Battleship, Drive-ins and Dives

Tiny post because I plan on giving the exact amount of effort in writing this post as the filmmakers used in making this movie.

Watching Battleship =  

Absolutely terrible in a completely non-entertaining way. No redeemable qualities whatsoever. Stupid. Boring. Humorless. Lame characters.There are few movies that I feel like REALLY wasted my time...but this was one of them. I basically checked out halfway through and I constantly wanted to tear my face off. Seriously a horrible movie. Barely even fun to make fun of (even that got boring). Do not see it in the dollar theater, do not rent it, don't even watch it on t.v. This movie will bore you to tears. I will admit I wasn't expecting much, but apparently it was too much to ask that a movie actually be entertaining. That's what you get watching a movie based on a board game I guess. You know it's a bad thing when this movie makes Transformers 2 look like a masterpiece.

The only good thing about the movie? Watching it at the drive-in. Drive-ins are fun and cheap and oh so summery. We had fun...too bad the movie sucked and gave me a massive stupid producing headache. That's right I said it. I'm a hater and I'm gonna hate. You would too if you subjected yourself to it...so do yourself a favor and don't ever!


nosheen khan said...

Finally a girl who doesn't like Twilight. Now if only you were in Utah we could be bff ;)

Joey said...

Tell us what you really think. :)

Anonymous said...

Not even Liam? He didn't even make it worth while... how sad! I'll skip it - Michelle

Sarah said...

Holy cow. It has Rihanna in it? Well that right there tells me that I will never see it. I don't, as a rule, see movies where pop stars try to fake it as actors (Cher being the exception because she can actually act).

But I do love going to the drive-in. There should be more of them! And once my kids can actually stay up past 9 p.m., I plan to go to more drive-in movies (hopefully they are still around when that time comes--otherwise, I'll have to set up a screen in my backyard and get my outdoor movie fix that way!).