Halloween Wrap-up!

Whew! It is FINALLY and at the same time ALREADY over. What do I mean by that? I mean it was the longest month I can think of in recent memory, yet at the same time it went by in almost an instant. Somehow there wasn't enough time for all the Halloween gems I wanted to view and tropes I wanted to write posts on. I still had 3 or 4 good blog posts in me on the subject....and SEVERAL films left to watch. But a month that crammed in conference, 3 presidential debates as well as a VP debate, me moving out of my apartment as well as searching for a new one.....it makes sense why it felt endlessly long and lacking in free time....and that's not even mentioning the wild cat debacles.

Ah well, I'll have to continue the trope theme next year because I really had so many good ones. The unbelieving spouse, the false ending, the ridiculous idea to split up at the worst time and finally the dumb and horny teens (including Sean's personal favorite: death by sex.) So yeah...we'll definitely have to resume those next Halloween...and also hopefully by then I will have time to watch the entire Evil Dead Trilogy (to this day I have still only seen the first.) Activity-wise though I did visit a haunted house and also went through a corn maze. I also went to a few parties...this time as a crazy spinster cat lady (most likely my fate...) and Little Red Riding Hood. But below is what I DID get to watch and some brief thoughts :)

Psycho - This is probably my all-time favorite...and it is a joy to watch with new viewers who are unspoiled to the REAL mystery of the film (no not the shower scene) It is a flawless masterpiece.

The Ring - It has now been ten years since this film first terrified me. Luckily after multiple viewings it doesn't quite have the same hold....but I maintain that this is a solid horror film.

Drag Me to Hell - I absolutely love this outrageous flick...but I think next year I might have to skip it so I don't overdo it. Love it though!

Rear Window - Another one of Hitchcock's finest. He really knows how to create tension and the finale of this film may be the greatest example of that....nah....Psycho's ending still edges it out for me. But points for the creativity of the singular set....it's almost like a stage play.

The Birds - The characters and situations in this film are so complex. I love what the film has to say about human nature. The effects are a little dated but the scares are still there.

Dial M For Murder - This was the lone Hitchcock film that I hadn't really seen...or at least didn't really remember...and it didn't disappoint. Creepy and clever as always Hitch!

Poltergeist - Another horror classic that I had only previously remembered vaguely. This movie is kind of outrageous and the finale is all kinds of spooky fun.

Poltergeist II - Too many times Hollywood finds it necessary to make an unnecessary horror sequel (see almost every popular horror film ever made, including many on this very list) This cheese fest is probably better unwatched!

The Amityville Horror - One of the first modern haunted house movies...and certainly a model for the trope today. It features many over the too moments and head scratching dialogue but it's still fun and has its tense moments.

Fright Night - This remake (next year the original is on my list) featuring Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, David Tennant and Toni Collette is loads of fun and pretty darn entertaining.

28 days later - Unfortunately I was in and out of this one as I watched it very late in the night. I can't tell you too many specifics...but I thought the acting was great and the zombie attacks were stylistically unique.

Prometheus - I couldn't wait any longer to watch this film so I included it along with its predecessors during the month. It is borderline sci fi and horror so it counts right? I had pretty high expectations and enjoyed it...but sometimes those expectations are a killer.

Alien - The original film features one of the most iconic moments in film and that scene doesn't disappoint. Unfortunately the pacing of the rest of the film makes it kind of hard to truly embrace... I saw similar problems with Prometheus too...but I still enjoyed both.

Aliens - Far and away the best of the Alien films. The finale here is action packed an truly horrifying. Entertainment at its finest. James Cameron what happened to you?

Rosemary's Baby - This creepy classic perfectly captures the feeling of unceasing paranoia. It is brilliant. The last scene is a little on the genuinely evil side though and probably freaked me out more than any movie I saw this season. Very good all the same.

The Cabin in the Woods - This clever film takes the horror genre apart in an ingenious way. Hilarious and horrifying at the same time. Still not sure if I am sold on the ending though!

The Haunting (1963 Original) - Too bad the remake screwed things up so badly because the original is a fantastic little horror film. You can see its influences on modern day horror and I have to say its use of voice overs is among the most chilling...save for the end of Psycho.

Hocus Pocus - The Halloween film that never fails to take me back to my youth. I love it....it's just always a good time. And no film I can think of captures the feeling of being a kid on Halloween better than this one.

The Orphanage - Very interesting and chilling story in this one. Keeps you on your toes from start to finish.

Beetlejuice - Another one I'll probably skip for next year, but absolutely love. It's the definition of Tim Burton and full of quirky and crazy humor and thrills. Bizarre and fun at the same time.

Well that ought to do it! I don't think I missed any! Goodbye Halloween....we'll have some more fun next year! And in the meantime you can expect a LOT of posts from me. I have a liebster from Amelia to write (look for it tomorrow,) my thoughts on the HUGE Star Wars news (POSSIBLY Monday), AND on Tuesday I will hold my own election you can vote on: best movie presidents! So stay tuned!!!


Sarah said...

You make a beautiful Little Red Riding Hood! I can't wait to read your continuation on Halloween movie tropes next year!

Emily said...

Aww thanks! And I just realized I forgot to include Murder By Death on my list. Oops!

Johanna said...

Oh, I love Murder by Death. So many quotable quotes! You know that scary movies are not my genre and I would never watch Rosemary's Baby. That would creep me out.

You do look really cute in your costume! Good choice.