Baby don't you cry....gonna make a pie.

Thanksgiving eve is upon us all. If you're not sure what to make, I might be able to help you.....with the aid of course from one of the films found on my Top Ten Thanksgiving movies list: Waitress. This film has always been a favorite of both my sister Laurie and myself. Every time I'd watch it, my mouth would water as the main character Jenna invented pies in her head. From the moment I saw this film, I hoped against hope that someday each pie would become a reality. As you can imagine, I was delighted when I finally found all the recipes for the pies online. In hopes of finding our inner Jenna, we put three of the recipes to the test and followed it up with a viewing of the film that inspired it all. Happily, everything was delectable. Here's what we made vs. what we saw:

I Don't Want Earl's Baby Pie -

This is the very first pie in the film she describes....which is actually a quiche, and a very delicious quiche at that. With ham, brie & Parmesan cheese filling it out, (the recipe also calls for green onions, but I opted not to have them ruin my pie) this quiche was positively scrumptious. Unfortunately, it didn't end up being the most aesthetically pleasing thing around the block. But I think that could be solved the second time around. The techniques used in the recipe is different than what is seen in the film, and I think if I were to make it again I'd follow the film's directions. Brie cheese on the bottom and cube the ham as opposed to julienne. I've got to say too, don't skimp on the ingredients. Buy the best ham and brie you can, and all the better it shall taste.Oh and also, I had to leave mine in the oven a LOT longer than what the recipe said FYI.

Marshmallow Mermaid Pie -

The first pie in the film that is NOT in Jenna's imagination. She makes this pie for the doctor she was expecting, but not the doctor she got. Reluctantly she gives it to her new Doctor, Dr. Pomatter and this gift sparks an instant admiration. Pomatter (who seriously, cracks me up with every word he utters..) describes the pie as "biblically good" I'm not sure I'd go that far, but ours definitely turned out light, fluffy and delicious. And also very sweet. You definitely can't eat too much of it at once. The pie is hard to describe.....but it's kind of like a Marshmallow cream pie with specs of chocolate, topped with...more marshmallows.

Lonely Chicago Pie - 

Jenna teaches Dr. Pomatter how to make this pie when he pays her a...ahem...house visit. She informs him that this was one of her favorite pies her mother would make growing up. And bonus: she sings him the pie lullaby song (from the title) at the same time. Would it be one of our favorites? Well heck, they were all are favorites. Certainly the combination of cinnamon and berries was beyond delicious. The only advice for those following the same recipe we used would be to  make sure the chocolate is melted through and the pie is served hot. This pie was a cinnamon, chocolate pie with blackberries mashed in.

Welp! That's all we made....but never fear there's plenty more pies in the film than just those and you can find all of the recipes online in various searches. I personally, used all of the recipes found HERE Every single one of the pies sound heavenly, so I'll definitely have to do it again and try some of the other recipes.

As for the film itself? I loved it as much as always. There are so many lines that never fail to make me laugh. I wish more indies were like this today. So distinct, with so much to say, and most importantly with its own embraceable humor. Nowadays the indies all seem so pretentious, calculated and somewhat distant. Art for the sake of art. Waitress is the type that draws you in with its humor, warmth and real characters. It isn't art for the sake of art, it's art with a purpose. What is very significant is how much we feel for their dilemmas and situations of these characters....their struggles feel real. It is a shame that writer/director/star Adrienne Shelley met such a horrible fate, because she had so much talent. Now it's true that the film covers some definite ugly topics and the characters do make their fair share of mistakes. At times the film may make them seem justified in their choices which might bother some viewers. But to me, humanization of characters and understanding their thought processes is always of the utmost importance, and besides....in the end all the priorities get sorted out to the right place.

So with that, I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you eat all the pie until your heart (or stomach) is content. And hopefully on Friday you can look forward to my next post: top ten worst films I've seen in theaters, inspired by Nephi. See you then!


Johanna said...

Maybe you should pick just one for pie Sunday. I need to watch that movie again. Maybe I will while I sew this Saturday.

And you all look so cute holding your pies. :)

Oh, and after just one bite, I can tell you that the quiche was really amazing!

Laurie & Clint said...

i do love a good quiche. That show is one of my favorites. Clint bought it for me for valentines day back way before we got married (before he started giving me cheese & crackers and spice racks) However, I later learned upon reading his journal that he thought the movie was odd and didn't know why i liked it! ha ha

Sarah said...

What a yummy way to celebrate a favorite movie. Maybe someday I'll have to watch that flick...but somehow, I don't think it would be my kind of movie. :) I don't like to watch movies about real life. :) History, yes. Fantasy, yes. Romance, yes. Comedy, absolutely. But a movie where someone goes through hard things...I get that enough in my own life and I don't want to watch it in movie form! :)

Emily said...

Oh Sarah I never knew you hadn't seen it! But.....you probably wouldn't like it, you're right. Haha.

Emily said...

And Laurie's comment made me laugh hehe.

Amelia said...

I seriously can't get enough of this movie... or pie. haha!