You just bought Lucasfilm! What are you gonna do?

The answer to my title? Build a Star Wars DISNEYLAND!!!! Well....we can all only hope, dream and pray that's what happens. But wait a minute...let's back track for a moment. What exactly am I referring to? Well, unless you've been living under a rock in a galaxy far, far away....I'm sure you've heard about what is probably the biggest entertainment industry news that has happened in my lifetime. Disney.... THE Disney....bought my boy George Lucas' company Lucasfilm, and all the rights to it for a lofty 4 billion dollars....AND if that news wasn't enough to process, add the fact that Disney plans to release another film, Star Wars Episode VII in 2015.

When I first heard the news I was honestly devastated. It was pretty much a nightmare to think of all the harm that could happen to this franchise. I know Star Wars is George Lucas' baby, and if he wanted to put it up for adoption, well it wasn't really my say....but I still couldn't help but feel extremely sad and worried about the future of this beloved galaxy. It's hard as a fan not to get attached and feel a sense of ownership over something....that's the only way I can explain the outrage over every little thing George decides to change or uh just the prequels in general haha. I've always respected that it should be George's vision as the creator, so hearing and feeling like he was abandoning these movies for money really was a terrible feeling. And what's worse is abandoning it to Disney....a company notorious for not knowing when to say "no. enough is enough." It scares me of the unlimited power they get from this and how nothing could possibly reign them in. I mean for Pete's sake, they're doing a television series sequel to freaking Boy Meets World. When they get a cash cow they milk it dry.

BUT.....with all that said....I'm starting to see the bright side and the utter positives that COULD arise from these turn of events....IF Disney handles this transaction with complete care. Ironically, what made me feel more at ease, was hearing from "the maker" himself on how he carefully made his decision....and that in fact, this new trilogy will be based on story treatments he's had for awhile. (Mark Hamill mentioned that Lucas told him last YEAR the plans for the new trilogy....so at least this isn't coming out of NOWHERE.) In the right hands...this could be wonderful, and honestly the best thing in the world. But in the wrong hands? All I can say is...holiday special. So what could they do to ensure that things turn out for the better? Here are my suggestions via list form.

1. GET THESE FILMS IN THE HANDS OF A TALENTED DIRECTOR. A director really makes all the difference, and even George himself would be the first to admit that. I know people have their grievances with the prequels and I understand them, I do. Though I've never had a problem, I know that adding a new creative eye to this franchise can be pretty exciting, IF done right. Don't just get anyone. GET THE BEST. Get someone that understands what made the movies great. Humor, characters, action and story. This must be the focus. These movies shouldn't be throwaway sci-fi....they have all the potential in the world, and the right director can bring that out and make this franchise shine. My picks? J.J. Abrams, Sam Raimi, Joss Whedon, Jon Favreau, or Brad Bird.

2. MAKE 7, 8 & 9 BUT THEN FOR GOODNESS SAKE, EXPLORE OTHER STORIES WITHIN THE GALAXY. No one wants to see Star Wars Episode XXXVII decades from now where we're STILL following the story of the Skywalkers. (Darth Vader's great great great great great GREAT grandson anyone?) You can only do so much with one family. Now that doesn't mean there's not endless opportunity elsewhere within this galaxy. Let's just focus on different times, places and people please. I was really looking forward to the long rumored live-action show (which I still hope happens...) that was supposed to be set in between the first two trilogies and said to be focused on characters we'd never met. There is endless potential of a humongous timeline with countless planets here, so let's not keep telling the same story over and over again. After Episode 9 I'm not opposed to more films....but no need to keep trying to tie ALL of them together. Just go for spinoffs after the George stories are out (and I'm assuming that ends with Episode 9.)

3. DON'T HAVE THE NEW TRILOGY BE THE ADVENTURES OF AN AGING HAN, LUKE & LEIA. No one....I repeat NO ONE, wants to see that. Especially (and my sincerest apologies) with the current physical state of all of the cast. I was actually surprised with how good Harrison looked in the last Indiana Jones film....but that's already been a few years since that was filmed and neither he, nor his co-stars are getting younger. We don't want to see how Han & Leia grew old....or that they've changed at all....which is one of the real difficulties about making a sequel to such an iconic trilogy that was made 35 years ago. So that leads us to re-casting then right?

4. DO NOT RECAST ICONIC ROLES!!! Nope. Sorry that's sacrilege. Now it worked in a Star Trek reboot, but Star Wars is a whole 'nother animal. Yes I know that's my bias speaking...but it's true. The only answer I can think of is to have Han, Leia & Luke in incredibly minor roles....Have them take on the Obi-wan and Yoda roles and leave the brunt of the story for a new generation. I'm not saying adapt those old novels that have been around for ages....Go with what George has got and we should be good. And I have an inkling that what he's got, IS about another generation of Skywalkers. To go along with this, I'd also add NO REBOOTS. No recasting, no redoing. period.

5. MAKE A STARWARS-LAND PARK. Do it. Seriously Disney....DO IT. Look at the success of the small Harry Potter world at Universal. The world of Star Wars is even bigger than that, and thus the theme park potential even greater. Just imagine the possibilities for rides, restaurants and activities. A speeder bike chase ride from Return of the Jedi, the Tatooine cantina from A New Hope, an asteroid chase from Empire Strikes Back. Oh and the prequels have their merits too! A podracing ride would be most excellent....and I wouldn't mind eating at Dex's Diner, so long as that big fat alien has his pants pulled up! And I'm not the only one to have this idea. A conceptual artist took this idea and ran with it awhile back and presented it to Star Wars nerds long ago. And his imagining was better than anything I could have ever even dreamed of. Seriously...if THAT park became a reality...you just KNOW Star Wars nerds like me, would make the trek (hopefully to California!!) every. single. year. Every world in Star Wars gets to be its own "land" in the park? Brilliant.

Sooooooo....while I'm very nervous about these recent developments, I have become optimistic that in the right hands this could be the greatest thing ever. The prequels were the first movies that I followed from development to screen, and looking forward to another trilogy is going to be pretty exciting. These movies were the ones that sparred my love of film and desire to get involved in the filmmaking process, and perhaps one day since this series will live on and on, I could get the chance to work on them. Verrrrry unlikely I know, but a girl can dream. :)


courtney wightman said...

that picture of aging han, luke and leia ... it's great. can't wait for star wars land!!!

Johanna said...

Loved your title! Very clever. Yeah, even from the photo, the picture of HF and CF, you don't feel chemistry. And why should you? Even if they had married, it would be long gone after a few kids. :) :)

Maybe I sound a little cynical.

Allison said...

If you love something, you have to let it go and be free. Especially if there is Hilary Duff as Fran Solo and Robert Pattinson as Duke Skywalker. :) (I just like to make you mad. That's all.)

Sarah said...

You know, I've been very pleasantly surprised with the superhero shows that have come out lately. There are a lot of devoted fans that are in the film-making world who have the talent to do great things with the future movies. I agree with your do's and don'ts list though. And a Star Wars theme park would be awesome!

Amelia said...

Star wars land would be a blast! Maybe Disney's already secretly got a spot picked out.

Emily said...

I'm hoping it's in Califonira :)