Okay, I plan to make this short and sweet because later I'm going to revisit this topic again soon and more in depth, in a big ol' VERSUS matchup blog (in the vein of my previous post with snow white.) But I'm too excited not to write something about it right away even though I have two other blogs to write (Brave and the Star Wars saga wrap up...I haven't forgotten about you!) Last night we went to the midnight showing of The Amazing Spider-man. I'm not gonna lie....even though I had only allowed myself to have been "cautiously optimistic" for months, as I was walking into the theater my expectations basically shot sky high. The director of my beloved 5DOS, my favorite movie ever.......the movie I was about to see.. is his followup. And it happens to be a Spider-man movie. And it happens to have an amazing cast. And and and!!! So I kinda felt sure to be disappointed because it couldn't possibly live up the Emily hype made up in my head (see Like Crazy or any recent trailer-was-better-than-the-movie debacles) But then again....maybe I had already convinced myself to love it no matter what the outcome. I just had to watch the movie to find out.

Now let's get to what EVERYONE is saying. Let's get that out of the way....and I certainly understand it. We don't NEED another Spider-man (oh kinda like how we don't need another bible? /sarcasm/ haha!) Well WHO CARES? You GET one. But but but the other films were so good. This was unecessary..this is the same story all over again blah blah blah. When life hands you a Spider-man reboot you take it on its own terms and enjoy it for what it is, and maybe just maybe you can see that it is worthy of existence even if you didn't want it existing in the first place. Goodness what shall we do with all these haters? It's true, there is no way around it that the original Spider-man was a great film...and certainly an iconic origin tale...probably one of the best to ever hit the screen. Because of that it's hard not to compare the two side by side at many times. The standard set by the first film was verryyyyyy high and right now I can't get into which is better...( because I'm not sure I yet know..) but I can say that to me, they were equally enjoyable.

And enjoyable The Amazing Spider-man most certainly was. As with his predecessor, my beloved (500) Days of Summer, the film really brings in the relatability and human-ness of its characters (making up words left and right :) ) and because of that the situations they go through are even more fun to watch. I really really really enjoyed myself with every scene because I could totally feel that directors touch that I loved so much the last time. I credit this equally to Marc Webb (will you marry me? Or at least direct every movie that comes out for the rest of time? Whichever is easier for you...) and Andrew Garfield. Garfield is fantastic. I never had a problem with Tobey in the role. But Garfield just fit for me, and it is he that makes us care about his character and love his journey....and gives us the desire to see more of it. Emma Stone who I just love in everything is solid again here and their scenes together were definitely among my favorites in the film. Sure there was no iconic cinema changing upside down in the rain kiss between them....but they shared something a bit sweeter and more genuine. And I'll take that any day...okay well not any day. But MOST days :)

Bottom line is you don't have to pick and choose and only be loyal to one. You don't have to feel like betraying the old franchise by liking this one. What's done is done and you can be bitter and fault finding, picking every scene apart and saying well THAT was better in the Raimi films...or you can just make room in your heart for more Spider-man and just love them all. I'll go with the latter. Oh and I'll give it a 9. The effects were great but maybe could have been a teeny bit more polished...and they did give a lot in the trailer. But the characters and their human drama that WASN'T seen in the trailers but was in the film more than made up for that :) Stay tuned for a more in depth comparison, as well as thoughts on Brave and the Star Wars saga as a whole. Til next time :)


Joey said...

Well, maybe I'll see it. Oh, and you are hilarious!

Sarah said...

Well, well, well. That's a lot of love. And a lot of repeated words. :) I can definitely sense your excitement.

I guess I'll get over my feelings that this was just too soon for a reboot and give this one a try because it sounds like a lot of people already love it. You included!

Thanks for the review.

Sarah said...

Oh, and nice new blog layout.

Laura said...

Hahaha love the Book of Mormon reference :) I love your little side notes, always so funny!

Emily said...
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Amelia said...

I loved it too! It makes me really want to rewatch the Toby version though (to better compare). Can't wait to see the versus :)