My blog's craziest hits

So sometimes I just love getting on and exploring my stats page on blogger. It's always extremely fascinating to see things like where my audience is coming from, how they came to the blog, and which posts seem to be the most popular. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to any of it, but it's certainly amusing.

Unsurprisingly, my main audience comes from the United States, but I do get quite a few hits from England, Canada, Germany, Australia....even a little from Argentina and Brazil. Oh...and France too of course :)

The most viewed blog? My final Back to the Future blog written back in April 2010...but not trailing it too far behind is my blog written a MONTH ago about unnecessary sequels. In fact, the most used search term that brings people to the blog is "Beetlejuice small head." three other Beetlejuice ones were on my list too, including "Beetlejuice small head guy" and "small head Beetlejuice" Who knew so many people were searching for that!? I'm not gonna lie....when I saw that picture in my initial google search I KNEW it was the one for my blog. It was meant to be. People also seem to find this blog because they search for that Back to the Future III clock picture. Random.

The third most viewed blog goes to my blog on Little Miss Sunshine. I almost didn't even write it...so it's pretty crazy that one of the blogs I thought not many people would want to read turns out to be one of my most popular ones. Finally, I'll also mention my blog on The Back-up Plan, which I jokingly titled The Break-up Plan because I kept wanting to call that movie that title...for no explicable reason. But, apparently others felt the same way because they searched for it exactly as I titled it :)


seanmackay.net said...

I read your blogs. I am your brother and I live in Utah.

Emily said...

Hooray! You are the best brother because you are the only one who comments on my blog!

Joey said...

Ahem! I comment on your blog all the time.

Emily said...

I meant the only "brother" who comments ;)

Sarah said...

I LOVE Sean! What a funny guy. His comments always make me laugh.

I find the stats so interesting too. That's funny that those search terms bring so many people to your blog. Ha ha!

Sarah said...

Oh, and I love the small-headed Beetlejuice guy mini-video too.