen this version of A Christmas Carol. I'm partial to the original Dickens' story, and consider everything else to be diversion. I personally like George C. Scott as Scrooge, but best yet is to read the book. Oops! That's not our purpose here, is it?

Teea Lamb said...

One of the best movies ever. :) I can probably recite the entire thing. I love everything about it!

Johanna said...

Howard, we could totally debate the definitive version. Alistair Sims? Reginald Owen? Patrick Stewart? It's a role that every actor would want to play if given the chance. And a lot of the older movies catch the emotion really well.

The book is amazing and I would suggest it to everyone. Love Dickens. Love the message of this inspired book.

Howard said...

Do you remember Dan Deniro playing Scrooge at Hillcrest? I was Bob Cratchit (in my acting debut). :)