Coming Attractions - The Holiday Edition

Now that the election and the horror fest of October is done, I'm more than excited to get back to the big movies, and fortunately there is a LOT to look forward to...even if The Great Gatsby and Superman were pushed back til summer. With the impending release of the next James Bond, we know we're in the second biggest movie stretch of the year after summer where Oscar bait and Christmas blockubsters duke it out. If nothing else we can all look forward to the end of the Twilight series right around the corner. Here are the films that I am looking forward to in the next two months.


SKYFALL - My favorite James Bond is back in the latest installment, which so far has incredibly positive reviews. Though Quantum of Solace missed the mark, Daniel Craig remained charming throughout that film, as well as in its fantastic predecessor. Casino Royale is definitely my favorite so far of any Bond movie I have seen....so we'll see if it can be topped.

LINCOLN - Biopic on one of the most famous and influential presidents in America's history. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film features a top notch cast lead by a Daniel Day Lewis who seems to have become swallowed the role. Additionally, you've got JGL, Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field rounding out the rest of the cast. JGL is definitely the "it" boy right now....and if he's in the movie, you can bet there's some merit to it. Oh and Daniel Day-Lewis too.....he probably wouldn't be doing it either if it weren't good..but then again he did Nine.

ANNA KARENINA - Joe Wright and Keira Knightley make some beautiful and excellent films working together, and this looks to be no exception. From the trailer, the imagery looks as stunning as ever, and the story seems to be equal parts intrigue and scandal (haha my favorite) Jude Law could never be a physically undesirable husband inferior to Aaron Johnson though... Might have to suspend belief there...

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK- The preview of this movie totally hooked me, plus Jennifer Lawrence is pretty darn likable. So far it's gotten nothing but great reviews, and it seems to be this is the indie (? maybe not) drama of the fall. Bradley Cooper is pretty hit or miss for me, but I'll reserve judgement til I see it.

LIFE OF PI - M. Night Shyamalan was supposed to direct this ages ago back in his prime. Now Ang Lee is at the helm. The details I know about this novel turned movie are vague, and I'd like to keep it that way so I don't have expectations one way or another....but I will say the cinematography in the trailer was breathtaking.

HITCHCOCK - I covered my feelings a bit HERE, but generally I'm excited for this one. It could be this year's My Week With Marilyn, in transporting us back to a classier time in hollywood. Hopefully this movie has a bit more to say than merely painting a portrait of a troubled artist. The story needs to stand on its own without relying on recreating other masterpieces.


THE HOBBIT - I'm so excited for these Tolkien tales to make their way back to cinemas. From the looks of the trailers, it seems that the magic is definitely still there...and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm also happy that this one comes out just two days after my birthday! Thanks for the present Peter Jackson. And I have to say, Gollum looks as creepy as ever.

SAVE THE DATE - The human drama in this movie is intriguing to me. A girl with commitment issues....I know a few of those! This film has an incredibly likable indie cast AND a cat. I just hope it doesn't dwell TOO much on the trashy side.

THIS IS 40 - The sequel to Knocked Up, that instead focuses on side characters. Personally, I found Knocked Up a bit overrated....but we'll see how the sequel fares.

DJANGO UNCHAINED - From the trailer, Quentin Tarantino's latest definitely looks like it's of the same vein as Inglourious Basterds and that is a good thing. This movie looks crazy entertaining and the most FUN Leonardo DiCaprio has had with a role in a LONG time.

LES MISERABLES - The broadway musical adaptation has an incredible cast and is helmed by The King's Speech director Tom Hooper. I thought the trailer looked great. This is one of my most anticipated for the holiday season I think.

THE IMPOSSIBLE - Saw this trailer earlier this year....and it was breathtaking. Eyes glued to the screen in awe the whole time in this movie that focuses on a family's survival during the 2004 tsunami. Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts star.

Well. That's about it! Let the holiday film season begin!


Johanna said...

So which one are you taking me to?

Emily said...

Whichever one you want...but I'm guessing Hitchcock and/or Les Mis.

Johanna said...

:) :) What a good daughter I have!

Sarah said...

I'm definitely interested in seeing how they handle Les Miserables. Of course, I am super excited for The Hobbit too. Why did they push back Man of Steel and The Great Gatsby? Just trying to make more money in the summer? Or are those productions having problems?

Emily said...

Trying to make more money. Though it's surprising NOT to do Gatsby in Winter....since it'd be able to really compete for oscars.