Paris Me Manque

Goodness how the time flies. In just a week it will have been 2 years since I left for my study abroad to Paris. It's both funny and sad how I never seemed to realize how much I loved that place until I was leaving it. The lovely parks, the beautiful architecture, the general feeling and crispness in the air....oh yes...and the FOOD. My goodness the food. Some of the best food I've ever eaten in my life (oh yeah, I'm a foodie.) I love the translation of "I miss Paris." because in French it means more "Paris is missing from me." and that is completely how I feel. I know someday (hopefully sooner rather than later....I'm working on it, but life often gets in the way...) I will get back to my one-time home, but in the meantime.....I'm always trying to find ways to keep a little bit of France with me.

How? By combining my two loves every now and then. Movies and food...with a French twist. A few months back I had a glorious fondue feast and watched what else but Ratatouille? Rats and cheese, get it? I meant to blog about it I really did...it was a simply fabulous night. Ratatouille totally captures the dazzle of Paris and the fondue was fantastic. We made a crab fondue, Italian cheese fiesta, some other really good cheese one, a citrus one and a cupcake one. Magnifique! And it was ever so appropriate to watch a movie about falling in love with food that is set in Paris...after all, that is where I first fell for fondue. BTW, for details on recipes and such...my good friend Amelia blogged about fondue night HERE

Two weeks or so ago it was Julia Child's 100th birthday and to celebrate Courtney and I each made our own Julie & Julia style meals. Courtney made a scrumptious mustard pork with a cauliflower gratin and glazed carrots on the actual day. (Seriously it was incredible...and she blogged about it very briefly HERE ) For my turn I made an herbed chicken with an amaaaaazing white wine and more herbs sauce, buttered peas and a cheese souffle. We even broke out the Martinelli's.. And then we watched one of my favorite french films: Amelie. :)

Amelie is such a charming movie and it totally is just everything I love about France. It is beautiful, colorful and full of life. And not just any life...but life to the fullest. Not leaving a stone unturned and taking advantage of life's gifts when we are given them. I first saw Amelie at international cinema at Byu (man I really loved that) and immediately it resonated with me. Her runaway imagination was all too similar to mine and I found that she was one of the most real and accessible characters to come along in some time. One of the things I love best about the film is how we are introduced to the characters by instantly learning their likes and dislikes as told by the narrator... If only life really worked like this! We probably would all have such a greater understanding of people. Instead we just jump to conclusions, judge and become haters. Can't we all just get along?

Anywho I'll take this time to say that I'm grateful for my life. Sure I'm not walking down the streets of Paris anymore...but two years ago I was and to have that opportunity at all I am a very lucky girl. And even if I haven't made it back it's just because I got distracted with New Zealand and in a few days Cabo! But I'll be back to Paris one day you can count on it! Even if I'm as old as the guy in Amelie who is reunited with his childhood toys only to reminisce about how fast life goes by :)

Speaking of Cabo, I'll be out of the country all next week so I won't be able to guarantee a post next week...but keep an eye out you never know!


Amelia said...

I love Amelie! and Paris. and French food. And basically everything you just blogged about. I was actually thinking about the Amelie like/dislike thing as I was moving today, specifically when she talks about emptying her purse and putting everything back in :)

Amelia said...

or rather her mother emptying her purse...

Sarah said...

I can't believe it's already been two years since you went to Paris. It seems like yesterday...and forever ago at the same time. Also, for shame for not posting your fondue night on our family food blog! And kudos to Amelia for posting the recipes on hers!

Mom said...

You have had quite the adventures for one so young!!!! Lucky gal!