Happy 100

Okay. I know I need to write a Skyfall review, as well as compile my Top Ten Thanksgiving movies for my monthly post on Courney's blog....and you can expect both of those shortly, but in the meantime we need to reflect on another momentous occasion. For with this post, I have now published 100 blog posts! That may or may not seem like a lot to you, but with some of the novellas I have written and the constant inspiration I have been in need of to complete each post, I assure you, this is a big deal! For a girl who detested writing papers in college to post ONE HUNDRED examinations of film-related topics on HER OWN.... well it's kinda crazy.......or REALLLLY crazy.

So how to celebrate? A few new spazzy celebratory gifs might be in order (including the one of Kristen Wiig from SNL as Sue, the woman who never quite knows how to contain her excitement)...but I also felt like I should try and pay tribute to the 99 posts prior to this one that led us here. As a frequenter of imdb boards I thought it'd be fun to make a list of 100 things we learned from Emily of Movies & Mayhem....but then I figured that would be far too much effort to even attempt haha! So maybe you can start one below in the comments ha.

Or I suppose I'll start....I learned that I'm obsessed with movies! Haha. (But actually I didn't need this blog to tell me that...) From About a Boy to Zombieland, (A to Z...see what I did there?) I feel like I've written about it all. But not so, the world of film is endless, and there's always SOMETHING new or old to talk about. So far, some of my favorite posts have been my comparison blogs such as Spider-man, the battle of the trilogies and Snow White. I also love making the yearly Top Tens of Bests, Worsts and Unwatchables! I enjoyed all of my Halloween themed posts as well! And I always like writing my travel posts too. Rats I still owe a New Zealand blog! Maybe I'll post it in the days leading up to The Hobbit...Least favorite posts? Probably my post on Clash of the Titans. I went way too easy on it...and I honestly debated whether or not to delete it but refrained since for some odd reason it appears to be one of the more popular ones on the site!

I must say, I love writing the posts and maintaining the site. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say, because I certainly enjoy all the comments from you! And for those who don't comment, seeing the views go up makes me pretty happy too, but you're welcome to comment at any time! I need to once again thank Courtney Wightman for all she does for the site too. Her layout is far more fabulous than the generic one I had before and she makes all the graphics I dream up in my head (including the one in this post) a reality. I look at her as a sort of copy editor who I run ideas by, and try to hit deadlines with!  I definitely might not have made it to 100 as quickly (well quickly to me anyway...) as I did since she encourages me to post 2-3 times a week. If it were up to me and my laziness....you might be lucky to get one once a month. So hear hear for CW! And hear hear for movies! I can't wait for the next 100 posts I have in me. A lot of great films will be coming out, and I look forward to seeing them and sharing my thoughts with you here in my own little sanctuary on a little site about movies & mayhem. May those two things never end!


courtney wightman said...

aw! thanks for the shout out; i like being able to contribute. movies and mayhem is my favorite source for all halloween movies (because you dedicate the WHOLE MONTH to it), and is the best source upcoming movies ... nice to see all the movies i can look forward to with comments from someone who has very similar movie taste. mostly i love this blog because you put a lot of time and effort and most importantly THOUGHT into what you suggest to your loyal followers. we thank you emily mackay.

Johanna said...

What have I learned....that you are one funny gal! :) Good to see that you have lots more ideas to write about.

I think the State Fair one was one of my favorites. Still makes me laugh thinking of Courtney photobombing the engaged couple.

And a shout out to Courtney. What a tried and true friend.

So, could you do 25 days of Christmas movies...without including a Hallmark Channel movie?

Amelia said...

Love it. Blog on! My favorite gif is def the Emma Stone/Amanda Bynes one. Makes me sooo happy.

Emily said...

Wow! I thought your favorite would be the Sue one for sure!

Sarah said...

How did I miss this blog post? Congratulations on reaching your milestone...last November!