Coming Soon: Life after Spider-man and Batman

This Friday marks the release of what is to many, the most anticipated film of the year: The Dark Knight Rises. It would be easy to despair at the thought that we don't have much else to look forward to for the rest of the summer, or even year...but with movies there's ALWAYS something to look forward to. In fact, today I realized that many of the people involved in the old Spider-man trilogy have something I'm particularly looking forward to. We'll start with those ones and then lay out others that have caught my eye as well.

Well I mentioned at the beginning of the year how excited I am for Baz Luhrmann's take on The Great Gatsby. Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan star in this one. The trailer was fab....though I hope he keeps the modern music out of it (knowing Baz though he won't...) Though I have to admit, Tobey sure is the last reason I'm excited for this. He also has Life of Pi coming out near the same time so that should be interesting too. I've heard that's a good book and M. Night Shyamalan was supposed to direct it back in his prime. Here's the trailer for Gatsby, coming to theaters Christmas Day. I'm sure we can all look forward to some more Tobeyface.

As for Dunst? She's got quite a few movies in production! I saw a trailer for one that has yet to have a release date...but it looks visually stunning and definitely has me intrigued. It's called Upside Down and seems like another Romeo & Juliet but far more literally, as they live in two different worlds. One in the sky, and one below. It co-stars Jim Sturgess who I just love and I gotta say Kirsten looks really pretty here. Hopefully it can get a release date soon. Apologies for the only trailer I could find had French subtitles! 

Finally Sam Raimi's next project, in which he's re-teaming with Spider-man alum James Franco, has me very intrigued. The project? A prequel to The Wizard of Oz. Sounds pretty risky if you ask me, but there's plenty of story and the cast in addition to Franco is pretty darn talented. Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams? Williams especially seems to be more picky with her roles nowadays, so I'm interested to see what she saw in this one. The trailer looks fun and I'll be very interested in seeing it. Too bad it doesn't come out til next March...but here's your first look.

So I guess there's life after Spider-man, and I'm really happy for all of them that they've got such good projects on the horizon. Hopefully Marc, Emma and Andrew aren't completely tied to Spidey for the next bit either...but so be it if they are :) Now as for other films due out for the rest of the summer...

THE IMPOSTER: Creeeeeepy documentary about the true story of a teen who goes missing in the mid 90's only to re-appear three years later...or did he? 

THE WATCH: Standard summer comedy featuring the usual likes of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. In this one they have to deal with an alien invasion! Baha. What WILL these people think of next? The trailer did make me laugh though.

RUBY SPARKS: This is one of my most anticipated. I want to see it soooo badly. The directors of Little Miss Sunshine are back tackling a very Twilight Zone plotline about a man who brings the perfect woman, his own character he created for a novel, to life. It looks charming and I can't wait for when I'll actually be able to see it. Hopefully the trailer hasn't ruined me already...

TOTAL RECALL: Okay I've never seen the original, but the trailer for the new one definitely had potential. It did kind of look like a bizarro Minority Report...but since I loved that movie I'm okay with that for now...

THE CAMPAIGN: This didn't look like the best Will Ferrell film (it's been awhile hasn't it?) But Gallifanakis' voice kinda cracked me up. We'll see how well they do poking fun at politics....(even if it is in red box hah)

HOPE SPRINGS: This movie has got "mom" written all over it. Middle aged couple hoping to rekindle the intimacy. Let's be honest though, Meryl is a pretty amazing actress and can make anything watchable. Plus her and Tommy Lee Jones make a surprisingly, believable couple.

COMPLIANCE: Another Sundance film based on true events that looks like a pretty disturbing portrait of human nature.

THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN: I feel like I've seen posters for this one for ages. Basically it's like Mary Poppins except its parents wishing for the perfect child and then he shows up on their doorstep. It looks very family friendly...hopefully it's endearing rather than too precious...if you know what I mean.

PREMIUM RUSH: JGL. Need I say more? Fine... Michael Shannon from Take Shelter is in this too. JGL is a bike messenger being chased for info blah blah blah... yes this could be generic...but hopefully the good cast makes up for it.

ROBOT AND FRANK: Another quirky Sundance pick. This one with Frank Langella and a Robot! From what I gathered from the trailer he uses the robot in a nice, good ole fashioned grift.

Well that will close out the movies of summer. I'll have to do a fall/winter list soon too...just hopefully not too soon :( I love my summers. Now, if you're really feeling the Batman fever feel free to read over my Batman Begins blog again (or rather, my Rachel Dawes rant) found HERE or my Dark Knight blog found HERE. Not sure if I'll get to posting my Nolan tribute blog before the release of The Dark Knight Rises. But maybe I'll do another Batman ramblings blog before then if I can...


Sarah said...

It sounds like there are some interesting movies that will be coming out for the remainder of the summer. No more big blockbusters though, eh? :)

Thanks for the heads up on what is to come.

Mom said...

Yes, I do want to see Hope Springs.

Never saw the 1974 version of "The Great Gatsby." Understood it to be slow and pretentious. But I will be interested to see the matchups. Does Tobey play the part played by Robert Redford or Bruce Dern?

BTW: I always thought that Bruce Dern was one of the creepiest actors ever. Don't know what it was that bothered me about him. He played a lot of creeps or perhaps the first movie I saw him in he was the creep and that's how he forever stayed. Can anybody think of a good guy he played?

Emily said...

What about his role in the burbs? Haha. And yeah I think Robert Redford = Leo

Sarah said...

Yes, Robert Redford=Leonardo diCaprio and Tobey Maguire=Bruce Dern.

I think Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte probably colored your opinion of Bruce Dern. Wasn't that one of his first roles? And even though he's not really a bad guy in that movie...he does have a very memorable, er, exit from the film.

I LOVE The 'Burbs! Ha ha! EVERYONE is silly in that movie!