Our state fair is a great state fair!

Time for a post that isn't straight movie, but a little bit of mayhem mixed in. Good clean mayhem that is. Last week was the State Fair, and being one of the fun things to do in September, we made it a priority to go...and had a grand ole time. Then in commemoration, later watched Charlotte's Web and State Fair. So how did my fair-going experience compare to the movie versions of fairs like Web, State Fair, Big Fish and That Thing You Do? Well.... let's see....we'll try to break this down into some categories...


THEIRS: Well let's see here...the first thing that comes to mind is the feast of garbage that Templeton the rat (AKA my personality doppleganger) dreams of and later indulges in his first night at the fair. Nothing very appetizing as a human, but I'm glad he enjoyed it so much. Then in State Fair, there's the infamous mince meat which Melissa enters into the food competitions....which I honestly have no idea what that is...but has always intrigued me/ Seriously is it weird that I want to try this?  And sweet and sour pickles....no thanks! In addition to a nice fair-like food montage when they arrive at the fair, I also saw Margy and Pat indulge in some carmel apples and the usual carnival foods but nothing beats what I had...

No...not candy apples! Pysche!

MINE: FUNNEL CAKES!!! My favorite. These things are so freaking yummy. I learned to make mini ones at our little family carnival...but the professionals (and by professionals I guess I mean carnies...) really know how it's done. I also got an Italian ice soda which was quite yummy too...but sorry no pics of that one. It consisted of a bunch of flavors of Italian ice, sprite and whipped cream. I wish I had saved my whole stomach for the fair...there were tons of goodies everywhere that were i hungrier I would have behaved similarly to Templeton going a little crazy at all the possibilities...as it was, that's all I got.

WINNER: Utah State Fair


THEIRS: Pigs, pigs, pigs and....lions? I gotta say after watching Charlotte's Web that pig Wilbur is pretty freaking annoying. Always so selfishly worrying about his mortality of all things. Pipe down you dumb pig! Okay okay that's pretty harsh, sure he has reason to worry...but seriously if you ever listen to this pig he's quite a whiner. Certainly not humble or "some pig." Then also in State Fair there's some horse racing, but mainly the attention goes to the pig storyline, and it is without a doubt my least favorite. Continuing with pigs, one of my favorite lines in That Thing You Do is Lenny being interviewed on t.v. says "Oh, I'm not here with these fellas. I've got a pig in competition over at the livestock pavilion, and I am going to win that blue ribbon! " In Big Fish the animals are more exotic since it's more carnival/circus-like. Cleaning after the animals or putting my head under a lion's mouth wouldn't be my favorite job in the world...

MINE: Wouldn't you know it, we saw everything except pigs! And lions... they don't have those at our fair ha. The pigs must have been put to pasture....whoa not like that! But their pavilion wasn't open the time of night we were there. Instead we saw sheep (we concluded these were the smelliest..), cows, goats, bunnies and chickens. Fun, but not what I come to the fair for really...once you've seen one of each you've seen them all. But isn't it funny how we have these types in our head of what cows, chickens and bunnies SHOULD look like? When we saw the black and white spotted cows we were like now THIS is a cow. Forget all those brown ones...I don't know what they are. Same with the plain white bunnies and chickens. Weird. That's what media will do to you I guess....give you preconceived notions of what even the ideal for ANIMALS.

WINNER: Big Fish


THEIRS: Nothing can top the band showcase in That Thing You Do! You've got Diane Dane (!), The Chantrellines, Freddy Fredrickson and of course...The Wonders! Pretty tough to beat..so what do the other movies got? Well..the nice 40's big band era tunes performed by Emily (no not me....I'm not in the movie!) and her band in State Fair. I'm not gonna lie, I really like the songs sung at the fair in this movie...they made the perfect mood music for all the little couples at the fair to fall for each other. Maybe more people would find love at fairs if it were still like that!

MINE: Well....I didn't go to any of the concert portion of the fair...so all I have for this category is pop hits being played over the loud speaker...while watching Amelia embarrass herself by getting so into a "dance walk" that she wasn't paying attention and dance-walked right into someone! Priceless. For that alone I'd almost give it to our state fair....but you can't beat The Wonders.

Winner: That Thing You Do!


THEIRS: Big Fish looks like it has some pretty cool things to see in addition to all the exotic animal performances, there's a lot of the usual carnival freak shows, human cannons and motorcycle cage shows to strike your fancy. Charlotte's Web has got some good rides for the cuddling...for some reason Fern gets scared on a FERRIS WHEEL...the tamest ride ever. But in State Fair, the possibilities are endless and it's really more of an amusement park than a fair. You've got the roller coaster, twilt-a-whirl, flying airplanes, tunnel of love, merry-go-round, you name it. But then they've got all the games too like ring toss, and the really secretive and weird attractions "Step right up and see this crazy thing you've never seen before" type.

MINE: There was actually quite a great deal of things to do! ferris wheel, spinny rides galore, bumper cars (which was one of the things we opted for,) a giant slide (also did that,) a few fun houses, and a lot of weird type booths that looked like the run down versions of secretive booths seen in State Fair. No 1940's dancer peep show though (which was probably still the most wholesome thing in the world...) But what there was that was even better was this crazy science room where we made huge bubbles and tried to put ourselves in a bubble.... like this:

Amelia's face here is priceless..

WINNER: um...........3 way tie! State Fair, Utah State Fair and Big Fish


THEIRS: During the State Fair tour in That Thing You Do, Guy and Faye grow closer together as friends leading to them getting together towards the end of the movie. In Charlotte's Web Fern finds love blossom with her once dorky, but now hunky next door neighbor while at the fair. Let's be honest...no one gets scared on the ferris wheel... that was just a ploy to hold onto him, I see right through you. Two separate love stories happen in State Fair as we follow a pair of siblings each finding a promising prospect during their family stay at the fair: Margie finds hunky Pat (he really should have a different name that really displays his hunkiness...) and Wayne finds Emily. Both siblings already have significant others at home, but no matter...what happens at the state fair stays at the state fair? Well...I guess that's only half true in the movie. But Wayne's attitude always bugged me...sure she's a girl named Emily and all, but that shouldn't make you a cheater.. Plus to me Emily always seemed not that interested. But Pat and Margie's love is where it's at. Fun meet cute, great chemistry, and debonair man (this is Laurie's "old timey crush" and she couldn't have picked more wonderfully.) There's is definitely the love to root for. Finally, in Big Fish we have Ewan McGregor's Edward Bloom meeting the love of his life in what is one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. Just beautiful.

MINE: Well you see I got on this roller coaster and and and! Oh wait...there were no roller coasters. Well then I met this guy playing a game of ring toss...no wait.. no guys playing ring toss. Okay well then I just saw the most perfect guy and time stopped...no wait time never stopped and I never saw anyone. No next door neighbors. Just a weird guy awkwardly offering to share his funnel cake with us and just standing there saying he'd take any takers... Oh but don't worry we also got to hang around an engaged couple in line with us for bumper cars getting their engagements done in front of us. Courtney may or may not have successfully photobombed one of their intimate moments....hopefully they use that one for the invite. Oh and there WAS a teeny bopper couple that looked like they were having their end of the summer DTR, "but we're going to two different colleges...this CAN'T work."

WINNER: TIE Big Fish and State Fair 

Well that's about it. Did I miss anything? I thought about including the general competitions, but felt that was sort of already covered in the other categories (though I DID have to edit a silly story on funeral potato competition). However next year, maybe just maybe I'll enter something again once more. After all, I did win once for a painting and got BEST OF SHOW on my bread back in the days of 4-H. Ba-bam! So what about y'all? Anyone go to a fair this year? Any noteworthy food, entertainment or music? Or if you didn't make it, do you have any favorite fair movies I forgot to mention? Take to the comments below to give me your thoughts!


courtney wightman said...

i haven't been to the fair in a long long time and i absolutely loved it. those funnel cakes are the bees knees. but i think my favorite thing was the science lab place. amelia's face in that bubble is the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily,
That's pretty cool that you got to do that. By the way, I remember Charlotte's Web the cartoon movie, and big fish. By the way, just to let you know, that I am very happy that there is a person out there that is just as big of a movie fanatic as I am. I have loved movies my whole life, and I want to have a theater of my own, and run it until the day I die. I also love animals, actually more then people, not that I don't like people, it's just that animals are better. I also have a dream to go to the oscars one day and meet my favorite celebrities. Hope to hear from you. My name is Ev.

Sarah said...

You know, I've still never seen Big Fish. It looks very intriguing judging from the clip you shared. I do really enjoy That Thing You Do and State Fair. Have you ever seen the State Fair remake from the 60's with Pat Boone and Ann Margaret? No? Well, you're missing nothing. Don't ever see it. Have you ever seen the State Fair TV show pilot? If not, you HAVE to. It's hilarious! Though it was meant to be very dramatic. It can be found on some of the DVD editions of the 1940's version of State Fair. It's priceless. :)

Great post. Very entertaining, as always. I hope Courtney was successful in her photo bomb. And I love to people watch. Darn those DTRs. They are never fun!

Mom said...

I have the DVD version of the State Fair TV show pilot.

It was your snickerdoodles (my recipe stolen from Ladies Home Journal) that went the furthest prize-wise. I will never forget how cute you looked when you found that your cookies were chosen for the State Fair. :)

Oh, and Jeanne Craine is Dad's old time crush. Does that make it weird that Dana Andrews is Laurie's? Or am I weird for thinking it's weird?

Emily said...

Thanks for the comment Ev. Nice to have another fan of the blog. Good luck with your aspirations!

I vaguely remember the 60's version but I have GOT to see this t.v. show pilot haha.