Save Our Show!!

Okay, I know I don't usually write about t.v. shows very often. I keep it mostly to films and the occasional post about some wacky traveling adventure (hey...I guess I never wrote about my New Zealand/Tahiti trip. Whoops.) But after a few current events, I feel compelled to write this post.

Once upon a time there was a t.v. show, a show very different from all the other shows......this show could talk to the animals. Okay not really, I was quoting (well kind of quoting,) a movie (anyone know?) But seriously... the show was so different, clever, intelligent, witty and amazingly wonderful. Every episode I watched was a pure comedy gem and I came to absolutely adore it (and even found new jokes to love upon rewatching). But tragically, this story does not have a happy ending, not yet at least... I mean I suppose it was satisfying that this show never dragged on the way The Simpsons or The Office have and destroyed themselves, (still love the glory day reruns of The Simpsons though.) and there WAS closure and all. But to be cut down in its prime when you know that there was just sooo much goodness left in store? To not get to see it potentially bloom in the way that Seinfeld exploded and left on IT'S high after ten years? Heartbreaking. What's even worse was that by the time I fell in love with the show there was nothing I could do about it. The damage was already done. Canceled. If only I had seen it sooner and rallied people and helped raise its ratings. If only I had spread the word!! If only. Surely you know of which show I speak. My beloved Arrested Development.

Sure I've since done my part and made my fair share of AD converts by introducing them to the series.. and as we WILL see next year....these fan efforts have not all been in vain. The show IS reported to be coming back and a movie shortly to follow, but not all shows can be so lucky. For now I see history repeating itself again and it is, for this reason, that I must write this post. Why must the truly witty television shows find it so hard to gain a following? Is Two and a Half Men really that satisfying? Don't you want MORE in your shows? The more that Arrested Development was. I finally found a fraction of that magic again last summer when I discovered the glory of Community. Now I'm not saying that the writing in this show is better or even on par to the standard that Arrested Development set....after all that is a pretty high feat to match. But honestly? It's the funniest and  cleverest show I'm seeing on television right now and it DESERVES to be preserved. There are so many gems in each of its 3 seasons thus far, but there's so much more new territory to explore!! These characters are just too good to abandon and their adventures are so much FUN. How can Ted Mosby be given 8 years (and possibly more) to find his wife but the friends of Community might just be left hanging at any moment by the call of an exec who is disappointed it is not getting higher ratings.

 PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW!!! Rent the seasons this summer, watch the episodes and get into it. You won't regret it. The show does spoofs like no other. From gangster films, to astronaut films, Nintendo games, heist movies, horror movies, and glee episodes.....every single trope you can possibly think of is poked fun at in a hilarious way in some form or another at some point. (Not to mention it features one of the greatest bromances of all time.) I don't know who is reading this, but if you loved Arrested Development and agree with my taste in most other things...give it a chance I'm telling you. Maybe we can prevent history from repeating itself again. And maybe just maybe, if I help this new show....it'd be like I was helping out that other one too. (Same reference as earlier? Does anyone get it? ha) NBC/Sony might have already made this impossible by firing their showrunner, moving the show to Fridays (airing after Whitney are you kidding?) and only ordering a half season....but there's still time to save this show! So please. Do your part too..... or else I'll have to do THIS:


seanmackay.net said...

This was a very courageous post about a very sensitive subject.

courtney wightman said...

very nice design! now for the header!

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Sarah said...

It is the same for me with TV and restaurants. I'll find a TV show or restaurant I like and after only a few years, it will get canceled/closed.

I hope Community gets a better following so that it can continue on.

Unknown said...

There have been quite a few shows that I became attached to only to have them disappear after one year. I think that every show should have written in their contract, that if the show does not get extended for another year, that they should do a TV movie to finish any plot developments or cliffhangers. At least the poor viewer would get some closure. (I'm still torn up over the demise of HBO's Carnivale.)