Well for better or for worse, today is finally the day. I have a feeling I'm about to be severely depressed for the next four years....but at the very least all this crappy election coverage will all be over shortly enough. To take a little bit of the edge off of the anticipation of waiting for tonight's results, I propose we hold our own election. An election to elect the best fictional movie president and non-fictional movie president of all. Here's the ballot, and below you'll find the description of the candidates that made the short list.

*Note error in ballot. George Bush Senior in the Simpsons episode. NOT W.

If I left any off of the ballot you can write in your vote in the comments below. Now, I will admit that I haven't seen all of these movie presidents in action...they were nominated by my friends on my facebook status thread...but I will try and give the best background on them as I possibly can. :) So let's start with the fictional.


Harrison Ford - President James Marshall of Air Force One. President Marshall's firm resolve against terrorism ticks off the wrong people, which results in Air Force One being hijacked with him and his family on it. Throughout the crisis his priority remains his family and the notion that he will never negotiate with terrorists (his overused words not mine.)

Morgan Freeman - President Beck of Deep Impact. This guy sure knows how to give an inspiring speech of hope to people that are completely screwed over. Though he can't save everyone in America, he puts forth a plan to save the country's best and brightest. Well better than nothing I guess, but I'm pretty sure I'd be toast in this scenario.

Bill Pullman - President Whitmore of Independence Day. When you're President of the U.S.A. and aliens just invaded what do you do? If you're President Whitmore you just don't bring the country together....you bring the WORLD together.

Kevin Kline - Dave Kovic/President Bill Mitchell in Dave. Kevin Kline pulls double duty playing both the President AND the President's doppelganger that take on the job after an accident. Both have very different policies and priorities as President. One works on his "marriage" and values children and education. The other took a more....shall we say, Bill Clinton role as a President if you know what I mean.

Michael Douglas - President Andrew Shephard of The American President. Recently widowed President Shepherd is looking for love! Will he find it in a beautiful environmental lobbyist? Probably yeah.

Mark Harmon - President James Foster of Chasing Liberty. Younger attractive President with an angsty daughter looking for love. Better send a hunky secret service agent to protect her.

Michael Keaton - President Mackenzie of First Daughter. See above since the plots and characters are virtually the same. But hey how random The first lady is played by Margaret Colin, who also played an advisor to Bill Pullman's president in Independence Day.

Bruce Greenwood - "the president" of National Treasure 2. Not sure why this one stood out to me....maybe it's because I find anyone shady that trusts Nicolas Cage.


Which fictional movie president would YOU vote for?
Harrison Ford - Air Force One
Morgan Freeman - Deep Impact
Bill Pullman - Independence Day
Kevin Kline - Dave
Michael Douglas - The American President
Mark Harmon - Chasing Liberty
Michael Keaton - First Daughter
Bruce Greenwood - National Treasure

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Jon Voight - FDR in Pearl Harbor. You will find really quickly that the list of movies in this section is from a wide array of quality (for entertainment purposes.) But you have to hand it to the makeup crew for transforming Voight! Plus his delivery of the speech was pretty decent.

Dan Hedaya - Richard Nixon in Dick. This silly comedy offering the then unknown identity of "deep throat" is probably one of my favorite Presidential movies out there. It's just dumb fun and Hedaya certainly plays his part well.

Anthony Hopkins - Richard Nixon in Nixon. Or if you don't like comedy...go for a dramatic version of the same guy. Seriously though who hasn't Hopkins played??

Henry Fonda - Abraham Lincoln in Young Mr. Lincoln. My mom suggested this one.. I have never seen it but I know Henry Fonda is solid in every role.

Robert Barron - Abraham Lincoln in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. If you don't care for an older film with a serious Lincoln, go for the one that utters "Party on dudes!"

Kevin Kline - Ulysses S Grant in Wild Wild West. Remember this terrible movie? I completely blocked it out...including the fact that Kevin Kline also portrayed an actual president.

Robin Williams - Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum. Wise man on a horse. But Robin Williams? Not sure I was sold.

Harry Shearer - George Bush in The Simpsons. Haha okay I cheated by adding a tv one...but this is probably one of my favorite Simpsons episodes as the senior Bush moves across the street to the Simpsons and soon begins a war.

Which is your favorite portrayal of a non-fictional President?
Jon Voight - Pearl Harbor
Dan Hedaya - Dick
Anthony Hopkins - Nixon
Henry Fonda - Young Mr. Lincoln
Robert Barron - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Kevin Kline - Wild Wild West
Robin Williams - Night at the Museum
Harry Shearer - The Simpsons

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So let your voice be heard and VOTE!! And if I missed your favorite be sure to write them in. If this faux election had been held later this year we could have added Daniel Day Lewis and Bill Murray to the list...I guess they'll have to wait for the next election. Oh and happy (or possibly sad) Election Day!


claytongmackay said...

I will not vote on the fictional president because you did not put my suggestion from first kid on the ballot.

Allison said...

My favorite fictional pres is Dennis Haysbert as Pres David Palmer on 24...

Johanna said...

I was torn between Dan Hedaya.

Slight correction: Margaret Colin wasn't first lady. Wasn't she Jeff Goldblum's love interest and the lady in Dances With Wolves the first lady?

And you would not be toast! I think you're among the best and brightest, but then I am your mother.

Johanna said...

Oh and Henry Fonda. :)

Emily said...

Oh I should edit that out then. Oops. I forgot she just WORKED for the Pres. And Clayton if you had given me the name of the actor I might have considered it.

Sarah said...

I would say that I would have voted for BOTH Bill Pullman and Kevin Kline (from Dave). But there was no option to choose both. Fun poll!

Amelia said...

I love seeing what everyone's voting for :) Also why do i feel like Bill Pullman keeps coming up lately?!