At A Theater Near You!

I haven't blogged in ages I know. I've been catching up on a ton of DVD releases from 2011 in hopes to finally create my best list for the past year (stay tuned for a worst list since I feel more comfortable making that...) But I have seen a few movies worth writing about in theaters. We'll start with the one that's all the rage...

THE HUNGER GAMES. It pays to work at a news station and be offered free passes to random midnight premieres. I was actually editing a story on the movie when I got the email and I thought "why yes I WILL go see the movie I've just been editing a story on." So I went to a premiere of a book turned film series that I had never read and barely knew a thing about and was thus surrounded by tweens everywhere  (SIDE NOTE: I wound up on the news again when I walked behind an interviewee haha!). In such circumstances, as well as  being relegated to the first two rows, it wasn't completely ideal...and it certainly contributed to the massive headache I was sporting near the end of the movie. But despite the circumstances, I did really enjoy the film. It was incredibly entertaining and creative.

Am I in love with this series and rushing out to buy and read the book? No, not really. But it was very enjoyable all the same. Jennifer Lawrence is a very talented actress and she gives a very strong performance here, AND she had surprisingly decent chemistry with Josh Hutcherson (my initial reaction: him?) I gotta say though, the cinematography in this movie was absolutely awful. Too much shaky cam (also a factor in the headache....especially being so close to the screen!) and you could barely tell what was going on in some of the most pivotal action sequences. Also, another complaint would be the lack of character depth and development for anyone other than the two leads. That said, nothing took away from the film TOO much...but hopefully they'll be ironed out in a smoother sequel :) I'll be looking forward to it. One more side thought: Liam Hemsworth. Please dump Miley Cyrus. You are too good for her, I promise. Until you do, I will see you as nothing more than a really good looking buffoon (hopefully your older brother has more smarts..)

MIRROR MIRROR. Boy did the critics (Rotten Tomatoes) and people (IMDb) eat this one alive. In my opinion very unfairly so! Yes, there was a somewhat ridiculous Bollywoodesque musical number during the credits (apparently the director is a Bollywood vet) and there were some pretty shoddy special effects during the film's climax...AND the film was pretty silly in general...but come on, there is a lot to really like here too. The film is fun, goofy and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's based on a fairytale and that's the way it should be. The magic is still there (we'll see how the drab Snow White and the Huntsman fares) and the cast is pretty great. Admittedly I would say Julia Roberts is miscast as they could have definitely found someone more cunning (weird though...she was incredibly convincing in My Best Friend's Wedding) and altogether more downright evil....but she has such a fun time with the role it's hard to hate her. And her costumes, as well as Snow White's are just incredible. I thought Lilly Collins (daughter of Phil how crazy is that?) was perfectly beautiful in appearance and personality as Snow White. Eyebrows and all :) (Honestly, I don't really see the fuss...)

But come on...YOU know why I truly loved this movie aside from those gorgeous production values of the sets and costumes. Yes, that's right. It was my celebrity crush, Armie Hammer. He was just perfect as the prince. Incredibly handsome and also hilarious when needed to be. He and Collins had a very sweet chemistry and had some really tender moments. Aww. Where's my Prince Armie Hammer?? Honestly, it's not perfect. But...I'd recommend it for him alone. It's harmless.

 Oh to be her..

CHRONICLE. It's that time again. Time for another entry in the "found footage" saga! (Nevermind that this was a dollar movie theater watch..) Actually I don't really have too much against this genre... I really enjoyed Cloverfield.. and I guess that was it haha!....that is...until Chronicle. The first two-thirds of this movie, if you watch it unspoiled (no trailers or knowledge whatsoever), are just thrilling and downright fun. Exactly what you would picture if you REALLY got superhuman powers.  I hadn't really felt that sense of fun in a hero discovering their abilities since the first Spider-man film a decade ago! Who knew it was so hard and rare to honestly portray that giddiness and delight?

But this film does portray these teenagers' discoveries very honestly and, as a result, the audience thoroughly enjoys being taken along for the ride throughout the course of the film. However, that feeling couldn't be sustained through the whole movie...what would be the point? So the final act definitely took a darker turn that did make me sad and kinda took me off the high that the film had previously set up...but I still respect where the story decided to go and how everything all turned out (even if I would have done things differently and that I noticed there were a few plot holes..all I'm gonna say is come on...go for an ATM dummy!); the conclusion was certainly thrilling. Not a life changing film or even genre changing film....but it's well made, fun and entertaining. I was pretty captivated throughout and I keep thinking what I would do if I had powers. There would probably be a few more car accidents. And also somehow Armie Hammer would come to love me.

Well, that oughta do it. Unfortunately, there's really nothing noteworthy coming out til May...so I guess I'll have to stick with the rentals til then. And the t.v. shows of course :) Anywho. Stay tuned for my best and worst of 2011. Hopefully, it shall be worth the wait...


courtney wightman said...

what a great post.

joey said...

You know that none of these movies pulled me in. And now you don't have to keep your promise to take me to Mirror Mirror. I'll get you for something else! :)

Sarah said...

These sound like some fun movies. I'll have to check them out (when I can rent them since I don't get out to the movie theater that often!).

I'm eagerly awaiting your ten best and ten worst list blogs!