Ou est la piscine?

The weekend is almost upon us, and if you didn't get a chance (like me) between all the crazy holiday shopping and turkey eating to get to the cinemas, make sure you do it this weekend! Because a visually stunning and thought provoking film awaits you there. If you haven't seen it yet, do yourselves a favor and get out there and see Life of Pi (or Lincoln if you missed that one too....but we already discussed that.) The film is first and foremost a visual feast, but beyond that it's quite fascinating to think upon as well....and the acting is solid. This film is definitely gonna be a contender in the Oscar race in a variety of categories.

I'm very much a visual person, so when films dazzle with cinematography I'm almost immediately hooked (but as the case with The Fountain it can't be ALL style over substance. And it needs a good script...something lacking in Avatar).... I hear that Anna Karenina is also quite stylish as well, so it'll be quite the battle to see who wins the Best Cinematography award this year. But anyway, seeing this film in all its glory-- in theaters is an absolute must. And rarely I say this, but seeing it in 3D was absolutely incredible and really added to the experience. The only other time I've insisted upon this would be with Hugo, as both films really took advantage of the potential of the medium.

I found myself in awe several times during the film with the use of 3-D… Particularly with the underwater scenes. They just looked incredible because you could really see the physical depth of it all. Also awe-inducing were the night scenes on the water--the way everything lit up completely blew me away. Honestly I would go as far as to say that this is one of the top 10 most visually beautiful films that has ever been made… I guess once Christmas is over I'll have to make a list about that too!

Looks, however are not the only thing this film has going for it. The story is absolutely fascinating yet incredibly tense. It's like Signs meets Castaway. You will certainly be thinking about it for days after you have seen it. The film is definitely up to interpretation, so I feel that how you choose to interpret it says a lot about you. I certainly have my own interpretations...but I only want to share them with people who have seen the film...and I'm not gonna even spoiler tag them. Just go see it, then we'll talk. And you'll be glad you did.

Emily Rating: 9.3/10


I want my money back!

Hello readers! So unfortunately I haven't gotten a chance yet to see Life of Pi or Hitchcock, but hopefully I'll get to see both as soon as possible. The year isn't quite over yet, but I would say that so far it's been a pretty solid movie year with many wonderful experiences at the theater....experiences quite unlike the list you are about to read. Sometime last week, I had a very long conversation with my brother Nephi after he roped me into going to see The Bourne Legacy. He secretly thought the film was terrible and decided to trick me into seeing it by hailing it as one of the best films of the summer. I knew it wasn't, but decided to humor him since he claimed our friendship was on the line if I didn't see it. After the film, which was kinda silly and pretty generic....but by no means the worst thing I ever paid money to see, we discussed which films WERE the worst ones I ever witnessed in a theater.  Mind you....not the worst films I've seen period, or the worst movies ever made (I usually try very hard to avoid those).... THESE are the worst films that for some reason or another, I (or someone I was with) actually paid to see. Seeing as I've never seen a Twilight film I was unable to put them on the list (or such assuredly terrible titles like Battlefield Earth, Catwoman, etc.), or also my REAL number one will be absent from this list because I don't like to acknowledge it as real filmmaking (cough...The Home Teachers...cough) So with that, I present to you:

 My Top Ten Worst Movies I've Ever Seen In Theaters.

Head towards the liiiiight...you'll be better off than watching this.

10. The Fountain

I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this from my film friends who adore it, but this movie was awful.....and a chore to sit through in the theater. Now, I can appreciate really abstract films (see Melancholia) but this was just ridiculous. One minute someone is a tree, the next minute someone is floating through space....then we're back to the present, and then Hugh Jackman is being surrounded by leaves that may or may not be eating him alive... Sincerest apologies to my dear friends that love it, but its conclusion was laughable. When symbolism overtakes reason in a film it's just a bad recipe, and hard for me to take it seriously anymore....because it seems so abstract that no one even involved with the making of it really knows what the heck it's trying to say. It's all just a wonderful puzzle for the viewer that will take another viewing to figure out! I'll pass. I loved Aronofsky's film Black Swan, but I can't see the genius in the film at all...I only see the stupid.

9. The Haunting

This of course isn't my first mention of my hatred for this film on my blog....but let me once again reiterate how awful it truly is (especially considering how great the original is.) Featuring one of the most random casts you can think of, (seriously Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson and Catherine Zeta-Jones in a movie together?) the film goes from standard formula to unintentional comedy in no time. I remember vividly losing it in the theater, dying of laughter with the over abundance of horrible (and now very dated) CGI. Don't get me wrong, there was definitely a lot of competition to get on the list from other horrible films in the horror genre, but this one was the most laughable of all.

Hugh, this makes two.

8. Van Helsing.

Speaking of bad CGI and films being laughably bad, this brings us to Van Helsing. I believe I only saw it the one time in theaters, so my memory is pretty hazy of the whole thing...other than skanky vampire chicks and preposterous action sequences. But I do remember one thing vividly: a certain character biting the dust and later becoming a Mufasa in the sky, if you will. That's right you heard me. You know a movie is bad when you think to yourself "Is this really happening?? Am I ACTUALLY seeing this???" Sometimes walking out of a theater in utter disbelief is a good thing....but not in this case.

Nice try guys, but Megan Fox's shirt only makes the movie more tolerable for half of the audience.

7. Transformers 2

Watching Transformers 2 was like paying for a 2 and a half hour headache. This is the epitome of a dumb action film that tried very little to produce anything close to a rational thought. You know you got your money's worth when you get to see a little mini transformer trying to get it on with Megan Fox's leg. (Please note the sarcasm..) From the dialogue, to the actors and the action sequences, Transformers 2 is as shallow as they come....and I remember sitting in the theater thinking about everything else under the sun except the movie, since it constantly failed to engage.

Your father's "lightsaber," he wanted you to have it when you were old enough.

6. Eragon

The story of Star Wars set in a Lord of the Rings-esque setting can't go wrong...right? Well when it's pretty much straight up plagiarism it can....and charmless plagiarism at that. This movie is such a blatant ripoff it's pretty much ridiculous. Luke, Leia, Han, Obi-wan--- you name it, their equivalent is in this movie and played by a nameless D-list actor you've never seen again. Even down to the scene of Luke staring off into the sunset of his Uncle's farm was stolen! The film was shameless, but also mind-numbingly dumb! For more evidence of the theft do a quick youtube search and the results are kind of appalling. 

5. Hidalgo

Another film I admit to remembering little about other than being SEVERELY bored. This time I was so bored I was LITERALLY counting the ceiling tiles of the theater in order to entertain myself...I kid you not. Also did I mention how it's a film about horses? Easily my least favorite subject ever to be filmed...

How'd it get burned???

4. Wicker Man.

This film definitely gets points for being one of the more entertaining films on this list, but definitely not in the way that was intended. This film is soooooo bad it's hilarious. I think I laughed more in this film than in most comedies that are released nowadays. Like in Van Helsing, I had a similar "Is this really happening moment.." as Nicolas cage punched 2 women in the face, and kicked one in the stomach near the end of the film. Oh...and one of those gloriously awful punches was while the man was wearing a BEAR SUIT. You can't make this stuff up...

3. All About Steve

This is definitely a film that slowly killed me inside as I watched it. The whole time I kept wondering why and how this film was made. It was truly a painful experience that forced me to ponder unwillingly upon my own mortality and the fleeting preciousness of the moments we have been given in life...and not to spend them watching garbage like this. Okay that may have been a little dramatic but this film is an insult to the genre. It is NOT romantic, nor is it a comedy.... it is awfulness personified and I have never been able to respect Sandra since.

2. Batman & Robin

I'll be honest, I don't remember much about my actual theater experience with this one....but in re-watches (yes....for SOME reason on earth I re-watched it....be it on t.v. or what I do not know) I can say that this film is very deserving of being on this list. It is the prime example of a campy superhero movie at its worst and definitely rock bottom for the Batman brand. But hey...at least because of it we got the Nolan reboot that is quite fabulous. So at least the horribleness of having Uma Thurman and Arnold etched in the brain as laughable villains did serve a purpose after all.

1. Little Nicky

Unlike this film, which served no purpose ever.... other than to identify the precise turning point of Adam Sandler films to mostly being absolute garbage. I can't begin to tell you how awful this film is. Really. I can't. It's taken me years to recover really, and I've tried to erase as much of it as possible from my brain. But some haunting images remain...I shudder to even think of them. So honestly, please don't ask me to elaborate because it's too painful to even try and recall. All I can say is TRUST me, this is the worst movie that I have personally seen in theaters. But what are yours? 


Baby don't you cry....gonna make a pie.

Thanksgiving eve is upon us all. If you're not sure what to make, I might be able to help you.....with the aid of course from one of the films found on my Top Ten Thanksgiving movies list: Waitress. This film has always been a favorite of both my sister Laurie and myself. Every time I'd watch it, my mouth would water as the main character Jenna invented pies in her head. From the moment I saw this film, I hoped against hope that someday each pie would become a reality. As you can imagine, I was delighted when I finally found all the recipes for the pies online. In hopes of finding our inner Jenna, we put three of the recipes to the test and followed it up with a viewing of the film that inspired it all. Happily, everything was delectable. Here's what we made vs. what we saw:

I Don't Want Earl's Baby Pie -

This is the very first pie in the film she describes....which is actually a quiche, and a very delicious quiche at that. With ham, brie & Parmesan cheese filling it out, (the recipe also calls for green onions, but I opted not to have them ruin my pie) this quiche was positively scrumptious. Unfortunately, it didn't end up being the most aesthetically pleasing thing around the block. But I think that could be solved the second time around. The techniques used in the recipe is different than what is seen in the film, and I think if I were to make it again I'd follow the film's directions. Brie cheese on the bottom and cube the ham as opposed to julienne. I've got to say too, don't skimp on the ingredients. Buy the best ham and brie you can, and all the better it shall taste.Oh and also, I had to leave mine in the oven a LOT longer than what the recipe said FYI.

Marshmallow Mermaid Pie -

The first pie in the film that is NOT in Jenna's imagination. She makes this pie for the doctor she was expecting, but not the doctor she got. Reluctantly she gives it to her new Doctor, Dr. Pomatter and this gift sparks an instant admiration. Pomatter (who seriously, cracks me up with every word he utters..) describes the pie as "biblically good" I'm not sure I'd go that far, but ours definitely turned out light, fluffy and delicious. And also very sweet. You definitely can't eat too much of it at once. The pie is hard to describe.....but it's kind of like a Marshmallow cream pie with specs of chocolate, topped with...more marshmallows.

Lonely Chicago Pie - 

Jenna teaches Dr. Pomatter how to make this pie when he pays her a...ahem...house visit. She informs him that this was one of her favorite pies her mother would make growing up. And bonus: she sings him the pie lullaby song (from the title) at the same time. Would it be one of our favorites? Well heck, they were all are favorites. Certainly the combination of cinnamon and berries was beyond delicious. The only advice for those following the same recipe we used would be to  make sure the chocolate is melted through and the pie is served hot. This pie was a cinnamon, chocolate pie with blackberries mashed in.

Welp! That's all we made....but never fear there's plenty more pies in the film than just those and you can find all of the recipes online in various searches. I personally, used all of the recipes found HERE Every single one of the pies sound heavenly, so I'll definitely have to do it again and try some of the other recipes.

As for the film itself? I loved it as much as always. There are so many lines that never fail to make me laugh. I wish more indies were like this today. So distinct, with so much to say, and most importantly with its own embraceable humor. Nowadays the indies all seem so pretentious, calculated and somewhat distant. Art for the sake of art. Waitress is the type that draws you in with its humor, warmth and real characters. It isn't art for the sake of art, it's art with a purpose. What is very significant is how much we feel for their dilemmas and situations of these characters....their struggles feel real. It is a shame that writer/director/star Adrienne Shelley met such a horrible fate, because she had so much talent. Now it's true that the film covers some definite ugly topics and the characters do make their fair share of mistakes. At times the film may make them seem justified in their choices which might bother some viewers. But to me, humanization of characters and understanding their thought processes is always of the utmost importance, and besides....in the end all the priorities get sorted out to the right place.

So with that, I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and that you eat all the pie until your heart (or stomach) is content. And hopefully on Friday you can look forward to my next post: top ten worst films I've seen in theaters, inspired by Nephi. See you then!


Lincoln Log Lincoln Blog

In case you were wondering, no you won't be seeing any Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 reviews on this site. You'll have to look elsewhere I'm afraid (I'm not really sorry...) My advice? Head over to my friend Kent's site at showtimeshowdown.com for his humorous take. Now that we have THAT out of the way, let's talk about Hollywood's latest big film in theaters: Lincoln. [Besides people....prove that you are good and intelligent people and show that you'd rather sit through a film about one of our most beloved and revered presidents than one about live sick vampires.]

Like Skyfall, Lincoln opened up to fantastic reviews. The film has been heralded by some as the best film of the year, and even the best of Steven Spielberg's career. Did it measure up to such high praise? Well...quite possibly. I don't think I can personally say it's Spielberg's best ever, but certainly it's his best in at least a decade. Then again, I never saw War Horse as I am not a fan of horse movies or war movies....so who knows maybe I'm wrong. But I definitely see how people could measure it among his best films. It is an incredible work that fits in nicely with Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan as effective portraits of very hard times in history.

Now first off...let's get one thing straight. This is indeed a good film with many merits, but the reason it will be thought of as great is almost single-handedly due to the awe inspiring performance of Daniel Day Lewis in the titular role. The cast that supports him is all incredibly solid as well, including some particularly memorable performances from Tommy Lee Jones, James Spader and Sally Field. But not once does it ever change the fact that this film belongs to DDL. It's not that he makes him some powerful figure with a boisterous voice and manner....he makes him a human man. A husband, father and President of a country during a tumultuous time. A man unsure if he can do all that is asked of him, but relies on God to guide him in the best course of action. Even my precious Joseph Gordon-Levitt who I consider to be one of the best actors of his generation, can't seem to hold his own in scenes with Lewis....perhaps it's because he too gets lost in awe in the perfect subtleties of the Lincoln that DDL brings to life.

That performance aside, the film is still good on its own and like I said full of other great performances too....in fact I think if you go to see the movie for anything you see it for the performances. That isn't to say the story isn't powerful. It is. There are many scenes I adored and found to be quite moving...but occasionally the film loses its focus and meanders a bit because there is so much going on-- so much to cover. Not every scene pulls off the emotional punch it is going for...but more get it right than wrong. I have specifics on these...but don't want to even put them in spoiler tags because everyone should go in fresh.

But perhaps the best reason to see this film is to see this beloved God fearing leader come to life. If I have any advice it would be to not try and inject your own agenda into the film. One may or may not be put in there already by the filmmakers, but in my opinion looking for metaphors to today undermines everything that happened THEN...and what it was all for when it happened. It isn't an allegory for something else, It's a part of a very certain and specific history. This is a political film, but don't try and twist it to fit your own political views. Yes things have changed since then with both parties...so just don't project anything onto anyone. Watch the film for its own story, as looking back on a certain time...whether or not it was intended to be a deeper story about something else. The story is deep enough on its own! Watch it to see the type of leader we could only dream about having....and are beyond grateful to ever have had at such a critical time for our nation. See This movie because Daniel Day Lewis brings him alive. I give it a 9/10 and would say it is indeed one of the best of the year.


Giving Thanks: Movies For Turkey Day

It's time for my monthly post over on Courtney's blog....and since it is the month of Thanksgiving, I was given the task of coming up with the Top Ten Best Movies for Thanksgiving. Well, I'm not so sure these are the BEST ten.....in fact they may be the ONLY ten (actually in fully researching the subject I know there are in fact a handful more, but for some reason or another I didn't really have the patience to seek all the obscure movies out..) So finding ten Thanksgiving movies....let alone GOOD thanksgiving movies was a bit of a toughie...so I had to get creative. Now don't be shy....head on over to Courtney's blog now to read the list! And in the meantime, you can get a sneak peak what's on the list as always, from the gifs below. Apologies on how truly disgusting the turkey gif is! Let me know what you think of the list and which one is your favorite!


Bond. James Bond.

Apologies for the delay in this review. I saw Skyfall last Thursday night during a midnight showing....but I wasn't totally coherent throughout, so I decided on a second viewing before writing a review. Now, I must admit...before Casino Royale, I wasn't really much of a James Bond fan at all. I had seen the occasional film here and there and to me it felt like if you saw one, you saw them all. They followed a very specific formula, which seemed always over the top and not full of too many surprises.

Oh and there was another reason I didn't connect with it. Why? Well because I was never its target audience. I absolutely love the action/adventure genre as much as anyone...and secret spy films can be very fun if done right and well, but these films were never made for me. No girls allowed....unless you take your clothes off. It's because these films represent the ultimate male fantasy.  Driving cool cars, shooting every man you come across and sleeping with every woman (save for M and who knows....Bond may even know her biblically too for all I know,) if you're a dude, what's not to love? If you're a self-respecting woman? Misogyny? Not really my cup of tea. You can always take it with a grain of salt....but that makes for really salty tea.

And then Casino Royale came out, and I started to view the character and at least the later films in another light. This is largely due to Daniel Craig's winning performance, as well as his sizzling spark filled chemistry with co-star Eva Green. This was a Bond I could respect. Not a 2 dimensional womanizer-- but a broken man who had been through hell and back again. Casino Royale was fantastic and started out the new Bond series on a very promising note. Then comes Quantum of Solace. Craig remains a likable Bond even if he is slipping more into the original character's shoes, but everything else is pretty much forgettable. An entertaining misstep. So when Skyfall started to get overwhelmingly positive reviews, my low expectations suddenly shot up really high! Never a good idea.

Luckily the film started off with a bang. The opening sequence was incredibly exciting, Adele's theme song was great and the opening credits were a little cooler and less weird and smutty than usual. Things were definitely starting off on the right foot. But somewhere along the way, your attention wanes ever so slightly, but it certainly comes back by the end. The problem? Waiting to introduce Javier Bardem's fantastic villain for at least a good hour or so into the film. The editing should have been a little tighter to get us to that point. A huge mystery trying to figure out who is the culprit behind the plot is good and all, but you can only take so much before it gets a little tedious. Luckily we have a few action sequences here and there to tide us over until Bardem makes his grand entrance. But once again what we don't have that makes me personally more invested, which is a viable or interesting love interest.

Naomi Harris is likable and pretty, but her chemistry with Craig is much more chummy than romantic. Her character is decent enough, but pretty throwaway. And Bond's other main squeeze? Well......let's just say [SPOILER] she had a bit more promise, but died far too soon. [/SPOILER] By making these girls so bland..this leaves the character kind of falling back into his more....ahem....horn dog ways. One of his first "encounters" was with a woman  that was the DEFINITION of a prop (and not either of the two I already mentioned....don't worry though, he slept with them too,) had me recalling this old SNL sketch where Bond is told he has every venereal disease imaginable, and in fact a few that had never before even been discovered yet. Sadly this clip is nowhere to be found on the internet. Look, I get it....Daniel Craig's Bond has got that something that makes him different. In fact, seeing him with these women is somehow different than the other Bonds. I get it....I would probably fall charm to the charisma too. But don't overdo it. One of the scenes in particular in the film I had to chuckle at, since the guy hadn't known a girl for ten minutes before surprising her in the shower later. Most women would probably scream, but not the Bond ladies. Come on. I pretty much laughed both times at that.. I get it's part of the character....but just tone it down a notch or two.

Sorry, that rant didn't mean to be THAT long. And I also meant for this to be a more positive review, because I actually really did like the film a lot. It's well directed, action packed and Craig, Bardem and Dench all give excellent performances. I just must respectfully disagree with it being the best....but that doesn't mean it wasn't darn good. I just wanted more Bardem, tighter editing, and a better love interest....and then it'd be perfect. So I give it 8/10.


Happy 100

Okay. I know I need to write a Skyfall review, as well as compile my Top Ten Thanksgiving movies for my monthly post on Courney's blog....and you can expect both of those shortly, but in the meantime we need to reflect on another momentous occasion. For with this post, I have now published 100 blog posts! That may or may not seem like a lot to you, but with some of the novellas I have written and the constant inspiration I have been in need of to complete each post, I assure you, this is a big deal! For a girl who detested writing papers in college to post ONE HUNDRED examinations of film-related topics on HER OWN.... well it's kinda crazy.......or REALLLLY crazy.

So how to celebrate? A few new spazzy celebratory gifs might be in order (including the one of Kristen Wiig from SNL as Sue, the woman who never quite knows how to contain her excitement)...but I also felt like I should try and pay tribute to the 99 posts prior to this one that led us here. As a frequenter of imdb boards I thought it'd be fun to make a list of 100 things we learned from Emily of Movies & Mayhem....but then I figured that would be far too much effort to even attempt haha! So maybe you can start one below in the comments ha.

Or I suppose I'll start....I learned that I'm obsessed with movies! Haha. (But actually I didn't need this blog to tell me that...) From About a Boy to Zombieland, (A to Z...see what I did there?) I feel like I've written about it all. But not so, the world of film is endless, and there's always SOMETHING new or old to talk about. So far, some of my favorite posts have been my comparison blogs such as Spider-man, the battle of the trilogies and Snow White. I also love making the yearly Top Tens of Bests, Worsts and Unwatchables! I enjoyed all of my Halloween themed posts as well! And I always like writing my travel posts too. Rats I still owe a New Zealand blog! Maybe I'll post it in the days leading up to The Hobbit...Least favorite posts? Probably my post on Clash of the Titans. I went way too easy on it...and I honestly debated whether or not to delete it but refrained since for some odd reason it appears to be one of the more popular ones on the site!

I must say, I love writing the posts and maintaining the site. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say, because I certainly enjoy all the comments from you! And for those who don't comment, seeing the views go up makes me pretty happy too, but you're welcome to comment at any time! I need to once again thank Courtney Wightman for all she does for the site too. Her layout is far more fabulous than the generic one I had before and she makes all the graphics I dream up in my head (including the one in this post) a reality. I look at her as a sort of copy editor who I run ideas by, and try to hit deadlines with!  I definitely might not have made it to 100 as quickly (well quickly to me anyway...) as I did since she encourages me to post 2-3 times a week. If it were up to me and my laziness....you might be lucky to get one once a month. So hear hear for CW! And hear hear for movies! I can't wait for the next 100 posts I have in me. A lot of great films will be coming out, and I look forward to seeing them and sharing my thoughts with you here in my own little sanctuary on a little site about movies & mayhem. May those two things never end!


Coming Attractions - The Holiday Edition

Now that the election and the horror fest of October is done, I'm more than excited to get back to the big movies, and fortunately there is a LOT to look forward to...even if The Great Gatsby and Superman were pushed back til summer. With the impending release of the next James Bond, we know we're in the second biggest movie stretch of the year after summer where Oscar bait and Christmas blockubsters duke it out. If nothing else we can all look forward to the end of the Twilight series right around the corner. Here are the films that I am looking forward to in the next two months.


SKYFALL - My favorite James Bond is back in the latest installment, which so far has incredibly positive reviews. Though Quantum of Solace missed the mark, Daniel Craig remained charming throughout that film, as well as in its fantastic predecessor. Casino Royale is definitely my favorite so far of any Bond movie I have seen....so we'll see if it can be topped.

LINCOLN - Biopic on one of the most famous and influential presidents in America's history. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film features a top notch cast lead by a Daniel Day Lewis who seems to have become swallowed the role. Additionally, you've got JGL, Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field rounding out the rest of the cast. JGL is definitely the "it" boy right now....and if he's in the movie, you can bet there's some merit to it. Oh and Daniel Day-Lewis too.....he probably wouldn't be doing it either if it weren't good..but then again he did Nine.

ANNA KARENINA - Joe Wright and Keira Knightley make some beautiful and excellent films working together, and this looks to be no exception. From the trailer, the imagery looks as stunning as ever, and the story seems to be equal parts intrigue and scandal (haha my favorite) Jude Law could never be a physically undesirable husband inferior to Aaron Johnson though... Might have to suspend belief there...

SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK- The preview of this movie totally hooked me, plus Jennifer Lawrence is pretty darn likable. So far it's gotten nothing but great reviews, and it seems to be this is the indie (? maybe not) drama of the fall. Bradley Cooper is pretty hit or miss for me, but I'll reserve judgement til I see it.

LIFE OF PI - M. Night Shyamalan was supposed to direct this ages ago back in his prime. Now Ang Lee is at the helm. The details I know about this novel turned movie are vague, and I'd like to keep it that way so I don't have expectations one way or another....but I will say the cinematography in the trailer was breathtaking.

HITCHCOCK - I covered my feelings a bit HERE, but generally I'm excited for this one. It could be this year's My Week With Marilyn, in transporting us back to a classier time in hollywood. Hopefully this movie has a bit more to say than merely painting a portrait of a troubled artist. The story needs to stand on its own without relying on recreating other masterpieces.


THE HOBBIT - I'm so excited for these Tolkien tales to make their way back to cinemas. From the looks of the trailers, it seems that the magic is definitely still there...and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm also happy that this one comes out just two days after my birthday! Thanks for the present Peter Jackson. And I have to say, Gollum looks as creepy as ever.

SAVE THE DATE - The human drama in this movie is intriguing to me. A girl with commitment issues....I know a few of those! This film has an incredibly likable indie cast AND a cat. I just hope it doesn't dwell TOO much on the trashy side.

THIS IS 40 - The sequel to Knocked Up, that instead focuses on side characters. Personally, I found Knocked Up a bit overrated....but we'll see how the sequel fares.

DJANGO UNCHAINED - From the trailer, Quentin Tarantino's latest definitely looks like it's of the same vein as Inglourious Basterds and that is a good thing. This movie looks crazy entertaining and the most FUN Leonardo DiCaprio has had with a role in a LONG time.

LES MISERABLES - The broadway musical adaptation has an incredible cast and is helmed by The King's Speech director Tom Hooper. I thought the trailer looked great. This is one of my most anticipated for the holiday season I think.

THE IMPOSSIBLE - Saw this trailer earlier this year....and it was breathtaking. Eyes glued to the screen in awe the whole time in this movie that focuses on a family's survival during the 2004 tsunami. Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts star.

Well. That's about it! Let the holiday film season begin!